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Interests any thing arty, at all, rocks, music, drawing, singing, stuffness like that.
Website none * goes and crys*
Occupation thinking about arty and holly getting together.
Anything Else arty and holly belong togther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reading anything even jar lables!
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02/03/09 at 16:59OMG!!! VinyĆ ya rocks!! Remember me? Long time no chat my friend! How have you been? Sorry, their's me, rambling on and on and on and on an- oh wait, their I go again. X_X Annnyway. I think her hair wig thing falls apart when sh is running to Arty to rescue him... I like the pic. Here's a tip though, look at some photos, and really study them, then try and draw a person in the same position on a sheet of paper. Keep practising like that and you'll discover a whole bunch of little details and proportional hints that will make your pictures look even more life-like. Keep working on it, and you'll devolope your own style. and on a side note this smilie looks like a yellow Butler -->