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Location laughing at opal koboi in my living room in a house in haven
Interests looking for a good piece of artemis art.which i think i have found
Website none. bwhahahaha
Occupation LEP captain
Anything Else yeah im really rude and mean and heaven knows what else so better get used to it folks! the world will remember opalkoboiisacretin!!! no hahaha im kidding.but seriously, if i make a rudeish comment on yer work and you commit suicide, remember, im not held responsible. talk to my lawyer, bob butler. did i mention mister bob works with 90 pound weights 3 and a half hours a day and is 6.59 ft tall? ah well. i did now!
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12/09/09 at 20:34u and artemis may be very alike, but he may like smart people over cute and adventerous people. its just a possibility.