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Joined May 07, 2008
Location Well, it varies. Right now, I'm at home on my computer.
Interests Swimming, reading, laying around in the sun, beaches, reading while laying around in the sun on a beach. Yup, that about sums it up.
Website www.jkidontreallyhaveone.com
Occupation 8th Grade Student (BUAHAHAHAHA)
Anything Else Imaaculate speling is my tradmak.

I also am known for using the word fudge. It is not a deviation of... a swear word, just a politer, more acceptable word I use to express myself. Never think that I am intending to be rude. OK?

Another cool word is "diabolical". I am currently exploring making a "Diabolical CandyLand". The results should be... interesting...

I'm random.

P.S. If you ever want to yell at someone, feel free to use me as an outlet for anger. I will listen and not ridicule you. OK, maybe just a little. It depends on what you say.

F.Y.I My other favorite word is Spas
My favorite color is orange
I live in Minnesota

P.P.S. I♥Arty. And I ♥ U, Malaia!

Let's go run away from some trolls!!

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06/14/08 at 11:26Who said what? I'M CONFUZZLED!