Four Hearts, One Death

Summary: A story made by me and Amber Root :3

Chapters: 1 2

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Artemis was in his study pacing back and forth thinking of a plan to stop Opal yet again.

“Now first things first, I need to know where Opal is hiding out.” He mumbled to himself.

“Then you need to rest,” Butler said walking into the study.

Artemis jumped slightly. “What did I tell you about budding in on my thinking Butler?” Artemis sighed.

“Sorry Sir but you haven’t slept in days,” Butler said, hands behind back and thinking about how long Artemis had been this way. “I’m just worried is all.”

“It’s alright Butler, I’ll sleep as soon as I take her down, no sooner.”

Butler rolled his eyes, which was very uncommon and turned around to exit the room.  “If you ever find out where she is,” He mumbled under his breath.

Artemis sighed and sat down scanning the grounds of Fowl Manor on the cameras. He saw something out front. He looked closer.

“Oh my god..” It was Opal that was outside. And she was in a strapless dress and high heels.

“What the hell is she doing here..” he muttered. “Butler! Can you come here for a moment?!”


“What was that?!?”

“Um… Coming.”

“That’s what I thought..”

Artemis looked at the screens again, Opal was standing there fixing her dress. “Why in the world would she be here, she knows I’m looking for her…” He thought rubbing his chin.

“Fowl! Come out here!! I have something for ya!!” she yelled really loudly.

“What is she doing here in a dress wanting me?”  he thought rubbing his eyes.

“Yes, is something wrong, Artemis?” Butler asked.

“No, I’m just going to go outside for a walk,” he said standing up.

“OK….?” The manservant replied, think that Artemis was up to something again. “Last time he said that he didn’t come home for four days. Stupid casinos, Artemis just loves em”

Artemis walked outside. “What do you want Opal?” he asked crossing his arms across his chest.

“You.” Opal said her voice sweet, but full of something; different.

“What do you mean by that? It’s not like I’m going to come with you easily,” he grinned.

“Come on,” She walked up to the man and grabbed his tie. “I’ve changed.”

“Let go of me,” Artemis said pushing her hand away.

Opal Koboi looked at him, not just any look. A devilsh; wanting look. Opal Koboi’s mesmer look.

“Opal..” Artemis felt himself taking a step closer.

“Come here, Arty.” She said motioning with her pointer finger for him to come even closer.

Artemis took another step closer, and another, until he was right in front of her, his body almost touching hers.

She had a familiar sent, vanilla.

“You smell good..” he whispered.

“And you look good,” Opal grabbed his tie once again, pulling Artemis closer to her.

Artemis smiled, keeping himself for kissing her soft, sweet looking lips.

“Fowl… Be in love with me.” She demanded, pulling him even closer to her.

The twenty-three-year-old couldn’t resist but to kiss the pixie.

Opal yanked the tie, making Artemis fall to his knees. Placed her hands on his shoulders. “Now… kiss me, mud boy.”

Artemis leaned in, kissing her soft lips.

“Come with me…” Opal said slidding a finger under Fowl’s chin.

He did so, and walked off with her……

Dom: What is Opal even gaining from this? A lovesick Fowl?
Amy: I dunno, but I love telling fluff stories. ♥◡♥
Dom: ..I really have no comment on that.. Ç < lool
Amy:The things that I think Opal are gaining from this is the following:
●Artemis Fowl’s secrets
●More love
Dom: …


Chapters: 1 2

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  1. That last comment:

    Amy: I agree. >:3 Now on with teh story!

    Did you say teh on purpose?

    Anyway, I love these kind of fan fics. I always think they’re funny, please update soon!:)

    Of course we did! XD It’s how we talk! ^^
    ~ Amy/Dom

  2. It’s VERY OCC. Because there is no way in hell Artemis or Minerva would talk or text like this.

  3. … … … *shields eyes*
    *faints away*
    *drops down chasm that conveniently appears for the sake of dropping down it*

    Spelling: fine
    Grammar: iffy. Small mistakes.
    Character: way out of.
    Sentence structure: acceptable
    Plot: wuuuttt~
    Well, apparently, this isn’t the real story yet, so post it ^^
    Punctuation: comma misusage; ellipse fails
    Title: I suggest changing it.
    Level of interest: N/A

    Seriously, post the real thing if this isn’t… the real thing. *awkward*

    Oops, wait — saw the second chapter now ^^ You just posted it, eh? More OOC’ness, but I do like a good A/O. ~WE

  4. Awwwwww……This isn’t the real story? I really like this one,please some how con. this one. Didn’t find mistakes.

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