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Book Report Ideas

Have to write a book report on Artemis Fowl? Stuck for ideas? Well, there are dozens of possibilities listed below to help you out.

General Ideas

These can be used for any Artemis Fowl book or Artemis Fowl in general.

  1. Choose your favourite chapter from the book and outline it, focusing on major events within that chapter.
  2. Write down 15-20 questions that you’d like to use to interview Artemis and try to answer them as if you were Artemis.
  3. Take one of your favourite characters and write a little adventure with them being the main character.
  4. Book in a bag – Using props that are significant to the story, give a general overview of the story.
  5. Create a book jacket – Redesign a cover for the book. Provide a summary of the book inside and write a bit about the author.
  6. Examine and write an essay on how Artemis Fowl’s personality has changed within a book or throughout the series.
  7. Write a different ending to the story.
  8. Take five of your favourite characters, draw a picture, and write a description of them.
  9. Much of Artemis Fowl takes place in Ireland. Draw a map of the country and label any significant places.
  10. Try and sell your book to the class by giving a summary and using persuasive techniques.
  11. Pretend you are making a movie of your book and are casting it. Choose the actors and actresses from people in the classroom and say why you chose them.
  12. Do some research on a topic brought up in your book and write a one page report on it.
  13. Prepare a travel brochure using pictures you have found or drawn to advertise a specific place in the story.
  14. State 5 things you leaned while reading the book
  15. Make a flow chart of all the events in the book.

Artemis Fowl

  1. Draw a picture of the Fowl Manor how you believe it looks like, using clues and ideas from the book. On the back of the picture, give a tour of the house and explain the different parts of the picture.
  2. Create a model of the Fowl Manor how you believe it looks like. Explain your model.
  3. The sleeping pills play an important role during the story. Write an essay describing their significance.
  4. Recall the scene where Artemis abducts the fairy in Chapter 4. Rewrite this scene from the fairy’s point of view.
  5. Hold a class discussion about the effects of materialism in this world and then explain how it relates to Artemis Fowl.

The Arctic Incident

  1. Artemis Fowl Senior was kidnapped by the Russian Mafia. Research the history and background of the organization and summarize your findings.
  2. Provide a description of each of the new gadgets created by Foaly.
  3. Design the front page of a newspaper that will be read by all fairies. Feature the rescuing of Artemis’s father as the main article.
  4. Create a mini-comic book for a chapter of The Arctic Incident.
  5. Choose five artifacts from the book that best illustrate the plot of the story. Tell why you chose each one.

The Eternity Code

  1. Do you believe the creation of the C-Cube is possible? Research aspects of today’s technology and describe your opinion in an essay.
  2. Artemis saves Butler through Cryogenics (more specifically, Cryonics). Research the topic and write an essay about it.
  3. Outline what happens in Chapter 4: Running in The Family where Juliet takes her test with Madam Ko.
  4. Loafers McGuire was sent out to abduct Artemis. Write a character profile for him, and explain what he has to do.
  5. In the fairy world, two mind wipes can be used: block wipe or a fine tune wipe. Compare and contrast the two, and then write about what precautions Artemis has taken in order to remember the fairy people.

The Opal Deception

  1. Opal was cloned allowing her to look like she was still in a coma. Research cloning techniques and write about them, explaining different problems that may arise with each technique.
  2. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are being replaced. If the fairy world existed, then what Seven Wonders from Artemis Fowl would you choose?
  3. Act out a scene from The Opal Deception, using props and any other materials.
  4. Make several sketches of some of the scenes in the book and describe them.
  5. Be a TV reporter and give a report of a scene from the book to the fairies as if it is happening live.

The Lost Colony

  1. Time travel has been a subject that fascinated people for hundreds of years. Research the topic and explain different theories of time travel.
  2. What happened during the time when Artemis was gone? Write a story explaining what happened.
  3. Write a story telling the day when Artemis came back home and was reunited with his parents.
  4. Compare and contrast the personalities of three notable demons: Qwan, No1, Leon Abott.
  5. 10,000 years ago, there was a battle fought between fairies and humans. Write a story about the battle and tell how the fairies were forced underground.

Hello! You’re looking for Artemis? I don’t know where he is! My father says that I must complete my homework, no matter how unbearably simple it is. Foaly might know, I hear he was going over some Centaurean codes, and Artemis was going to help him!
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