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Clairemont High

Summary: How will Artemis handle going to a new school, a problem in the fairy world, his rebellious twin Diana, and maybe even a little romance?

Chapters: 1 2 3

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CO WRITTEN BY TUNGSTEN MESSIAH (And my big brother :3)

Chapter One

Artemis sighed as Butler pulled up at the huge building. The pillared front entrances were exceedingly faux-Greek in style, of chiseled white and grey marble; overly-embellished with the school colors, declaring–somewhat loudly, the school motto: Unitas potestas est, or Unity is Power. He mentally groaned, how cliche. The administration certainly would not know anything about proper decor, or power. His eyes roved over the building, taking in the scarlet-and-grey coloured banners draped across every window, the students milling about in the courtyard, the stained glass glinting cheerily in the sunlight. All shabby at best.

Artemis emerged from the car as Butler pulled the door open for Diana and himself. Butler helped his sister out of the limo. They were attired in standard uniform: grey or navy dress pants (skirts with navy or red tights for girls), white or beige dress shirts, a red blazer or sweater with the Clairemont High coat-of-arms emblazoned on the left breast, red or navy ties, and dress shoes, or high heels.

Diana smiled in anticipation and practically ran up the stairs and into the establishment, completely ignoring Artemis. He tried not to grit his teeth as he followed, reflecting upon the sequence of events that had brought him here. Diana had a… problem staying in school. She loved to cause trouble, most people never saw it coming due to her sweet appearance. She had twinkling green eyes, warmer than Artemis’s own, perfect curly blond hair and a cherubic, slightly angular face and well proportioned body. She took after their mother, Angeline, despite the fact that the two siblings were twins.

Artemis followed warily after his sixteen year old sister; through the polished doors they went, as he mentally prepared himself for the onslaught of incredible stupidity from the student body. Diana joined the crowd surging through the cold pristine corridors and disappeared from view. He immediately moved towards his first class of the day. Not having to consult either his schedule or the school map –as he had taken the time on the ride to the school to memorize it, he arrived earlier than the rest of the students.

“Mr. Gregory,” Artemis greeted the class professor curtly, before taking a seat at the back of the class. The teenage genius pulled out a small, compact wafer-thin fairy laptop and commenced research on his latest heist, ignoring the eyes of his professor. “It is, I believe, extremely rude to stare at another person,” Artemis said coldly, not bothering to look up from his work.

“And I believe it is also against the rules for electronic devices to be used during class, young man,” the aforementioned Mr. Gregory replied, equally cuttingly.

“I would follow your terribly written rules but I am above them. Besides, what else am I to do to occupy my time whilst you attempt to teach me that which I learned in the second grade?” the cold eyed genius replied, smiling his signature vampire-like grin as he looked up at the old hunched man.

“Very well. Carry on, but if you so much as put one toe out of line, you won’t be here long. Understand?” he replied, unsettled at Artemis’s rather advanced vocabulary and haunting demeanor.

Artemis did not bother replying, opting instead for a quick nod before resuming his research.


“Hey Mr. G! I brought you some brownies! I thought you might like them,” a girl said, bouncing into the room. Artemis grimaced at her loud, bubbly voice as he looked up. He stiffened as she skipped to him took the seat in front of his, “Oooh! Look what the cat dragged in. You a new student?” said the girl. She was wearing an extremely short navy skirt that was bound to get her into trouble, a white dress shirt, a red vest and black high heels. Her wavy black hair was held back by a red headband, black eyes twinkling with mischief as she leaned forward.

He tried to collect himself. Damned puberty, he thought, before answering. “Yes. Artemis Fowl the Second at your service, miss.”

“Whoa….the name’s Mae Black. No need to call me miss. What’s with the com?” she asked, curious.

“The laptop is used for surfing the web, researching, compiling information, sometimes brain dead individuals even play computer games on it. I think this is common knowledge….” Artemis replied, smirking.

“No, you idiot. I’m asking why the hell do you have a laptop in class,” she asked, no doubt annoyed at him.

He kept smirking, “If I wanted you to be privy to that particular piece of information, I would have definitely informed you when you first asked. Now please remove yourself from my presence, and I don’t particularly care for your grammar either,” he said sharply, before resuming returning to his laptop.

Maedria didn’t respond, she turned back to her seat as students began filing into the classroom.


The day passed slowly as Artemis struggled to interact minimally with the other students at the pretentious private high school and stay entertained. He sighed as the lunch bell rang, signalling the end of his fifth period. He quickly closed his laptop and exited from the classroom, making sure his brief case was safely with him. Lord knows how many filthy hands and pickpockets there were in a place like this. Artemis shook his head, carefully making his way through the corridors to the cafeteria. Butler was waiting by the wide entrance for Artemis.

“Butler, old friend,” Artemis greeted the giant Eurasian man warmly.

“Sir,” Butler replied, “I have your lunch awaiting.”

Artemis nodded and followed Butler to a table by the window which was set for him, ready with his midday meal. The teen thanked Butler and sat down, pulling out his laptop. He ignored students snickering as they passed him, eating slowly, eyes glued to the small screen. Butler stood at the boy’s shoulder, visually warning everyone to stay away.


The rest of the day was monotone, each time Artemis took a seat in the back of the glass, ignoring everything and everyone. When the final bell rang, he was the first person out of the classroom.


He had things to do.


Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Aha! I found a mistake! “I have your lunch awaiting.”
    Just waiting, not awaiting. LOVE the ending, but I can’t really say much else. It’s too short.

    Fowlie Says:

    Meh….multiple of eighteen is four….meh. Mr. Perfect…..hmph.

    Actually, I think it’d work best as, “Your lunch is waiting,” or, “Your lunch awaits you.” Just saying. XDD ~WE, out

  2. FantasyDevourer July 14th, 2011 at 7:47 pm 2

    Awaiting means waiting.

    🙂 I found no mistakes, but can you put indentations before each paragraph starts?? It makes it a lot easier to read.

    Fowlie Says:

    Unfortunately, the format doesn’t let me indent, no matter what I do. It’s annoying. Sorreh. XD

  3. Ooooooooh, when are you going to update?

    Yes, I am alive. I’m gonna be getting back on more during the school season.

    Fowlie Says:

    I justeh updated. :3

  4. O. M. G. You are alive! And FD, I mean waiting. ‘Waiting’ is just you know, more modern, so…
    Its interesting how Artemis has a sister. Do update. And hurry up about it.

    Fowlie Says:


  5. interesting. if it were’nt for the fact that he had a sister who gets in trouble a lot, and that i love how he can get however he wants just because he already learned the stuff, i probably wouldn’t be interested, but it does, so its frieking awesome! loved it! didn’t really see any mistakes. 5 stars to you. update!

    Fowlie Says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty weird/awesome. 😀 I like AU stories. 😀 Thanks for the comment!

  6. Lol I saw a mistake but laughed! ‘Glass’ should be class but that was the only thing I saw. I LOVED. the story. UPDATE! please?

    Fowlie Says:

    Thanks for the comment Dom, fixed it. 😀

  7. Wow I read the whole thing and I loved it, so I read it again. Arty has a sister!?! Wow what goes on in your head, like really. First he has a sister, then he goes to a privite school with girls! Your stories are so AWSOME!! I look up too you, Fowlie! I might even write a song about you or your stories! 😀

    Omg I just relized if Artemis has a twin sister. What happend to Myles and Begett? I give your story 5 lollipops!

    PS: I might give up on my taco thing. :'( I don’t know what to do about the tacos, its just disapering. So I gave it lollipops instead. (Wow long comments now!)

    Fowlie Says:

    Aww, thanks. Me, a role model? Whoa. Aww, why’re you giving up the tacos? Myles and Beckett might be heah, but I won’t tell you anything. TM os writing this with me. :3 I made him. Hehe.

  8. One mistake, Sarina has bright BLUE eyes… XP….
    It was so coooooool! I really liked Diana, though I can’t see Mae and Sar being friends with her…. Meh. I can’t find any grammar mistakes, soo… *thumbs up*

    Please update soon! 🙂

    Fowlie Says:

    Meh. Maybe that’s all part of the plan! No, not really. My bad. :blushes:

  9. *shoots at the ceiling*
    Me LOVES this!!! If you don’t update, either you will be overcome by an avalanch of chocolate, or either I’ll go for the simple way and ask Mello to kill you. UPDAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. in_love_with_Arty_6302 July 25th, 2011 at 9:04 pm 10

    Chapter one is really good so far


    It’s good you should definitely update!!!


    Fowlie Says:

    Thanks newbie! 😀 Remember, no double posting. 😉 Glad you like the story.

  11. Do I need to threaten cyber suicide for an update, miss Star? ‘Cuz I’ll do it! *holds up knife*

    Fowlie Says:

    Good old Mirmir. All right, I’ll update. XD

  12. Maedria didn’t respond.
    I think a period is more appropriate than a comma.

    He looked warily at the girl on the right. Ditto.

    Cheeky bas-boy: I think it’s bad boy.

    Turned his attention, not attentions, to his food.
    He immedieately moved back to his apartments: Ditto. Unless he has several. But I’m sure that in this case it’s one.

    I had, not have him in three of my classes.

    You could have jeopardised, not jeopardise.

    Mathew had been right, Mommy would not be happy if I was with Fowl- Comma/ period issue again.

    She shook her head, she answered to no one.-Ditto

    That’s all I saw. The story is awesome. Rock on!

    Thanks, Iris! 😀 I’ll fix that up when I get a chance. 😀 And no, it wasn’t bad-boy. It was something else, I assure you that wasn’t a typo. I have to add a bit more to the word, then you’ll get it. 😀 ~Fowlie

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