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Anything Else hi my name is sophia, i am dyslexic so appologies for any miss spelling. i have loved the artemis fowl series ever since my first year of secondary school when my dad bought me a paperback copy of the first book, before then all i had ever realy read were bug books and other sciencey books so i thought it was going to be as crummy as the first harry potter book which my mum had tried to get me interested in (but failed as i found it mind numbingly boaring) so when i red the first book i was amazed at how briliant it was, in fact i ended up reading it continually untill it was finished (at about 4 in the morning) missing out on dinner and sleap. since then i have made it a priority to purchace all the books as soon as they are released before running home to read them. my favourite by far was the second book but all the first 4 books were great (i still read them regularly), though from book 5 onwards i have felt the books have been going down hill though they are all still great.
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03/19/12 at 10:13OMG this is amazing you are a complete genius