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08/17/10 at 09:56services

【Location】 Exquisite Beauty Global photography location based

【Location】 flowers of location shooting in an exclusive base

【Location】 Hongkou Features Love

time filming two days, this set of lines can shoot interior and exterior photos interior shot】 【

Sophia Love

works wonders

Korean aesthetics

British style

4 election 3

【Location】 exclusive boutique exclusive photographers shoot

【Wedding dress offers the bride and groom costumes】 all six sets of

free boutique dress accessories

【Style make exclusive stylist styling design

free face makeup eyelashes with simulation

free fine jewelry

take the necessary lighting set】 【exclusive lighting division as the bride and groom for the exclusive fine service

free full lighting services with perfect

Department of gifts】 【set of 160 a day filming the end of the original image file into the book the end of

all shot 56 images of the original file Kepan

【】 18 inch beautifully produced album album 1 into the register 20, (...) , the end of 9P

12 inch exquisite album one end into the register 20 different 9p two albums end

9 * 13 inch Crystal Glass Album 1 into the register 16 with the bottom end of Album 8P

】 【subsidiary finished 40-inch oil painting Hankuang a

22-inch oil painting Hankuang a

16 inch oil painting Hankuang a

10 inch fine print a

10 inch fine crystal one

60 inch fine posters a

5 inch Crystal Love a

Crystal Piano Music 1

6 * 18 Chris will box a

22 封 beautiful wedding invitations

enjoy exclusive special piano cover album porcelain, ceramic jewelry box

passport 1 (1 --- the 60th anniversary of the photograph taken free of charge)

【close】 1,9.5 Ma exclusive discount

2, (...) , gift (value 900RMB ) \Pig


small Ran