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Interests Artemis Fowl, reading, writing, drawing, animals, anime and the works.
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Occupation Uhhh Artaholic
Anything Else (I'm 12 and a half just so you know, and if it isn't obvious, I'm a girl. Er, my hair is short, and black I have highlights, and purple streaks.... My eyes are cerulean, that's all, Arigato.) My IRL name is Artemis Miley ______ And when I saw AF at the Bookstore I was like "OMFREZZLES my NAME." So, yeah....
-coughs and huggles Arty plushie- So if that all.... I have reading to do.
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09/16/10 at 17:01OMFREZZLES The CUTEST! But I can't see the smile, just a little moustache... I tried the thing where you use your fingers and stuff but all it did was make me poke myself in the eye...... Anyway, I wurve Arty and the background!