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Arty's tired

After a long day of plotting arty just wants to be in bed.. smiling... AT US! so girls smile back *Smiles back*

you may recognize this position.. :D go figure it out! :D

Arty... *drools* *caughty myself* you are UGLY! I mean... nothing.. *stares at him again.*

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extra short   [May 24, 2007 at 08:03 AM]
*gasps* artysbruja likes the same style of music as me!
AF_roxz   [May 26, 2007 at 09:27 PM]
me too!!
nd how dare artemis (dictated by nicole) call me a cretin!!!
i m sooo getting u bac now.... first time doing this role play buisness, so give me a break.
okay here goes ... revenge!!

*inside of Cathrel’s room*

*Cathrel is now being mercilessly being poked by ES, FE, Mulch and ALC*

Cathrel: Argghh!! I m gonna have finger sized bruises all over me because of you guys.

Foaly: Wow. You guys are pathetic. Is that the only form of torture you have? Poking? *starts laughing sarcastically*

Holly: Oh but please don’t ask Foaly for torture tips, he’s only good for insultingly witty remarks.

Foaly: Oh thanks. You know I have very powerful legs now after going on a jog almost everyday with Calibine. *stares off dreamily*

*Everyone snorts behind their hands*

Fe: Hey! I know we should call up Opal for torture tips!!! But wait isn’t she in jail now?

Holly: There are ways around that…. * smiled mischievously and knowingly*

*Trouble smiles at Holly’s expression*

Fe: Okay then that’s done! We’re gonna take a quick jaunt to LeP Jail to have a private conversation with Opal. But who’s gonna go with Holly?

Trouble: *quickly raises hand* I’ll go with her. Besides I already know where it is and have certain connections to get us in. * smiles at Holly*

Cathrel: Are you seriously going to go all the way down to Haven to ask Opal, and I repeat OPAL! , for torture tips?

ES: Of course we are! Or, or we could always go back to my plunger and chainsaw idea!! *says excitedly*

Fe: Nahh.. we wanna be more subtle about it… the chainsaw is just too old….

ES: *screechs* WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?! The chainsaw is a classic torture device. Classic, I tell you! Nothing gets the hostage more scared than the “vromming” sound of the chainsaw’s motor!

FE: No, NO, NO! too loud and ostentatious! We want it to be quiet yet deadly and effectively scary, not just “omg “scary but “out of your mind – freaked out – will do anything” scary. Remember we’re here to steal her drawing talents. Ah Ha! I got it the black mamoba snake! We’ll threaten to set that loose on her. MWAHAH!

^^^^^^^^Side Note: If any of you guys have seen Kill Bill Vol. 2 then you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a really deadly snake that can, if bitten on the face, makes your face get all puffy and swollen and kills you within minutes. Sorry about this Cathrel.. Bear with me for literary enjoyment… and my revenge on Nicole..^^^^^^^^^^

ES: What the hell??! No way, chainsaw!

FE: Black Mamoba!


FE: Black Mamoba!!


*Meanwhile AFR, still in a daze because of the Memory Charm, stumbles over to where Cathrel is sitting bound in ropes on a chair. AFR clumsily and with wide empty eyes sits down next to her watching, like everyone else, as FE and ES shout “Black Maoba and Chainsaw” at each other.

“Pathetic. So childish”

CAthrel: * swivels head rapidly towards AFR who is now calmly watching the shout match btw FE and ES with intelligent and not memory-erased eyes.* What the …? Ouch *massages neck because of the cramp for turning head rapidly* How are you talking? How are you not stupid and actually know what’s going on?

AFR: First of all keep quiet. If you do then I have a proposition that might please you and may help you get away. * FE bellows Black Mamoba, her face turning red. * Hmm, Fe does have a point about the Black Mamoba. Deadly but quiet and effective.. * gazes off contemplatively*

Cathrel: Okay wait.. first how is your memory not gone?

AFR: Hmpf!! Nicole thinks she’s so smart. Ha she underestimates me. And for the record, I never EVER underestimate an enemy even how predictable she can be.*coughNicolecough* Well it was simple. I knew she was gonna pull something like that since she tried to do something like that back when we were fighting on the lawns of Hogwarts.

Cathrel : Wow you guys have a history or something..

AFR: Yea well we go back. But basically I cast a defense charm on me, to obliterate any spells cast upon me. But it wouldn’t work for something like The Killing Curse or even if the Memory Charm had been performed by someone who’s actually a strong wizard or witch unlike Nicole. *laughs evilly*

Cathrel: So the proposition?

AFR: Okay the deal is that I need to get my revenge back on Nicole, hmm and maybe Artemis for calling me a cretin.. How could he??! *tears* He has gone away to the dark side..

Cathrel : And??

AFR: I’ll whisk you away from here but only if you aid me in my quest to get my revenge from Nicole.

Cathrel: What about these ropes? *Struggles uselessly for point to be noted*

AFR: Oh, that? Nothing. *carelessly moves wand in a circular motion and mutters a spell*

Cathrel: Hey I’m free! How did you do that?

AFR: Please… I’m ten times better than Nicole in this as with everything else…

Cathrel: You seriously have some issues against her don’t you?

AFR: You have no idea.. *mutters unintelligibilily about llamas*
Okay ready? Hold onto my hand.

Cathrel: Umm. Okay but ---


Fe: I’m telling you Black Mamoba!!

ES: Chainsaw! Chainsaw! Chainsaw!


*Fe and ES suddenly stop and turn their head at the sound of the slight “whooshing” sound. Everyone follows their lead who had been just following their shouting match as if it was a tennis match, back and forth.*

*Everyone gazes openmouthed*

ALC: *splutters as she says* They … They’re gone!
And all that was left was a slight haze over the chair which just a second ago held a bound with ropes, Cathrel, and a stupefied Memory erased, AFR.

Dun dun DUN!!!
Hehheheh.. how did u guys like it? A bit long.. okay very but I like it.. but there’s way more to follow.. I wish I could just follow this up and finish it.. lolz but maybe next time when I get such an urge…
Gerry   [May 26, 2007 at 11:43 PM]
You could've gone to me. Crying or Very sad Just kidding. Have you ever played with non-newtonian fluid/liquid? It's funner than a Nintendo Wii! Just kidding, again. I've never played it, but I've watched my friends do, while I was drawing on MS Paint. I suggest you try non-newtonian stuff. You make it by adding water to cornstarch, it's really fun, in fact, I have some right now. It's 11:43.
Nicole_artist   [May 27, 2007 at 01:53 AM]

I better save myself. AGAIN.

Me: Artemis, my psychic senses are telling me that something bad is going to happen soon.

Artemis: What psychic sen-

Me: Shut up. I have psychic senses, alright?

Artemis: *rolls eyes but listens*

Me: *pulls Artemis off train and sits on nearby grass*

Artemis: This grass is itchy.

Me: Shut up. *conjures psychic ball and witnesses all of the above (including AFr not being stupid or having a blank memory)*

Artemis: The plot thickens. *grabs grass and holds it on chin then strokes it thoughtfully*

Me: Huh, she's only better at hogwarts magic than me. I have other kinds of magic, from books that no one else has read so therefore knows nothing about!

Artemis: Which is...?

Me: The Wizard's Apprentice. A fantastic series. *conjures up multicoloured balls of light to prove point.

Artemis: So what's the difference?

Me: This doesn't require a wand, it draws on your magic stores. And you need to know the old tongue, which I only know a tiny bit of, but it's all good as this is actually a combined way of magic of Wizard's Apprentice, HP and this sprite's series that I can't remember the name of. But it had fairy dust. *pulls out fairy dust from unknown place*

Artemis: Obsessed with magic, much?

Me: *sigh* Lets just get out of here. I have homework to do.

Artemis: Where are we going?

Me: To the one place where we're not expected; Cathrel's place.

Artemis: Isn't that where the person who is going to exact revenge on us is?

Me: Yes, but even if we hide in the Atlantic Ocean she'll find us because of the fact that if she didn't then this adventure wouldn't go on. And I'm beginning to realise that I would never have gotten out of this mess clean.

Artemis: Fine. But on the way there promise not to draw me again in your little sketchbook?

Me: sorry, I can't do that. As an artist I simply must draw you.

Artemis: *dramatic sigh* Fine.

-half an hour later-


Brava to me. I think it was longish.
arty's_luna_chick   [May 30, 2007 at 08:48 PM]
haha. i like the lollipop part. it's funny. this guy in my house (a friend of mine) is eating icecream with mms. m&ms are YUMFUL!
Nicole_artist   [May 31, 2007 at 01:40 AM]
I seriously have drawn him with a lollipop. Very Happy
AF_roxz   [Jun 04, 2007 at 04:46 PM]
omg. cool!
i ll continue the skit ltr. caz i have this awesum plot idea but i cant right now.... overwhelmed wiht finals!! ughhh
Nicole_artist   [Jun 06, 2007 at 03:47 AM]
I have a maths exam next week. Urgh. Confused
extra short   [Jun 08, 2007 at 11:05 AM]
hey, guys. did LEP007 ever put these little stories onto a fanfiction page?
cause i'd really like to if he/she didn't.
could i?
Nicole_artist   [Jun 14, 2007 at 01:48 AM]
*sigh* See other page you asked. I can't be bothered writing it again.
Foaly's girl   [Jun 22, 2007 at 03:22 PM]
Ooooh I wanna tickle him!!!!! Laughing Laughing Embarrassed
butler   [Jul 10, 2007 at 10:15 AM]
you guys really can type can't you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole_artist   [Jul 13, 2007 at 09:48 PM]
I can. *sullen*
arty's_luna_chick   [Jul 31, 2007 at 05:29 PM]
i kinda can. when i play stupid fasttyping games online i cant though.
katya345b   [Aug 02, 2007 at 05:23 PM]
I can't mwahahaha (even ask nicole shell tell u) wow I was gone long so here i'm going to cotinu a bit:

me: *pops up in thin air right besids arty and nicole* your holding a giant lolypop? can I see?
nicole: *show drawing* see?
me:oooh very nice
arty :well then if u guys are busy i'll just sneak away silently and u won't notice...
me: *stares at artyas if he were an ailien*
nicole: er what are u trying to do?
arty:er hipnotism.. Very Happy ...
me: uh I think it need a little work...
arty: ya I supose so *rea;ises I wasen't there seconds ago and just poped out of thin air* ...what r u doing here? and um were did u come from how did u get here??
me: I poped up out of thin air (thats how I got here) and I come from canada (its a hgreat place u realy should visit some time)what am I doing here? um well I felt like joining in this skit cause it looked like fun thats why i'm here ... so uh what next? were we going ?
nicole: *recovers from shock I forgot to meantion* were going to cathrels place
me: *hit self on head* duh were e;lse I shoula guessed

hehe so there anyone is free to continu Very Happy
arty's_luna_chick   [Aug 02, 2007 at 09:25 PM]
me: *pops up out of thin air* you're going to cathrel's? i'm coming too.

arty: *groans loudly*

me: you have a problem with me coming?

arty: well, seeing as your name is my 'lunachick,..

me: yeah, well, whatever. if we just pretend minerva doesnt exist, maybe you and i could....

arty: NO.

me: fine. *turn to nicole* why are we going to cathrel's place? because if this is another 'stealing art skills' thing, im not coming. ill just disappear back home. because if you havent noticed, nobody has succeede so far in taking other people's art skills, and a lot of people have tried.

nicole: *rolls her eyes* no, weve gotten over that. anyway, i have perfectly fine art skills. *shows me picture*

me: hmm. you have nice taste arty, i love lollipops.

arty: *glares at nicole* i was NOT holding a lollipop! Mad Mad

katya: so, anyway arty, you need hypnotism lessons. lucky for you, i am a trained hypnotist-

arty: *disapparates*

nicole: *stunned* did he even read harry potter?

katya: i doubt it. i bet his brain just need a way to leave, so he left by any means possible. i hope he didnt splinch himself.

gerry:*pops in from thin air* we would know if he splinched himself, some of him would still be here. i wonder why he wanted to leave and where he is now.

me: *sniggers* i bet he wanted to escape katya's to-be lecture on hypnotics.


me: *disapparates*

katya: Mad nevermind.....
katya345b   [Aug 08, 2007 at 03:16 PM]
hehe i'll continu

nicole:so what do we do now?

me:??I don,t know lets find arty

gerry: great idea

nicole:so um were di we look

me: oh ya that could be a problem

nicole: um how bout his manor?

gerry: naw he'd think we'd think of that ...

me: you sure he doseb't seem to think were very well i,ll leave you 2 to figure some thing out i'm bored *disapers*
nicole: oh well thats nice
butler_1993   [Aug 21, 2007 at 01:56 PM]
well im trying 2 writ a book any way so i'll give it a shot Smile (besides, i know were arty is..hehe)
me: *at home typing this*
arty:*pops up at my house right abooouuut... now!*
me:*looks up in shock while still typing w/out knowing it*
arty:were the heck am i?
me:in my house, gerry and nicole are looking for u by the way.
arty: how do i get back?
me:havnt u red harry potter Confused
arty: i already tried
me: well, i have a portal u could use
arty:a portal? foaly cant even build one of those
me:*without answereing i lead him back to my room*
arty:what r those?*seeing my collection of artemis fowl books*
me:uhhh...nothing*activating the portal*
arty:no let me see
me:*thinking fast, and holding up a lollie pop, and showing it to arty*
arty:what are u...*the sight of a lollie pop is to much for him, he's mesmirized*
me:*i throw it in the portal, and arty follows*
gerry:*pops up out of no were*did artemis fowl run through here?
me: he went that way*pointing tord the portal*
gerry:*goes through portal*
nicole:*shows up* Di.....
me: they went that way
nicole runs through the portal

someone else will hav to continue, only gerry and nicole no wat hapened after that. (great pic by the way)

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