A Past, But Not My Past… (part2)

Summary: the second part. this one will have more involvement from GUNDAM

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Hello again, GAT-X105A+AQMX302B Strike Integrated Weapons System Pack readying another chapter of a past but not my past. The chapters from here on out will focus more and more on the EFSF, as soon the two world will collide☺

Also this is a new doc because it wont let me post it on the other one….:(

Chapter: “Fly! Unsinkable Archangel (Part 1)”

*Artemis and company fly in the shuttle strait to the makeshift base that they had set up to find Opal. On the way Holly notices a shimmer behind them.*

Holly: *pointing out of the window* “Umm I think we may have a problem. It looks as if we were being followed, behind us theres a very large area behind us shimmering, like what happens when a fairy or a shuttle shields.”

Artemis: *Looks out and sees it as well.* “Julius, why don’t we take a detour. Head over twrods the house as fast as you can, try and see if tey can keep up.”

Private Fowl: “Alright, hold on then this aught to be fun” *smiling that essentially he had just had a speed and altetude restrictions canceled*

*What’s actually behind them is a EFSF RX-78G Gundam Ground type, An Extremely Old MS. A leftover from the first space war the 78G was a physiological warfare unit. Its was given the designation Gundam, and a command ‘V’ only in order to scare the ZEEKS (A/N: “ZEEKS” is a derogatory term for the soldiers of the principality of ZEON). In reality this unit was barely more capable then a RGM-79 GM, the first mobile suit ever made on earth. But for this job it would be more then enough. After all what could be hard about following a LEP shuttle, because of this underestimation, the pilot had deactivated his mirage colloid and switched to mono-phase shift armor. Rendering him invisible but he also shimmered like a fairy or a shuttle would, causing him to be spotted by the occupants of said shuttle.*

*As the shuttle rushed off, the pilot of the 78G, was unable to follow for very long (A/N First generation mobile suits had to use massive boosters to ‘jump’ but this jump can last as long as 9 minuets). He was forced to activate his main boosters and drop his assault pack (A/Na pack of weapons and a deuteron generator. It can be dropped to reduce weight, as it has its own independent boosters and will automatically go back to the base the unit originally came from). Causing him to leave a trail of deuteron from the engines. No one would notice this but it amplified his visual signal up even further, as deuteron is a form of light and light reflects off his suit and makes it even more noticeable. Even with this though he was easily able to catch up to the speeding shuttle, but now if the shuttle didn’t know he was there before, they definitely knew he was there now. They would not be able to escape though, the 78G’s were not the most capable for assault but was one of the fastest and lightest units made. For this reason it continued to be used as the only non-command type para-trooper unit of the EFSF. Nothing could outmaneuver the unit in the atmosphere, save for a RX-78G.E.Z. EZ8, which of course was not a LEP shuttle*

Artemis: “great its still there. Lets just land at the manor for now, I don’t think well be able to outrun it. And I also don’t think its Opal as it hasn’t attacked yet, even though it knows we know its there. But I also don’t want to show it were the base is.”

*The radio in the cockpit of the 78G starts up*

A2: “08-01 this is A2 CIC respond over channel HMg-87Z”

08-01: “call sign 08-01 responding. What’s wrong?”

A2: “08-01 you are approaching the Atlantis II’s light wave barriers. At these speed the shuttle will definitely feel the effects of the barrier. Please find a way to make them slow down or change course. If they find out anything we may be forced to take action and launch suits from the pillar.”

08-01: “confirm new mission objective.”

A2: “confirm, A2 CIC over”

08-01: “Now how In the world am I supposed to change the direction of a LEP shuttle that’s speeding, without touching it..” *He thought about it and realized that they never SPECIFICLY told him not to touch them, just not to damage the shuttle* “That might work” *A grin appears on his face, as he maneuvers the 78G’s grappling hook to hit and change the shuttles direction*

*He fires the grappling hook, this really shouldn’t be called a hook as it was a extremely powerful electro-magnet, but that really doesn’t matter. He hit’s the shuttle, and slowly lowers the power on his boosters, and fires reverse verniers on there lowest setting. As he does this the shuttle which couldn’t account for the massive amount of suddenly added weight slows down, jerking its occupants around in the process*

Artemis: “What in Fronds name is was that!”

Private Fowl: “I have no clue, but It looks like we might be latched onto the thing following us. All its doing is changing our course, but I looks as though it real doesn’t care to take our lives.”

Artemis: “Great, that’s just great, now we got something latched onto us. But we don’t have a clue what it is, where it’s from, or what in Fronds name it wants with us…”

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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  1. LEPofficerHollyShort February 21st, 2012 at 3:45 am 1

    *first comment dance* oh i love it, only thing that kinda annoyed me was the really long paragraphs w/ stars around them. There is a little grammer problems, but thats it. Five Star Rating (FSR)

  2. Trouble and Holly 4ever March 12th, 2012 at 9:13 pm 2

    will u please continue? *puppy dog eyes*

    Im realy sorry I didnt update… to much to do at work and school, but i should be good for a little wile agian:) -Strike

  3. Alright, I am going to be making the character for the pilots of ‘a mission to the Rise’,
    and I dont know what to do for them… so i figured it couldent hurt to ask to put others in the story.

    please note that these are pilots being misled by koboi, but are only trying to save a long dead
    principality of zeon.

    6 person team’s.

    pilot name:

    nickname: (Ex: The Hawk of Endymion)


    Age: (cannot be lower then 14 if male, 9 if female. as this was the lowest recorded at the time.)

    rank: (private, Ensign, luetenant, commander)

    unit type (either MS-06 ZakuII FZ, MS-14 Gelgoog, MS-03 Gouf costom, or 1 of the 2 captured Proto-Gundams)

    prefered weapon: (Heat hawk, Beam Saber, High-Energy beam rifle,
    type 100 heavey machine gun, zaku bazuka, heavy rifle,or
    anything else along those lines you want.)


    Thank you in advance if anyone partakes in this. I’m totaly lost for ideas….

    (this story is complete, but im not goign to post it here for lack of any intrest. the final chapter is on fanficiton.net, if anyone want to read it and the planed sequals. honestly i dont think i will be posting the completed version of any of my stries on here anymore…)

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