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07/25/08 at 17:13It's absolutely not my fault that I can't hide the preview. But it doesn't make sense that people who the spoiler would spoil it for should comment saying that Spoilers are not cool. If you see the word "SPOILER" in big capital letters, and you haven't read the most recent book, then there's no reason for you to click it in the first place.

I feel for you who haven't read the books, but you have to understand the Catch-22 presented to me. If I post it with the word "SPOILER" in the title, you know what happens in the thumbnail happens in the book, thus making the warning ineffective. On the other hand, if I post it up without a warning, people who haven't read it will click on it, and I'll have to explain why Artemis has a mustache and long hair, which will spoil the book for them, and I'll get yelled at that there wasn't a warning to keep them from looking.

And I can hear you saying "Well, then, don't post it at all." But you must understand the fact that those of us who've read it don't want to have to wait a month for everyone else to get it. Plus, I was under the impression that the general rule for when you aren't up to date on a series was to avoid websites dedicated to that series, because they usually have lots of spoilers. I thought that was why FG has been so quiet recently.

Anyway, I'm sorry to anyone who got their experience spoiled by this, If I could make the warning any more explicit I would, (Can we hide the thumbnail?) but it's really not fair to ask us to pretend the book didn't come out until everyone's read it... I've done all I can by posting a spoiler warning... The rest is up to the viewer.