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Anything Else I like writing a lot, and I want to be an editor in the publishing business and an author. I also enjoy chess, Halo, singing, my DS Lite, reading, fencing, piano, drumming, guitar, having fun, being with my friends, dancing when ever i fell like it (which is a lot!), school (i love getting flawless grades, with the occasional A...) and living my life...and smiling!!! I love smiling!!! Whether a charming smile, nice smile, warm smile, or evil smile, I have smiled it!!!

and being evil... ; )
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02/17/07 at 02:04Valentine comes from a Roman preist named St. Valentine who refused to comply by the law that young men remain single. He preached against this law, and was thrown in jail. People wrote him letters, and he would respond "to ***** (letter) "From Your Valentine."

And I looked up the full meaning of Minerva's name--and here it is

Minerva: Wise Roman Goddess

Paradizo: comes form Paradox...which is statement or action that is the same and different at the same time. Also, it can be referred to as a tautology.
and this also came up:
Paradizo: Paradise
So, Minerva Paradizo is a wise taughtology, or a wise paradise. Okay...she makes no sense at all!!!