A Week On The Farm :) :P :o :mrgreen: :twisted: ;) :\ :? :| :D

Summary: Where is ROOT?!?!? That bimbo Opal didn't kill him! so now Sara, Artemis, Holly, and numerous characters YOU made up must find him before time runs out! But wait there's one problem! When your looking for someone in the Amazon and your shuttle disappears how do you get home?

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Chapter 1
“Mother, Father, I would like to become a foreign exchange student.” said Artemis. Of course he would never say this unless he was under the Mesmer which he was. Holly had gotten annoyed with him getting in her hair all the time so she decided it was time for him to take a trip.
“Fantastic! we’ll sign you up today!” cried his mother she was always wanting him to make friends. So she hopped to the computer right away to sign him up. The next day he was signed up to go to Wisconsin to live with some Sarah girl who happened to live on a farm.) When he landed in Wisconsin he snapped out of the Mesmer. When he realized what had happened he shouted to the sky “Curse you Holly Short and your evil ways!” This would have satisfied him but then he remembered where he was and that she probably couldn’t hear him he so instead felt stupid.

“looks like we got another loony!” Sara whispered to her dad

“Ah well the farm will toughen him up.”

Artemis walked of to them introduced himself a little too grandly that Sara fell over laughing. “Oh my gosh!” she giggled ” You talk so funny and the way you talk sound like pig crap dripping in perfume!!!!” Artemis was very offended and decided not to talk all the way to the house. However Sara just kept Jabbering on about how much fun he would have milking the cows.

“Yeah right like I’m getting any where near those living steaks!” thought Artemis.

It seemed as though Sarah could read his thoughts and said “Oh and you will work that was part of the deal.” Artemis could have groaned but he decided to keep to himself. If his hosts thought that he was eager to be here maybe they would let him do something other than work. They parked the car in a rickety old barn and got out. Then Sarah showed him to the guest room. It smelled like well fresh, and it was a off-white color. Unfortunately it was a twin size bed and the bed spread had loony tunes on it with a pink pillow.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

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  1. I live on kinda a farm…I have a horse, goat, 4 chickens, dog, 2 cats & 7 “ferocious” 😉 strays, this story is so funny XD, Artemis is pig crap with perfume XD.

  2. ha, this is good! *second comment dance*

  3. no u have to do first comment dance regardless which comment it is as long as someone does it! *does FIRST comment dance* there isn’t a second one! 🙂

  4. very good, i live in wisconsin!! YES GO GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!

  5. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. THIS STORY IS AWESOME!(Wants t annoy Vinyaya and does 10th comment dance-oh yeah- WORD!).

  7. OHHHHHHH really really good, keep on writing!!!

  8. opal_is_evil_hahaha October 2nd, 2007 at 11:28 pm 8

    interesting, but you need more idk action, people like action. but i dont think that foaly would let holly clone herself

  9. Like I said in the beginning this is a actually part of a dream I had so That part was part of my dream my dreams are rather inelegant once I dreamed Artemis was shot on a field trip but it was really his clone that was shot and when Artemis got on the bus they had been mind-wiped so as not to remember the death

  10. Ok i will tell you the truth. It doesn’t grip me enough for me to keep reading. i find it a bit samey really. But i like some of the speech and i think yu should make it a bit more actiony.

  11. how old are you jelly?

  12. for a nine year old I think I am doing a pretty good job I have 5 stories
    *Artemis meets sponge bob
    *Back to the past
    *doorbell baby
    *The real end of the world
    *A week on the farm
    *and I used to have My butt itches but they deleted that one because the mermaids ate Artemis and Holly and Mulch and Butler.

  13. opal_is_evil_hahaha October 5th, 2007 at 3:25 pm 14

    Like, the clone is evil and holly has to decide if she really can kill “Herself”

  14. opal_is_evil_hahaha October 5th, 2007 at 3:26 pm 15

    im at school right now, typing while the teachers are by me

  15. omg ur story’s really good. BOB SAYS HI

  16. I really don’t want to Kill Sara but I will think of something to that affect

  17. Dude you have to keep writing this is such a good story I think that you should make Artemis RIDE the bull. Then he gets bucked off and thriwn into a hayloft or something!! 🙂

  18. ohh, i have an idea, how about holly says she killed her, but she really didnt and then you can make a sequal that sara turns good but no one beleives her or something like that

  19. I luv this stoory 🙂

  20. MMk would u plz fix my story’s order??

  21. Oh, yeah, I forgot! I’ll do it now. It might take a while, though, be patient. 🙂

  22. holly_was_here_or_was_she October 7th, 2007 at 8:01 pm 23

    Okay, i have to say i am a little confussed.

  23. Danke, thank you, gracias, and all other languages to say thank you for writing more

  24. holly_was_here_or_was_she October 7th, 2007 at 8:55 pm 25

    who is the migit?? okay then

  25. holly_was_here_or_was_she October 7th, 2007 at 9:23 pm 26

    ohhh, i see

  26. Holly Short 99999999 October 8th, 2007 at 10:53 pm 28

    This is getting really good.

  27. OMG all my chapter are gone!!! Dude MMK if you have a sec would you fix it I just tried again and it keeps messing it up!!

  28. this is a really really really really really really really REALLY good story!! 🙂

  29. NVM about that, i understand now! TOOK ME LONG ENOUGH LOL

  30. thank you for your support Arty_and_holly_4ever!! (I am Jelly too) it won’t let me login

  31. Okay, i figured dippy was you too. Anywho, umm, it was very funny. I have to say i laughed out loud, and my mom came in and said “What are you laughing about?” I told her and she’s like, ohh, that site again??? I told her that i was reading a good story so go away! lol maybe thats not my exact words… very good

  32. thnaks Arty and Holly 4ever (sorry not typed right) would you like to be in my story?

  33. Hey i am in the top ten for stars!!

  34. Oh sure!!! ummm, i have blonde hair, blue eyes just email me if you need any more info

  35. You have your own E-mail?! that is too cool! you shall be in my story in a very clever way…

  36. awsome! yea, i have like 3 but i made this one espesally for this site and everything fowl!

  37. What do you want your name to be in he story?


  39. please continue the story! its cool!

  40. My name can be Ashley. Oh n btw I LOVE THE NEW PART!!!!

  41. Does that include 3 comments or does yours not count?

  42. maybe love Artygirl will make me continue! 😉

  43. By the next time i get here, tomarrow, I WANT MORE STORY cause i go to go. 🙁 wish i could stay later, but t.v. shows are on right now. WRITE MORE

  44. promise but I need ONE more comment!

  45. why are you so pushy about comments? it is startinf to get on my nerves… but the story is very good i am impressed!

  46. Thanks Vinyaya! I am going to update right now because You cared enough to say something! 🙂
    By the way has anyone read the book Star girl? It is REALLY good!

  47. oh i read that book, n e ways get writing!!! I am here!!! lol, sry im hyper. GO PEPSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  50. I reread what I wrote and the computer added a bunch of &nsb nsb amp a just ignore that sorry for the inconvenience! 🙁

  51. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really good!!!!!!!!! OH, and i think sara and ashley should get boyfriends, Artemis’s clones!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. arty_and_holly_4ever October 18th, 2007 at 12:49 am 57

    Hello, i am babysiting at school right now!!!!!!! n the kids say, “WRITE MORE!!!” those exact words.

  53. That is so cool! I will write more in a little bit but I got writers block right now…

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  56. umm, what are your ideas, maybe i can help.

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  66. please rate!

  67. ARTY'SELFFRIEND October 30th, 2007 at 1:27 am 72

    OHHHH who’s blood must go to australia to get Jelly to write *starts to foam at the mouth* Who got stabbed with the stick?????

  68. lol 🙂 you shall see.

  69. i just read it, wow, compelling!!!!!! P.S. you could do with some paragraphing cause its kinda hard to read but otherwise I LOVED IT. DONT KILL ME PLEASE!

  70. I will try harder next time! 🙂


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  73. ARTY'SELFFRIEND November 3rd, 2007 at 7:28 pm 78

    fox???? huh? Julius?? Arty is called a loser by… holly??????? ohhhhhhhh me likey!!

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  75. i just read the newest chapters and I LOVE THEM!!!

  76. you may think it is Almost over but isn’t. It will get a lot more interesting really soon!

  77. ok this is the first time i have read it (i dont know why i didnt read it wen it first came out) andddd i luv it and really want u to continue …only one question…were did Aisha come from??

  78. I am an undercover agent for the LEP there to save holly’s life!!!!!!!!!???????? wow i havn’t read this in a while… it has got really really good since you added the OCs lol PLEASE don’t kill me off!

  79. wen i read the whole under cover bit i could just imagine the james bond music to go with it 😀 lol

  80. Ashia was Opal’s slave, Mai was the fox found in the sand hole (she turned into fairy form ) Aphrodite is the undercover agent, and now Diana is going to be in the next chapter….. (she might die)

  81. Well, Well, Well, a 16th chapter has been made yet no one responds! WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT?!?!?! 🙁 *sob sob* Nah I don’t think anyone would respond that quick! I JUST UPDATED!!!!!

  82. ohhhh i’ll respond! i logged off just as all the new updates and stories came! lol.
    anyway,,,,,,,,,,i love where this is goin 🙂
    ALSO!!! Ashia is one of the coolest names i know…dont ask y thou coz i dont even know….ok i seem a bit random now lol

  83. ARTY'SELFFRIEND November 5th, 2007 at 11:02 pm 89

    I guess it’s too late for me to be in the story, huh?!

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    😛 i like it!!

  85. idk depends on how the rest of it goes! I mean there will be at LEAST 25 chapters! so it kind of depends on what happens in those. If you want you can still leave a charaters profile in Copy cat I it could be used! 🙂

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    k thnx! 😛

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  90. How do you do that 2nd smily? all I know r these 🙂 🙁 😉 😛 😀 also lil arty you did write that. you typed when you read the secret.

  91. I did IT all the simileys! ok the two you don’t know r put in like this : then this ( the other is : then p and last that one is ; then )
    I will delete this when you know how.

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    Ok i put my profile in all i have to do is wait and see………

  93. i did write it???? ok maybe im loosing my mind 😛

  94. I am ever so sorry that this couldn’t be in chapter form but I updated and iI hope you like it!

  95. ARTY'SELFFRIEND November 9th, 2007 at 1:15 am 101

    If im in (wich im sayin’ i dont hafta be) when do i come in!!!!!! JK but I lurve this story!!! Diana…. dies??!!! (insert sad smily here) ohhhhhhhhhh sad!!! this is a lot of reveiws!!! 101!!!

  96. you WILL be in it!!! but not just yet. You have to be patient because this story is getting longer and longer so I must use every idea that I wrote on my fish tank (in window marker for the ideas I get at night.) also I WILL update soon but I am working on the sequel so hush people! This IS a work in progress. 😀


    Note to everyone on this site: since i guess that we are all sorta kids like ya know….RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. don’t worry there will be nothing in here that is rated R maybe pg13 but most likely not. unless you include kissing as pg13. 😀 but no one will probably kiss until the sequel.
    SEQUEL!!!!! 😀 😛 😉 🙂

  99. sequel? did i read correctly? lol

  100. I am just rereading this and in chappy 11 Holly is supposed to faint and then it chappy 12 it is Sara’s POV. sorry for any confusion.

  101. Arty_and_holly_4ever November 12th, 2007 at 1:54 am 107

    hello, really good ch. n e ways, has anyone read the twilight series?? everytime i think about edward, i picture artemis fowl lol. i guess thats what artemis gets for looking like a vampire, i am thinking of writing a fanfic about that. hum that gave me an idea!!!! but not tonight

  102. wat is this twilight series~~~!!! some one tell me!

  103. mahi101 AF Fan November 12th, 2007 at 5:26 am 109

    every time some says edward , I think of Edward elric , a t.v show person , he’s nioce , but not at all like artemis , …..DEFFINITLY NOT ARTEMIS , Any one who knows Edward Elric know’s what I mean , i included him , in one of my story’s. I SEROISLY NEED TO READ THE TWILIGHT SERIES NOW , YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING ME GO CRAZY!

  104. what is the twiliht series? anywho I am updating this weekend! :mrgreen:

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    CRAP jelly!! I was gone $ ! week and U haven’t updated!!!! TO Arty_Holly_4ever I aggree I think ArTY looks like “EDDIE” thnx “jellsbells” 4 updating this weekend!!

  106. i m sorry for not updating this weekend! We have been very busy I barley found the time to go on today! however I did post a preview of the sequel and am still working on my story The secret box! I will post it right now!

  107. updating right now! chapter 18 here I come!!

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    Right now?? Yayy!!!!!btw Jelly how do u do it. I mean make such awesome stORIES? like most of the top tens is..is…a YOUR stories.

  109. idk. i just write! last summer I didn’t know about this site and when I was riding the lawn mower It came to me to make a story About Artemis Fowl. I did this one and I monologued it out to myself. Then I came across this site! I didn’t think I was a very good writer at first but after I wrote my first story I got more confidence! I wrote a second (which the editors hated!) Then I wrote this and and started out with one chapter to see who responded! alot of people liked it so I continued. These reviews are what I thrive on! They r what make me keep going!!! 🙂 u just have to set a goal for yourself that is to high so that when you get so close to the goal it is high enough for everyone else. alot of reason for someone who “idk’s!” 🙂

  110. Go to A week on the farm part two for the rest of the chapter!

  111. mahi101 AF Fan November 20th, 2007 at 3:21 am 117

    okay… too big of an explanation.. I bet u planned that speach .. waiting for anyone to ask…. Lol..kidding , I know u didn’t

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    Okay sue me I read New Moon B4 i read Twilight!!!! but my mommy is buying me twilight to day!!!!!(hopefully!!) great story for the umpteenth time!!

    ~Love u all!!!!


  113. arty_and_holly_4ever November 22nd, 2007 at 3:22 am 119

    Ohh, i love that book, its my 2nd fav. series. I hated new moon tho, well it was my least fav. I LOVED the new chapter!!! HAPPPY THANKSGIVING 🙂

  114. arty_and_holly_4ever November 22nd, 2007 at 3:24 am 120

    Oh, and Twilight is a Vampire story!!! *SIGH* i still dont know how to make those smilies!!!!! I will have to ask my friend. I LOVE THE STORY. G2g BYE SO LONG!! 🙁

  115. thos smiles r made like dis :p only a capital P!

    I STILL have to read the twilight series.

    p.s. I live in Australia we don’t have Thanksgiving! 😛 ( I finally looked it up to see what it was!)

  116. mahi101 AF Fan November 22nd, 2007 at 4:17 am 122

    😛 thank you now I can do it too! I NEVER READ THE TWILIGHT SERIES , I HEARD IT WAS AWESOME! I want to get it! THEY DON’T CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING IN AUSTRALIA!HOW RUDE! do u guys get days off for thanksgiving? ( I don’t celebrate thanksgiving either byut this year we are having a party! whoooh!!! at my aunts mansion! AND NO I AM NOT LYING! MANSION! WITH A MOVIE THEATER! my cousin is sooo lucky..)

  117. mahi101 AF Fan November 22nd, 2007 at 4:18 am 123

    hey 😛 didn’t woooork!!

  118. Thanksgiving celebrates The Native Americans Helping The Pilgrims and then giving Thanks to God at their feast. Every Sunday we go to Church but we don’t have a big feast because it didn’t didn’t happen here! 😀

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    i am almost done with twilight!! clap for me!!!

  120. *claps* good for u! I will update this story tomorrow because today I have to help my mom with Christmas decorations and we are going to go see a movie called Shrek 3 I think that’s how u spell it…

  121. UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 476 MORE WORDS!!!!

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    AWSOME!!! GO ME!!! LOVE IT. 🙂

  123. This is a preeeety good story. I like it.

  124. how do u do that smily?

  125. just copy it! It is :LOL: only in lowercase


  127. just look at the title on here and it shows u

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  129. how r u confused? maybe I can explain it.

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  132. A very angry Jelly. Y CAN"T I LOGIN?!?!?!?! November 30th, 2007 at 12:20 am 138

    WHY IS THIS CHAPTER WEIRD?!?!?! SOMEONE TELL ME!!!! I am Sorry A&H$EVER I don’t have time to do an entire chapter.

  133. I DID have time to do another chappy so I DID! I hope this clears some stuff up! 😆

  134. YES! very good, i liked it. i already rated it a 5 a long time ago so i cant right now. 🙁

  135. I JUST updated! I can’t wait for the 23rd chappy but I WILL NOT continue unless I get minimum of 2 comments.

  136. It’s good so far… I’m still reading it though. How do you do those smiley faces?

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  138. opal_is_evil_hahaha December 3rd, 2007 at 11:06 pm 144

    Still going strong, keep on writing!!

  139. Gonna continue in a few moments!

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    really??? JELLY IF ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE GROUP OF SAVAGE FAIRIES IS MY PERSON, I AM GONNA B SOOOOOO MAD I AM NOT A CANNIBAL!!!! 😆 sorry for my rant there but huhuhuh yeah. weeel i Lurve the new chappies!!!! 😆

  141. The savages r not cannibals but u r in the group. u will c it will b good!

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    nice, still lovin it!

  143. UPDATED!

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    oh, so your saying i am not smart! lol 👿 so i am thinking of writing more of my story “water” do you think i should?

  145. YES! write more!!!!!!!!! oh and the smart thing… well I was talking about Artemis being a genius and learning the language and Everyone else is a fairy except for u and me and I have magic so….. Oh and ARTY’S SELFFRIEND I used you! you WILL appear again and will have a VERY big part in the story.

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    Ohhhhhhhhh Jelly this is b-e-a-uteeeeful!!! I am crying thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!
    I am soooooooooo glad that you gave me a big part in my fave story!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! i cant thank you enough!!!!! :wipes tear from eye: I sound so hott when I’m in your story Jelly.
    😆 JK but please,please please!!!! update soon!! :goes back to read the story again and again and again:

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    Anyone want me 2 update?

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  155. Well I will Update…. when I noe what 2 write… Oh and Mahi I am sorry I can’t go 2 the smileycentral thing- it slows down our computer… oh yeah does anyone have any ideas for the next chapter?

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    oh thats okay.. no wonder y my computer is slow… i only have i meen my speed is 54.0 MB rite now…..nope no idea’s sorry!

  157. LUCKY!!! Mines only 14.2!!!!!! oh and I just got a glorious idea so I will b updating tomorrow!!

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  160. My computer speed is 720.0

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    i was just kidding i could care less. anyways, i want you to update, and i dont know, i dont think i will ever update, i might give the story to my friend at school to finish. yea, i think i will.

  163. WHAT?!?!?!? u can’t do that!!! I gave u ideas! u MUST finish it!!

  164. idk, i will finish it somtime maybe. i like your ideas though, i just need some time you know, I am having a lot of problems,

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    anyway , i luv ur stories!

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    Jelly you are wicked awesome!!!!!!!
    That’s why we luv you!!!!!!!
    Your idea better be “glorious” or the Fan Gathering pplz might get angry…. 👿

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    i noe rite….lol

  168. lol It’ll b pretty good… but not as shocking as the sequel… Oh I forgot 2 tell u guys the story is almost over!! when u guys r looking for the sequel look 4: Back to Ireland.

  169. UPDATED!!

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  171. ARTY'SELFFRIEND December 10th, 2007 at 1:48 am 177

    Ha! I wanna poison sara! this is so coolie-o!
    Arty uses a rock to fix the shuttle! Caveman Arty! 😆

  172. It’s a good story. too bad it’s coming to an end… 🙁

  173. You are going to do a sequel… right?

  174. Well I’m going 2 try…. but for now I UPDATED!!

  175. It’s not too bad, but it was really confusing for the beginning chapters (something about a dolphin?). The plot lacks sparkle, too. Not bad though, sending Artemis on a farm!

  176. Yeah… What was that dolphin part about?

  177. ARTY'SELFFRIEND December 13th, 2007 at 9:50 pm 183

    umm jelly do I learn to be kind? :akward silence: geuss i’ll have to wait 😯 Sara ran over a chipmunk with her bike?? how dare she!!

  178. ARTY’SELFFRIEND:u will c! (yes)
    017350, and Star Jinin: (mostly star jinin)The Dolphin part was supposed to add humor. at the end of each chapter I write a cliff hanger so that ppl will keep coming back again and again. the dolphin thing (idk which chappy it is in tho) was most likely the end of the cliffhanger. sort of like Elvis having a tea-party with the bull. Also idk what sparkle is. also WHAT R U CONFUSED ABOUT?!?!? I want 2 make this story so that everyone gets it!

  179. OHHH, I LOVED IT!!! so cool! Action! Are you going to keep me in the sequal? if you do, you should make me evil, then make me go back to being nice! 👿 *folds hand* PLEASE DONT KILL ME THO!!!!

  180. I don’t think that there’s anything confusing about it. I was just wondering why you put the dolphin in it. Oh Yeah! I WAS confused about why they went to the Amazon. 😳

  181. 😳 cool smiley!
    They went to the amazon to find Root. u c Opal didn’t really kill him she vaporized his partials so so now he materializes in different places sorta like the demons were. Foaly found a pattern in were he was landing and the next spot was the amazon.

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  191. lih idk if I am going to use any of those but maybe…

  192. There is a big long bloody battle. Mai somehow manages to hit Athea, and instead of dying, some evil spirit thing comes out of her and she is good again. Then, Foaly comes into the scene. Bringing with him another shuttle. Then he brings them back to Haven City everyone congratulates each other on a job well done. Then, they take the humans back to the surface, and they all live happily ever after… Until the sequel… What do you think? Good idea, right?

  193. YEAH!! I LOVE that idea! in fact I am SO going to use part of it!(this will b deleted)

  194. Thanks! I’m glad you like it! 🙂

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  213. I I am so sorry guys!! I have been spending Christmas break at the Grandparents house who don’t have a computer then when we got home I was so busy with the homework I received form school, returning a few Christmas items, Going to friends houses, and just a few other priorities that this was at the bottom of my list! right now it is like 9:00 pm so I won’t be updating b4 I go 2 sleep but I promise if the teachers don’t load me with more long division or animal science I will most defiantly be updating! sometime this week tho there WILL be an update.

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  227. ARTY'SELFFRIEND January 11th, 2008 at 12:46 am 233

    OH! I have a new chara…. she ain’t evil tho! Live with it! Her name is Jessika (That’s not a spelling mistake!). Where shall I put her blog?

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  248. Is it the confusing part w/ the chapter thing? If so, ignore it I fixed it all.

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  266. haha So, I started this stuff back in… oh gosh. 2007? yeah. 2007 (I feel old now.). This was my first typing project anyway. When I found out how much I loooove to write. But since I’ve left, I’ve branched out and started writing things from my own imagination. Recently, I’ve been working on a story called Scales under the penname J. Ellie Beene. It’s far better than the stuff I’ve written here, but I can’t help but think that writing this sort of stuff created me into the writer I am today. Keep up the good work you guys. I love you all! To the 14 or 15 of us that started this website off to the awsomisity that it is now, you deserve nothing but praise. I’d be a ridiculous disaster if you weren’t there for me.

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