Codes: The Atlantis Complex


From the vdiary of Artemis Fowl II. Commentary by Dr. J. Argon, LEP consultant and Grand Probemeister of the Psych Brotherhood.

Artemis Fowl appears on screen. He is dishevelled and toys incessantly with a small coin. Both the untidiness and the fidgeting are most unusual. Artemis Fowl is known for his attention to detail, especially where his own grooming and presentation are concerned. His voice too is cause for worry. Stress readings are in the nineties and his lower ranges are skewed a full third of an octave below the norm based on comparisons with interview room recordings.

Artemis holds the coin between his thumb and forefinger and we see that there is a circular hole in the center. The coin obviously holds great significance for the boy. He slams it on to the desk and picks it up again and spins it. Unable, it would seem, to let it be. Early signs of compulsion. Worrying. He speaks.

Artemis: “People called me a boy genius. A wunderkind. Perhaps I was a prodigy. But I will be fifteen soon and too old for that label. So what am I then? A teenage criminal mastermind perhaps or just a common thief, who can a thief trust? There were a few I thought. But could I have been wrong? Is that possible?”

Artemis taps the coin against the surface of the desk precisely twenty times before speaking again. Perhaps there is no significance to the number twenty. Artemis Fowl frowns and rubs the deep line between his brows.

Artemis: “I thought I knew everything. Now I think I know too much. This new knowledge, these compulsions are taking me over. Soon they will drive my very speech patterns.”

He taps the coin on the desk. Twenty taps again. He seems not to want to do it but is compelled. Oh dear. It is just as Captain Short said. I am worried now. Very worried.

Note: Check legality of using insulin shock therapy or possibly psychosurgery on humans.

Decoded by Parnopius, thank you!