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Joined Mar 23, 2008
Location Fowl Manor, (relocated to) 186 Fleet Street, London
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Occupation umm...Student? Being Arty's wonderful soul mate!!!!!
Anything Else First of all, to anyone who gets my little joke on "Location", please please PLEASE tell me. Comment on a piccy of mine or reach me some other way, I don't know how! I was looking for someone to talk about that with...
Okay, here's my fabulous prof:

Name: Victoria B. Fowl (ask me what B stands for... it's from my previous marriage!)

Age: not tellin ;P

Location:186 Fleet Street, London, England (where Fowl Manor has been moved to)

Hair: Chocolate Brown

Eyes: Icy Blue

Appearance: Petite and slender

Favorite Foods: shrimp cocktail, lemon chicken, nachos, salad (omg), french fries, steak, and

Listening to music
Oogling at guys

My Bio otherwise:
Some people say I'm mean, and sometimes I am. GET USED TO IT!! It's my somewhat abrasive spirit that makes me lovable... :P Also, EVERYONE says I'm really hard to impress. That is very true. So if you want a compliment, you gotta DAZZLE ME!!!
Second, all of you Arty Fangirls really need to back off because none of you stand a chance against me. I am Artemis II's gorgeous wife, so HA!
(my sig):
~I am Victoria Fowl, Arty's gorgeous and brilliant wife. BACK OFF!!!!!*roar*~
8-) oh yeh im cool

FYI: He hates it when anyone else besides me or his mother use his pet name, so quit it!
minerva_fan** kinda a like-hate thing (frienemies)
*runs from minnie's nukes*
katluvsarty (except luvs is replaced w/ a heart... don't know how she does it!)

I am the Vice President (aka teh vice master of all!!!) of the semi-official Sirius Black Fangirls Club.
I am also the President of the GWCCA. Contact if you'd like to join, we need new members!
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08/05/08 at 09:29yeah, the skirt is a little off, but i like this a lot!
4/5, maybe?