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Interests Chess, pychology, school, Artemis, anything smarts related, dancing, ice scating, Halo, x Box, London, all books, reading, writing, drawing, technology, pretty much everything...and having tons of fun!
Website I wish! (but I do recommend ""!)
Occupation Being smarter than everybody else...and doing what my mum tells me...AND HAVING FUN!
Anything Else I am going into college at the young age of 15 (i'm 14 now), I love...everything...I LOVE LIFE (one of my buds, JS, started that with his older brother, NS.
I also love C.S. Lewis's "The Chronicles of Narnia" and I love acting (I have acted in a movie as a semi-charater---an extra) I ALSO LOVE ARTEMIS FOWL!!!
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02/18/07 at 17:55well, not really a "crew cut" but my hair was really short. As in Kiera Knightley short. It looked a lot like that, if you want to know. But now my all it's quick growing shoulder was kinda fun, though...I think I'll do it really was simple to take care of, and it looked good...I think...