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Artemis Fowl's "pressured Moments!

I'm happy with this one!
I know that a lot of Minerva Haters are gonna hate me for this..but c'mon there's probably some Minerva-Arty shippers too out there right? And if you are..SPEAK-UP! coz i don't wanna get killed ALL ALONE! C'mon girls (and boys if there are) let's fight fot this couple! *sees the minerva haters carrying guns* Ah! Run for our lives! *looks if there are A-M shippers but there's none!* Ah! They're gonna slay me..just me!
*after 30 min* Ahh.* in a agony* *sees the other A/M* How dare u

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Gerry   [Apr 24, 2007 at 06:21 PM]
Yay! I am on AM side too.
katya345b   [Apr 24, 2007 at 06:30 PM]
oh thats too bad alc ...we won't be able to come to ur funeral...jk me not a/h or a/m so me safe YAY!! wif wwlllu guys made me think of this icon my friend has it says:wwlll take cover ! no sorry wwlll canceled buy popular demand
cathrel   [Apr 24, 2007 at 08:59 PM]
Go AM shipper! WWIII!!!! Very Happy
Nicole_artist   [Apr 25, 2007 at 03:27 AM]
And I officially need help with my manga. Crying or Very sad
una   [Apr 25, 2007 at 03:00 PM]
cathrel   [Apr 25, 2007 at 10:06 PM]
You're going down una! Hayah! *calling juliet to do the dirty work*

Juliet: I'm here and ready for duty!

Cathrel: Kill all minerva haters juliet! For Arty!

Juliet: For Arty! *charges* *does all the kung fu moves she knows* *yet still retains her cuteness* *does the wrestling moves on all minerva haters*

Cathrel: Good job, Juliet! Now you'll have a date with Cyber *Juliet boyfriend* (own character)

Juliet: Oh goody!
artypoo   [Apr 26, 2007 at 04:40 AM]
Ya there are more minerva Haters!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Shocked sorry.
katya345b   [Apr 26, 2007 at 03:29 PM]
wil u and juliet were taking care of the minerva haters I got arty who ditched minerva 4 me and its final so arty is mind ha Very Happy and nicole I am not an a/m shipper me don't care I get its going to happen so just deal wif it
LEP's 007   [Apr 26, 2007 at 07:04 PM]
*Lures Arty into cage with caviar* HA! Artemis is now mine! Holly's yet to be named sister, attack all AM haters!

Holly's yet to be named sister: *narrows eyes*: Wait a sec, you want ME to randomly attack people who hate that hot geniuse's girlfriend?

Me: *looks annoyed* Yes, that's why I created you. Now, I would go with the-

Holly's yet to be named sister: FORGET IT! Arty is MINE! Ain't no dumb blonde (no offence blondes) taking my Arty from me!

Me: *Jumps back* EXCUSE me?!?!?! Artemis is MINE elf, this isn't how you-

Holly's yet to be named sister: *Growls*

Me: Shocked Eek! *kicks knee*

HYTBNS: Mad *gets golf club*

Me: Fine then Mad *gets bat* FOR ARTEMIS!!!!! *lunges at you know who*

* LEP and Holly's-yet-to-be-named-sister (name suggestions warmly welcomed) start fencing, meanwhile Artemis finds a way out of the cage and escapes to New Zealand (why? I don't know, just like New Zealand Very Happy ) *

Me: *ducks HYTBNS's swing* HEY! * obsessive desire for Artemis provides amazing strenght, picks up Holly's-yet-to-be-named-sister and throws her 20 feet away* I'm coming Arty!!!!!!!!
cathrel   [Apr 27, 2007 at 02:37 AM]
*attacks all Artemis' bride wanna be* Into the lab! *creates billions of Clones of Artemis Fowl II* wahaha! At least there's one for us each! Very Happy Yet! The ORIGINAL ARTY is MINE! ALL MINE! Razz
Gerry   [Apr 27, 2007 at 07:15 PM]
Cloning isn't perfected.
Gerry walks into battleground, kicking nearest Minerva hater in the stomach.
Nicole_artist   [Apr 28, 2007 at 04:34 AM]
*Nicole pops head out of shelter where she has been hiding *crosses out* waiting. Fine, you can have 15 yo Artemis and I will have 12 or 13 year old Arty. Wink
*Drags 13yo Artemis to Australia* This is where he stays peoples.
*tells Artemis about how he will like annoying Mary-Sue in the near future, and as he is not yet in full puberty he looks shocked and vows never to fall in love with a french blonde ringleted girl, which therefore changes the future Artemis, which changes the book, which makes there hardly any A/M shippers, which ends war/battle before it even starts*

Wink Beat that.
PhoenixStarr   [Apr 28, 2007 at 06:33 AM]
But since we just HAD the war, you've created a PARADOX! *gasp of horror* Now none of us exist! *Black hole opens up on computer screen and drags me inside, then disappears.*
katya345b   [Apr 28, 2007 at 12:32 PM]
while evryone is fighting I escape with arty and arty decides to build himself a new manor in wpg were he will stay till the war is finished and cause he wan'ts to stay wif me but then minerva comes cause shes desprat 4 arty cause oother guys don,t think shes hot but then arty says to minerva that he doppsen,t think shes hot either and minerva goes away crying and joins the war in ireland or were ever else the war is while the 13 year old arty is safe in australia wif nicole and the real arty iis safe in wepg wif me . then me nicole and the two artys get toghether and make arty clones to send to irealand/the war
the end its final Arty is mine and he won,t be lured away by anny thing evemn caviar
Gerry   [Apr 28, 2007 at 03:08 PM]
My history book says that manor has farm and serfs and stuff. And manor is an ugly word. Now comment on that giant comment I wrote on Friday.
PhoenixStarr   [Apr 28, 2007 at 03:29 PM]
What comment?
LEP's 007   [Apr 28, 2007 at 05:25 PM]
Scenario: Half of the world is alienated due to WW III and Arty clones along with evil brides (Minerva was executed) rule what is left. LEP's 007 is only Arty loving survivor without an Arty (Holly's yet to be named sister beat me at a game of rock paper siscors over him Mad ).

Travels back in time to the year 2000.....

Scenario: Eoin Colfer is in his house, writing the first book in a series about a certain teenage genius....

Eoin Colfer: Aha! I've done it! I've finally written the first book in what is surely to be the series that dethrones Harry Potter!

Me *drops from portal in the ceiling (ouch), lands on top of Eoin's computer*: Oof! Sorry, but no. Artemis Fowl doesn't become as famous as Harry Potter Sad , but at least it has loyal fans like me!

Eoin: Shocked Who-who are you? Whe-whewhe-where did you come from? And just HOW did you get here? Surely there isn't an entire civilization living in between my second floor floorboards.

Me: Of course not Very Happy, civilization in floorboards what a silly idea! I came here through a time portal! And to answer your previous question, I am, ahem*clears throat* LEP's 007 sir! LEP's finest officer, only Arty loving survivor in WW III without an Arty, and Earth's last hope of salvation sir!

Eoin: Right, that makes more sense Neutral . You don't really have to call me sir-

Me: Enough chit chat! I have come here in order to prevent the inevetable WW III over your main character, Artemis Fowl. Inevetable, that is, if you create a certain female genius named *narrows eyes,speaks in a venomous voice* Minerva.

Eoin: Minerva? Oh, you mean the character I was planning to introduce in book five to be Artemis's girlfriend?

Me: YES! Now listen………..

Five minutes later

Eoin : Fine, you’ve convinced me, there will be NO Minerva at all and I will not kill Root (fine, I told him that WW III was also partially because of Root’s death).

Me: *Squeals* Yay! Wait, I believe there was one last part to that deal……

Eoin: *Sigh* Right, there will be no more Minerva AND instead Artemis’s girlfriend will be a certain 13 year old girl who goes by the name of LEP’s 007.

Me: Good Very Happy .
Gerry   [Apr 28, 2007 at 06:30 PM]
The comment on my Artemis picture.
Minerva Hater: OW! What did you do that for?
Gerry: You shouldn't have let your guard down. Haven't you learned anything at all?
Minerva Hater: I haven't even gotten my Artemis clone yet!
Gerry: You don't need one. It'll be like raising a puppy that you're married to.
Minerva Hater: Eww! Where'd you come up with that idea.
Gerry: Doesn't matter. Just come with me.
[Watching PowerPoint presentation]
Gerry: You were blinded by the fact that Minerva is smart and is a blonde. Unlike you.
Former Minerva Hater: FORGIVE ME!!!!!
Gerry: All I did was show you a PowerPoint. And we have a mission to do.
Former Minerva Hater: What? And why weren't we affected by LEP's 007?
Gerry: Because it was what she wanted, and wishing it to be true, she typed all that out.
Former Minerva Hater: Ooh. No wonder she has all those smileys.
Gerry: Yes, and I also have an Anubis mask and godly powers.
Former Minerva Hater: I want one too. And a different name. What kind of name is Former Minerva Hater?
Gerry: A good one, seeing as I took the time to type it all out. But how about Veritas, which is very cool.
Veritas: All right!
Hitler: What the salmon? A war over fictional characters from a book.
Veritas: That's right.

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