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Interests Artemis Fowl, Tae Kwon Doe, sketching, reading, writing fanfics
Occupation Older brother watcher/serial kiler! I'm JK... About the older brother watcher part...
Anything Else Hola pplz! I'm Ally Kat! most of my work will be traced I'm sad to say, but I have been trying to do more freehand so I'll try and post some of that. ;3 In hope you like my stuff! It'll be in the style of manga and chibi mostly. Sooooo... That's all you need to know about me. Unless... You guys aren't stalkers, right? Right.

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01/28/10 at 08:55*takles cc* You EVER say that again and i will personally RIP YOUR INTESTINES OUT THROUGH YOUR THROAT AND STRANGE YOU WITH THEM! I DESPISE the thought of myself and Foaly. DESPISE IT! *slaps cc and walks away, seething*