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Location in the woods with Artemis and Holly! DUH!
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Website eh?
Occupation huh? occupent? i haz no clue!
Anything Else mm hmm... oh, sorry, i just finished the... 3rd book? er... it's "The Lost Colony" ... its... (i think) the 4th book! Does the Fowl Files count as one of the books? Do i HAVE to read it? i will never know... well, until i read it anyway! =3 I REALLY wanna post up some of my fan art but i have absolutely NO idea how to work this contraption they call "a printer". lol, im waiting till the weekend to ask my dad how to work it. ANYWAY! I loved the part of the book where Arty and Holly "connected"!! WOOT! Artolly, i dun know how its supposed to be... meh! So, meh and all the what-not!
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03/24/09 at 13:39ZOMG!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! i wish i could draw like that!!!