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Interests Music-singing, dancing, playing instruments, composing. Writing. Drawing. Playing sports-football, tennis, badminton, rounders.
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Anything Else I'm a 13 year-old, weird and shy tomboy :)

I only started reading the Artemis Fowl series a few weeks ago but I've been hooked ever since and have read up to number 6 (The Time Paradox).
They are genuinely some of the best books I have read (and I love reading <3)

I support ArtemisXOC who is based partly on Holly, a bit more Minerva and me! XD embarrassing...
I do like ArtemisXMinerva as well but it seems less likely that would happen :(
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11/24/10 at 21:01*faints from cuteness* Awwwww x lol I love how you managed to make him so young annd innocent not to mention the technique