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Anything Else Right. Well, because I have left F.G. for TWO FREAKING YEARS, I guess it can be said that I am a shitty fangirl. ...Wrong. I am still loyal and loving to Mr. Fowl Jr, I just haven't had the time to say so. Sort of. Also, I was busy throwing a tantrum over the thought that Minerva and Arty might snog in the next book, but then I read it and: WAHEY, HOLLYxARTEMIS FANS, REJOICE!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

But sadly no HollyxTrouble, as some said there would be. Tut tut.

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09/24/08 at 17:52Hello people... I'm BACK!! Hahaha, yes, after two whole years, I am back!!!!! O.o Gosh, some fangirl I am. Jebus.

I don't even know any of you, so this is going to have less effect than I thought it would. Naw...