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02/17/08 at 13:34I wrote another story last night! My last on e kinda sucked. People come up w/wierd plots when prssured in a short amount of time. Ok, here it goes!

This had been a very bad day for Minerva.
She was standing in a cold, humid, jungle while her hair frizzed as Artemis was thinking and Juliet was lying unconcieous on the ground.
A few hours before, they had all been captured, gagged, wrists tied, and bindfolded for intrusion on "holy spirit land" by the native Wangarins. They had knocked out Juliet, after her small display of kicking a gaurd in the nuts and punching the wind out of another, just to be safe. Then the three of them had been led ( dragged in Juliets case) down to the clearing (if it could be called so) they were surrently standing in, said somthing about "May you recieve justice from the great, small spirit", chained thwm all to the ground by their ankles, and left.
Someone groaned,
"Ow, my head." Juliet stirred. Artemis' eye darted to her.
"You'll be fine, it's just a inor concussion."
"I'm going to kill those mental Wangarins," Juliet growled, tugging at her chains, " Where are we?" she asked as she slowly got up.
"I'm not sure, it seems as if we've been sacrificed to a local spirit," Artemis replied, "It's probably some wild animal, but you never know."
"Oh great," muttered Juliet, "we've been laft on a platter for some troll by crazy Africans."
"Not a troll," Artemis contradicted, "It would have driven out the Wangarins by now, unless..." he thought, a curious gleam in his eyes.
"Unless what?!?" Minerva finally burst, unable to be quiet any longer.
" Oh, it's nothing," Artemis replied, the gleam lingered, then disappeared.
And then, a not-so-good familiar voice siad,
"Now this will be very entertaining." And standing right in front of them was former comander Ark Sool equipted with a nutreino, a buzz baton, and a pair of wings.
"Oh crap," Juliet muttered...

I hadn't meant Minerva to be al idioty, but the idea rebbed off on me. hpe u liked it!