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Arty's tired

After a long day of plotting arty just wants to be in bed.. smiling... AT US! so girls smile back *Smiles back*

you may recognize this position.. :D go figure it out! :D

Arty... *drools* *caughty myself* you are UGLY! I mean... nothing.. *stares at him again.*

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cathrel   [May 12, 2007 at 10:38 PM]

Cathrel: I am victorious!

Nicole: Not yet, my enemy!

Cathrel: *thinks* i thought the line goes "Not yet, my friend"

Nicole: are you even my friend? I'm trying to steal your skills, remember?

Cathrel: Duh! anyways you'll never get it! wahaha! *thunder sound effects*

Nicole: Oh really? Wait till i get my----

Cathrel: *gets a wand under her pillow* Rectusempra!

Nicole: *thrown in the air* *gets up* How dare you! *gets wand from her pocket* Flipendo!

Cathrel: Expelliarmus! *knocks Nicole again*

Nicole: Been working on your spells, huh?

Cathrel: Oh yes... I've mad-Eye Moody to help me in Defense againts the dark arts! It's really fasinating!

Nicole: I study at hogwarts too! I'm a Griffindor! and you?

Cathrel: I'm a pureblood so I'm Slytherin! *grins*

Nicole: well, the weasley's are purebloods too and why are in Griffindor! Explain that!

Cathrel: simple! They are not evil! Rolling Eyes

Nicole: Wait a minute! I'm the one who's EVIL! why am i not in slytherin?

Cathrel: Beats me! Maybe you are not a Baddie material afterall!

Nicole: But i am! I'm Parselmouth! I can...

Cathrel: talk to snakes.. i know! I speak Parsel tongue too! I'm very fluent!

Nicole: Do you know what this means?

Cathrel: That you're not the only one who speaks Parseltongue except Harry Potter??

Nicole: No! Not that! But maybe that too! *shakes her head* Maybe we are you know... *whispers* ...connected!

Cathrel: That's absurd! implausible! Mad I came from *insert a made up name* the Slither Realms!

Nicole: What?? OMG! I'm from the Spine! And Eragon is my cousin!

Cathrel: What? he's my FIRST COUSIN!

Nicole: Really?? MY GOD! Maybe we are really connected! *completly forgetting about stealing my skills*

Cathrel: and Lucius Malfoy is my....

Nicole: My UNCLE!

Cathrel: Exatly! what?? Your uncle too! That can't be! I have this DeathEater sign! *shows my wrist*

Nicole: *shows her wrist* Me too!

Cathrel: we are indeed connected! *rejoice!*

Nicole: Indeed we are! yey! *Dances with cathrel* *Making a fool of themselves*

I am soo bad.. writing Eragon and Harry Potter thingies here....
extra short   [May 13, 2007 at 12:02 AM]
hehe, my go!

me; *bursts through window while Nicole and Cathrel are talking about crap* haha! now i can steal your skills!

Nicole; say wha?

me; Rolling Eyes look up one box!

Nicole; * looks up* *reads* hey! i knew i forgot something!

Cathrel; *meep*


me; let's get her!

me and Nicole; *while playing that song that they have in the movies when they're chasing people, catches her*

me; *ties Cathrels to a chair* now we have you!

Nicole; what now?

me; to the plan!

Cathrel; i thought you burned!

me; i came back *rumages through bag* and with a toilet plunger!

Cathrel; NO!

me; now we can plung out her talent!

Cathrel; *wets herself*

Nicole; don't be mad! you can't do that!

me; just try to stop me! *evil laugh*

Foaly; *jumps through window* there you are!

me; damn.

Foaly; this will teach you to try to steel my(very tasteful) hat! *does flying ninga monkey kick*

me; *falls to floor.* it was Update that adverticed it!

Foaly; i knew it! that girl has never been right! *jumps out window*

Nicole and Cathrel; *cough*

me; what?

Nicole; what was that?

me; what?

Nicole; that whole thing with Foaly.

Cathrel; *very slowly unties herself without us noticing*

me; *shrug* i don't think it was Foaly. i think it was Mulch with a tinfoil hat on.

Nicole; ooh...where's Cathrel?

me and Nicole; *turn heads to empty seat melodramatically*

Nicole; she escaped! damn it!

me; quick! to the Arty Cave!

me and Nicloe; *fly out window*

at arty cave;

Artemis; they failed! my minions failed to bring me Cahtrels drawing talents!

me, Nicole and arty's_luna; sozzy...

me; we'll get it right the next time!

Artemis; *sighs* no you won't! i'll go the next time! *laughs evily* and with Cathrels drawing talent, i will be able to take over the world! *laughs again*

what will happen next? find out the next time someone continues this story thing!
fairyeyes92   [May 13, 2007 at 08:21 AM]
my turn! my turn! ok here goes nothing.

Arty has kidnapped cathrel and brought her to the arty cave where NA, ALC, and ES wait for him to return.
Arty: now i will be the ruler of the world!!!!!!

then suddenly I jump into the cave

Me: no, you won't. b/c in your world i'd be nothing, seeing as i have no gold and gold is power. i need POWER!

Arty: to bad, just as all my other plans have succeded so will this one. now extra short bring me my own skill-stealer! it's so much better than foaly's.

ES: yes sir, right away sir.

Arty laughes and laughes. and in his confidense forgets to watch me. i sneak around him and am tackled by NA and ALC. soon they have me tied down next to cathrel.

ME: no all i wanted was the chance to be on the powerful side.

Arty: then i will give you one chance, you can be on the powerful side but you will serve me. you make the choice!

ME: yes yes, i will be on the powerful side!!!!!

NA unties me

ME: fools! i'll be have all the power with out you!
then i cut cathel loose and some how escape.

Cathrel: now i suposs you want my skills to?

ME: yes, but i have a defferent way to get them.

Cathrel: letts just hope it's better than NA's.

ME: oh it is.

I sit down at Cathrel's desk and look at her with puppy dog eyes and say

Me: will you teach me, and in return i will keep the others away from your awsome skills at all costs.

Cathrel: well, you know you may never be as good as me but you'll be better than you are now, so i guess i will take your offer!

The End (of mine at least) Very Happy Very Happy
extra short   [May 13, 2007 at 01:45 PM]
no, not the end!

me; *laughs evily* they haven't seen the last of me! *jumps into Cathrels room*

Cathrel; what are you doing?

me; what do you think?

Cathrel and FG92; ....

me; *sigh* trying to steel your tallent!

Muclh; *jumps through window....NAKED!* FREEDOM! *runs around room one and jumps back out window*

FG92; what the-

me; to my plan! *pulls out toliet plunger*

Cahtrel; Rolling Eyes not again!

me; yes again! but guess who's back with me!

Artemis; *jumps through window in monkey suit* the suits a bit random isn't it?

me; my story, my rules!

Cathrel; *drools*

Holly; *jumps through window* hey, Artemis! Colfer's in the middle of writing the last book and he wants to see if it's ok...what's going on?

me and Artemis; trying to steel Cathrels drawing talent.

Holly; okay...I want in on it!

me; good! put this on! *pulls out tinfoil hat*

Holly; isn't that Foaly's?

me; yes! *laughs evily*

Holly; did you wash it?

me; yes...

Holy; *puts hat on*

me; well, i think.

Holly; *grimaces* what now?

me; now we return to the Arty cave! and we return when some else continues this story!

me, Holly and Artemis; *jump out window*

FG92; to the drawing!

me; *jumps back in* i don't think so! *grabs pencils* *breaks them* *laugfhs evily* *jumps out window*

cathrel   [May 13, 2007 at 05:42 PM]
my turn!

me: *grab another pencil* here you go FG92! it's a very advance pencil... i only have two of it.. and i'm giving you my other one. *smiles* *yet have a hidden plan*

FG92: *cries* thank you! *gets the penil and looks at it adoringly*

Me: go on. try it! *grins evily*

FG92: Okay! *draws on the paper when suddenly she feel dizzy* *looks at cathrel* what's happening to me??

Cathrel: *Laughs* aha! Can't believe you fell for that! Rolling Eyes That is the pencil that has the power to make anyone a stone! Now you will compleately forget about me! wahaha! Must do this to the others as well!

ES: aha! *get the pencil!* i have it now.. *suddenly turned into a stone too*

artemis: what the?

Cathrel: Rolling Eyes don't tell me the great artemis haven't figured it out? Puhleezze! You're slower that i thought!

artemis: *Insulted* how dare you say that to me cathrel! I will call Butler!

Cathrel: Such a baby! Can't handle his own fight! One word fowl! Pathetic! Rolling Eyes

artemis: Urgh! Fine then! Lets get this over with!

Cathrel: with pleasure! *gets wand* *smiles evily* Expecto patronum!

suddenly out of nowhere NA sheilded artemis and she was hit by the spell! Artemis went to her.

Artemis: are you alright?

NA: Arty...

Artemis: Don't call me that! Its annoying!

NA: Oh shut up you oaf! You must steal cathrel's talnt from now on.. you're on your own now.. *closed her eyes* *plays those sad music...*

Artemis: cathrel! Prepare for your doom!

Cathrel: Rolling Eyes how original! I've been waiting for this day Artemis! when finally someone can outwit you! wahaha!

artemis: *thinks* What can i use againts her??? *whispering*

NA: you're brain you idiot!

artemis: What? Wait! I have magic as well!

NA: duh!

Artemis: Okay.. now... *something blue comes out of Arty's index finger*

Cathrel: Expelliarmus!

artemis: *his spell was put into him, and was flying in the air when suddenly.....*

continue the story!!! Very Happy
Gerry   [May 13, 2007 at 06:26 PM]
Pepsi is more Christian than Coke!
arty's_luna_chick   [May 13, 2007 at 08:36 PM]
not reading all these now sorry guys. anyway, has anyone read the lightning theif? i just finished it and i loooved it. not better than hary potter though. harry potter gets extra credit because of the circumstances it was written under. Very Happy
Gerry   [May 13, 2007 at 09:54 PM]
Artemis: Ouchie. Juliet!
Juliet: What now?
Artemis: Cathrel hurt me.
Juliet: Oh my lord, she really did. I have an antidote.
Artemis: Oh goody.
Juliet: You really are hurt. Quick, what's 15 squared.
[I memorized 15 squared actually]
Artemis: What? Why are you asking me? Why don't you ask Gerry?
Gerry: What? Umm.. 225.
Juliet: Never mind, drink this Pepsi. And could you get cathrel please.
extra short   [May 13, 2007 at 11:28 PM]
me; ha! i'm back! and this time i come talking even more crap!

Cathrel; NOOOO!

me; but yes! *evil laugh*

Gerry; *jumps in window* *with pepsi* hey Cathrel! here's the phone!

Cathrel; thanks *takes it* hello?

NA; so...what now? and weren't you turn to stone, extra short?

me; yip! i was! but it was easy to get out of....

Cathrel; *back with others*

NA; well?

Cathrel; Juliet says i've to stop hitting Arty.

Aremis; don't call me Arty!

NA; this means that you can just take her talent without fighting back!

me; *yay!* *grabs plunger*

FG92; put that away! and where's Holly.

NA; well it turns out that SOMEBODY...

me; *shifts eyes*

NA; didn't clean Foaly's hat.

me; ohhh....

Cathrel'; but Holly doesn't have his hat anymore.

everyone else: then who does?

Cahtrel; Mulch.

Artemis; we'll get to that latter! now, to the plan!

two mintues later......

Cathrel and FG92 are tied to chairs.

NA; what now?

me; lets plung!

Mulch; *walks in room* hi!

me; *sees hat* you..... *growls* THAT HAT IS MINE!

Muclh; wha-

me; *tackles him for hat* *gets it!* my hat!
Foaly; hey! that's my hat!

Foaly vs extra short
round 1.....

someone else take it from here.
PhoenixStarr   [May 14, 2007 at 12:16 PM]
Am I the only person who doesn't try to steal talent?Laughing
Cathrel, you have a deviantArt account. Is dA good? I've been debating whether to join or not and I'm not sure.
Gerry   [May 14, 2007 at 01:33 PM]
They don't listen to you when you talk in the chatroom.Also, it's really big. I couldn't get my picture up without putting it in the wrong catagory.
extra short   [May 14, 2007 at 01:44 PM]
what's deviantArt? someone tell me!!!!
Gerry   [May 14, 2007 at 02:03 PM]
deviantART is a broken website where you can post and comment on art. There are many people who ignore you in the chatroom, and it's really big, so you can get easily lost.
AF_roxz   [May 14, 2007 at 03:39 PM]
this picture is amazing b/c of these short stories...
god, i 've been gone for a while b/c i m tooo buzy...
i want in on this short story buisness nd wanna write a continution of one of these.. i will one day nd finaly FINALLYY, permenantly mind wipe Nicole!!! MWAHAHHAHAHAH * goes off on crazily evil laugh until falls off the small black revovling chair in my room* *Oww!
You HAve BEEN WARNED!!!** nd there will be no mistake in my pronociation ..
remember the experillamas -- turing household object into a llama? hehe funny
fairyeyes92   [May 14, 2007 at 03:56 PM]
you know every ones been cvalling me FG92 and it's FE92. just thought i'd piont that out. and i didn't tri to steal the talent i tried to learn it. and......

Foaly: i want my hat back!!

ES: no!! mine.

Me:*whispers* again every one underestimates me.
*pulls out a pocket knife to cut myself loose, looks back at cathrel who's looking at me pleadingly*

Cathrel: *whispering to* get me out and i promise to really teach you to draw.

Me: umm... no. i think i'd rather learn for myself, that way i'll never get tunred into stone again.

*i had forgotten to whisper and arty (who was caught up in the fight) looked around.

Arty: no you will not ruin my plans this time!!

Me: this time i don't want to, i got double crossed by the good persons. so i think i'm going to try getting my own skills.

Arty: ookk, i just lost an enemy and i didn't have to threaten any one. that's a first.

me: well you might have even have a new allie. if you need any thing just lett me know, i might just help. might.

end of my story
extra short   [May 14, 2007 at 11:28 PM]
my turn!

me; hey, hey, I win! *puts hat on*

Foaly; *shuffles out of room*

me; *looks at the fact that Cathrels hanging over a boiling coldron, NA is poking her with a stick, FG92 is signing a contract that belongs to Artemis and Mulch is back in the room; naked.*

me; how long was igone?

FG92; i'm on your side now.

Artemis; and we're going to poke Cahtrels until she gives us her drawing talents!

NA: and i get to use the stick!

me; *nods* no plunger then?

Everyone else; nope.

me; *tears rolls down cheek* oh, that's al right then. *turns back toe everyone*

Artemis; extra short, we didn't mean to...

me; no! i'm ok. i just havone quiestion to ask.

NA: what's that?

me; *turns round with chainsaw in hand* CAN WE USE THE CHAINSAW!

Cathrel; *wets herself*

Everyone else; NO!

me; well, ok then. but i'm still in this story! and what's the dwarf doing here?
fairyeyes92   [May 15, 2007 at 07:22 AM]
your still calling me FG92!!! that is not my name!!! ne ways.......

Me: thinks *if the dwarfs here then there must be somethng else faluabe in the house*. *says* you guys can do what ever it is you are going to do to cathrel and i'm going to see if i can find that dwarf.

Arty: no your going to help, infact you have a very important part in my plan. *smiles with that famous vampire smile of his*

Me: and what is it that i have to do?

Arty takes me away from every one else and whispers
Arty: i want you to make sure ES doesn't get around any thing that could hurt her or any ine else on my team, Ok?

Me: why do i feel like your just giveing me something to do so i don't get all of cathrel's faluables?

Arty: i'm not sure why, but that's not what i'm doing. So do we have a deal?

Me: *thinks up a loop hole* yep we sure do!

Arty: perfect, but next time use proper english. yep is not a word.

Me: *embarrassed* oh, ok.

Arty: now every one else it's time for you to get your assgnments. ES, you will do what ever FE92 tells you to do. NA, continued to poke Cathrel. ALC, you will get me a big chair and grapes to feed me.

ES: i have one question.

Arty: Rolling Eyes yes ES?

ES: when you say any thng she says do you really mean any thing?

Arty: Yes, if i didn't mean it then i wouldn't have said it.

ES: what if she tells me to push you out the window, and you just told me to do any thing she says to do so would i have to push you?

Arty: let me rephase that, do any thing FE92 tells you to that doesn't go against the contraced you signed, that clearly states that you are not to do me any bodlily harm. Better?

ES: yes much, so letts get started!

Arty: yes letts. *sittes in the big chair ALC just dragged in and snaps his fingers for a grape which ALC putts in his mouth*

NA: *poking cathrel* if you's just give us your talent the nwe'd stop torturing you.

Cathrel: No, ouch. never, oww.

Me: *whispering to ES* we are going to quietly leave the room and go find the dwarf then steal every thing he stole for cathrel's house, ok.

ES: are you really asking me if it's ok, or are you telling me that we are going to?

Me: we are going to, so come on. *sneaks out unseen and finds the dwarf*

ES: *who also snoke out* now dwarf give us your loot!!
katya345b   [May 16, 2007 at 04:45 AM]
my turn

me:hi arty sorry i'm late my plane from parris was late
arty tyaths fine hurry up evyone else id here

*i look around*

me:sorry guys , have you got cathrels talent yet?

evryone :NO

NA: comme on yoou can poke her too

me: goody

* me geoses to poke cathrel*

cathrel: i'm not going to give you my talent even if you keep poking me *says angrily*

me : whate ever its fun we alll know you'll give in eventualy

minerva : aha katya here you are grrr

me *yawns* oh not you again , your such a pain , BUTLER

butler: yes

me : get rid of her okay?

butler: *trows minerva out the window* there tyou go

okay can' write more i'm in paris and i gota pay to use the compy blah sucks

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