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Interests archery, tae kwon doe, art... duh....STEAMPUNK!!!
Occupation living an epically awesome life
Anything Else love my soldiers and my Jesus!
kick- but blackbelt, <3 forensic science!( ya, im a geek)
Psalm 16:9-11
Psalm 91:11
Psalm 4:8
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05/07/13 at 12:09Why thanks ya'll! 8D
*Glomps Silver Goddess back*
I actually have not been ignoring this site... I just haven't posted anything in a while (school is catching up to me ferociously.) I will be trying later, when school lets out.
Why yes, I have a DA account. Mair-Gra-Fhidil.
Bwahh, GTG. Bye!