Four Hearts, One Death

Summary: A story made by me and Amber Root :3

Chapters: 1 2

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Artemis sat in his study texting Minerva out of boredom. “Hey M,” he texted.Minerva text back, “Stop texting meh, A.”

Artemis sighed, “Sorry, I just need something to do..”

“So… Why don’t you go and talk to B or your brothers, they’re there right?”

“No. They are out at vacation, I have no idea why I didn’t go with them.”

“Oh…” Minerva texted back, sitting in her study as well.

“Want to come over?”

“All the way from France? Um…”

“Sorry.. Forgot you were there.”

“It might give me a chance to see if my invention works… Brb.” Minver picked up a cube that was simillier to the C-Cube Artemis had invented in the past, and pressed a button in the middle of it.

“Fowl Manor.” She said and the cube made her disappear there in a blink of an eye.

“Kay?” Artemis sighed putting down his phone and staring at a picture on his desk of him and Holly.

Minerva popped out of nowhere in front of Artemis. “Heya.”

“Oh. Hey Minreva!” Artemis smiled at her.

Minerva danced, like a ballerina.

“Why are you dancing..?” Artemis said raising an eyebrow.

“Because, my cube messed my mind up some when I came here.” She yelled now jumping up and down.

“Oh..” Artemis said rubbing his temples. He stood up and tried to get her to stop but just failed with her leading him with a dance.

“I can’t help it! Sorry Artemis!” Minerva said, blushing slightly.

“I know,” Artemis chuckled slightly. “Well this is interesting..” he thought grinning slightly.
Just then, Minerva slapped him. “Don’t be getting any ideas boy genius,” she said rolling her eyes.

“Sorry!” Artemis said when they had finally stopped in a dip pose.

“Well this is a little awkward,” Minerva commented. Artemis only nodded.

“So…” Minerva said, blushing not wanting to look into Artemis’ eyes.

“I really don’t know,” he sighed trying to stop himself from kissing her soft pink lips.

“Artemis…? You don’t know?”

“..Uh.. I do know something I want to do..”

Minerva made a slight giggle, “Then what is it?”

“This,” he smiled and brought her closer to him and gently, leaning into her.


Their lips meet each others, into a soft, not really sweet, kiss.

Artemis Fowl, Minerva Paradizo, together kissing one another.

*Was it true? Were they really meant to be?*

Dom: Nope! This is totally not the real story.
Amy: If you thought it was real…… FAIL! x3
Dom: …Woooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh That’s enough Ameh.
Amy: Gwaa… v_v Sowwy FG.
Dom: Shall we tell the true story now? Oh and guys there may be times when we randomly comment XD
Amy: Sure… But what if they exited the story out by now?
Dom: We’ll have to go after them, won’t we?*grins evilly*
Amy: I agree. >:3 Now on with teh story!

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. That last comment:

    Amy: I agree. >:3 Now on with teh story!

    Did you say teh on purpose?

    Anyway, I love these kind of fan fics. I always think they’re funny, please update soon!:)

    Of course we did! XD It’s how we talk! ^^
    ~ Amy/Dom

  2. It’s VERY OCC. Because there is no way in hell Artemis or Minerva would talk or text like this.

  3. … … … *shields eyes*
    *faints away*
    *drops down chasm that conveniently appears for the sake of dropping down it*

    Spelling: fine
    Grammar: iffy. Small mistakes.
    Character: way out of.
    Sentence structure: acceptable
    Plot: wuuuttt~
    Well, apparently, this isn’t the real story yet, so post it ^^
    Punctuation: comma misusage; ellipse fails
    Title: I suggest changing it.
    Level of interest: N/A

    Seriously, post the real thing if this isn’t… the real thing. *awkward*

    Oops, wait — saw the second chapter now ^^ You just posted it, eh? More OOC’ness, but I do like a good A/O. ~WE

  4. Awwwwww……This isn’t the real story? I really like this one,please some how con. this one. Didn’t find mistakes.

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