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Location the akatsuki lair, blowing up stuff with deidara, or in konoha, training with kakashi, or in my vacation house in Tattoine.
Interests reading artemis fowl and naruto, bleach, death note manga, tae kwon do, wrestling, writing fanfictions
Website www.quizilla.com
Occupation Ninja assasin for the Akatsuki/writer/wrestler
Anything Else i am an avid reader and writer (read some of my naruto fanfictions on quizilla!), my hair is short and dirty- blonde and styled in a sorta emo hair cut (when it is styled, 'cuz i always wear a bandana). my eyes are blue-green and green in the middle. my best friends are chris, kayla, paige, steph, erik, eric, corbin, chris, sam, george, gabe, charles, and joe, but paige is moving to north carolina this summer. ;-;
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10/31/08 at 12:43Cool. I was born and raised in Germany for 6 years. Then I moved to America. I picked up English pretty quick, but I'm still learning. I have to use a German-English dictionary when I write FanFics! My American penpal told me that part of the 4th AF book took place in Munich, which was my home until 6 years ago. My new friends here are teaching me all the American slang!