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Website what? huh? website? I don't have a website! YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!
Anything Else this be a poem i wrote, it should give you an idea of my personality. :

Through the mist, I make my way
Ever wary of the trees.
They watch and listen, twist and sway
Telling me to turn and flee.
I hold my ground and shake my head
I draw my jacket near,
I will not run back to my bed
Nor ever start to fear.
The moon shines brightly through the fog
Its light is but a sliver
A chill wind blows, goes down my spine
I resist the urge to shiver.
As I continue down the path, I reach my destination
Finding strength, I kneel and pause,
At last I've found salvation.
A twisted hand, closed in a fist
Breaches the crust of earth,
In its palm, a stone awaits
The one who finds it first.
I raise my head, I'm breathing hard,
The stone begins to glow
Behind the hand, perched on a stone
A dark, forbidding crow.
It looks at me with cold black eyes
And opens up its beak,
From that maw, a noise ensues;
The crow begins to speak.
"Take the stone, run fast and far,
Never looking back;
Do not return to this here place
Or in life you soon shall lack."
I take its word and grab the stone,
I stand and take my leave
Running hard, I breathe a curse
On the magic of All Hallows Eve.

NUH, what've I missed? I just got a new computer today cuz my old one DIED and I feel way behind. :(
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01/12/10 at 20:57RRRR I'M SO MAD!!! our old computer died and we just got a new one today but unless we can figure out how to get the other one to turn on all my art files that hadn't been uploaded to tinypic are LOST!!!NRAAAAUGH!!!

btw, HP_AF_MM_4eva , what's your name stand for?