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Joined Jan 31, 2007
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Interests reading, drawing, baseball, compter games, video games, anime and manga... i think thats it... oh well
Website ......why must you mock me? lol don't have one
Occupation student
Anything Else i have short auburn hair, greenblue eyes, tan skin, curvy but not fat (not lying i swear!) and braces -sniff sniff- that hurt...
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01/31/07 at 03:07i heard this is where to go to get your pic with arty so ya... anyways i like your pic (even if i don't like minerva that much) anyways -again- if you have time nicole_artist
i have short auburn hair in a bob, bluegreen eyes, tan skin, and i would where a jean miniskirt -not too short though- with a black blazer and a ed shirt underneath with black vans..if you could do that i would be eally happy and if not o well thanks for readin this anyway c ya