BlasterBoy and Artemis, What a Conversation

Yet another one of my Sim photos depicting members from this site. I hope that my humour is funny enough!

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katya345b   [Nov 27, 2006 at 03:48 AM]
christmas is decmber 25 evrywere or it should bee well I can't get used to the Idea that you are nice and warm in australia when here I'm frezing and its not even at its coldest yetwhen are your summer vacations okay here we get summer vascvations during july and august in septem,bere we start a new grade whatys it like in australia
BlasterBoy   [Nov 27, 2006 at 04:30 AM]
Confused my summer vacatoin goes thru late may to end of august. and over here in louisianna, "cold weather" is only 40 degress. right now, the lowest was only 60, but in january, it MIGHT get below freezing long enough to have mabey a half an hour of snow. Sad
Nicole_artist   [Nov 27, 2006 at 08:44 AM]
Nope Christmas is always in the Summer here, Dec 25. I've never had a white christmas. Crying or Very sad And it's very warm. Very. We have our air conditioning on. And my face got all sweaty today (gross) and so my hair did too. So now I probably have to wash it. But instead I am commenting on here. I better go for now otherwise I'll get in trouble because I'm supposed to be doing something else!
katya345b   [Nov 27, 2006 at 11:57 PM]
gahhh blaster boy whats that in celcieuse grrrr this is so asnnoying how in diffrent countries we use diffrent tempreture mesure and stuff example celcius and frenheightdon't know how to spell it and inches and centimeters but aperently 40 =4 and 60=15 whats freezing in farenheight in celcius its 0 luky we don't have aire conditioning (I mean in the summer)but thats because most of the time were at the cottage but now here its been snowing all day and we must have about 15 to 12 cm of snow 6 to 8 inches and its like -10 out it gets a lot colder in january and I'm supposed to go help my little brother get his snow stuff on and I'll get in trouible too nif I don't
Nicole_artist   [Nov 28, 2006 at 11:08 AM]
SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!! *throws pretend snowball*
I've only seen snow once. I ate some. Very Happy If you want to know about some of the stupid stuff I did there, either by accident or otherwise, ask me. Please.
I don't know what farenheight is in celcius either, but it was 32 degrees celcius here today. Phew! We have the air con on now. Although it may have been turned off since I got on because it started to rain a few minutes ago. Weird. But it's still humid. But it's good that we're getting rain because we're in a drought. Actually WE'RE not really in a drought but this place that we share water with is in a drought, so we're on water restrictions. Ask me about them. They're stupid. YAY! It's raining! THE PLANTS ARE GETTING WATERED! Ask me why I'm happy. Seriously. And don't forget to ask about the snow stuff.
BlasterBoy   [Nov 28, 2006 at 10:42 PM]
the air is always sick where i live. thank god i dont live in New Orleans, its really humid there. it was an awesome place before the hurricane, but i never went to Emeralds restaurant Sad Sad
katya345b   [Nov 29, 2006 at 03:35 AM]
last winter I went to this camp whjith my school and we were eating snow and my teacher told us this storie about how his friend had eaten snow and goten sick then finished whith "but go a head and eat it "and we all spit it out bboy if you lived in new orleands you might have been killed in the hurrican it was all over the papers for weeks here and we are still quite far from it I have absolutly no idea what emeralds restaurant is and nicole is it tgrue that the earth in austalia is red like in P.E.I. thats what my brother said anmd hes not very trust worthy and what about the snow stuffÙ?
Bump   [Nov 29, 2006 at 04:36 AM]
BTW, this is Blaster, i just changed my name.)))) Emerald Lagasse is that awesome Chef on FoodNetwork channel.
Ps, you can still call me Blaster, bt thise name everyone calls me, so i like it better. Smile
katya345b   [Nov 29, 2006 at 05:04 AM]
why'd you change your namE ? bump this is going to be hard to get used to it was easyer to write bboy than bump well who cares
Nicole_artist   [Nov 29, 2006 at 07:51 AM]
Yep there really is red soil, but not on the coast, only in the desert and such. But I have seen it and I think that you can buy it. But not all the soil is red if that's what your brother thinks.
He he, stuff I did at the snow. First of all I ate some but I told everyone that. I had gone to Perisher Blue on a sort of camp with my school that we also went to Canberra (capital city of Australia) and Sydney. So anywaysy I tried to start a snowball fight but we got told off and we had to go to our skiing instructor. We'd been given skis and a waterproof jacket BTW. Yeah so we did some basic stuff, which I sucked at, and we also had to learn how to walk uphill with our skis on. I kept sliding down and someone had to help me get up the (very small) hill. Seriously, it was about as steep as a wheelchair ramp access and I still couldn't get up. A bit after that we had a practice at going down this almost flat slope. So I got down alright but I didn't stop too well. I think I almost went into some orange tape. But to get up again we had to hold onto this moving cord thing with our ski poles tucked under our arm. But yet again I did something stupid and I sort of got tangled up in my skis and I got in the way of the the path thing (under the rope) and they had to stop it and help me up. And all this was during the training. You have to wonder what happened when I was on my own.
So when I finally managed to crawl gradually up to the T bar I had to have help to get on. So I got on it and sort of fell off after a few seconds. So I tried again and this time I manged NOT to fall off but I couldn't work out how to get off. So I sort of half jumped, half fell off and tried to ski down the small hill. I think I fell over again halfway and just slid on my butt for the rest of the way down. But before I tell you what I did next time I'll tell you more about the T bar. There was this instuctor person who was helping out there, and you had to line up in between these orange cones with orange tape stuff in betwwen them, sort of like those things in airports except plastic and with cones. But there wasn't many people lining up so the wait was only a couple of seconds. So I got on the T bar, made it to the first slope and started going down again. But because I was feeling rather lazy, I decided to head for the cones, so I wouldn't have to make it up there again. Now, as mentioned before I cannot brake, stop etc. very well, so instead of sliding gracefully into the line as I had planned, I plughed into the cones knocking about half of them down. Very Happy The instructor helped me up and fixed up the cones. So I got on the T bar yet again and did exactly the same thing. So the whole routine was repeated again, and I decided to go to the other side, where I would have to walk all the way over but I figured at least I wouldn't bang into those stupid cones. Besides, I could just clip off my skis and walk normally there. Did I mention there was a shed near this side? Nope, but me+shed=uh oh. So, figuring I was being smart and all skiied down. I saw the shed and I thought "Hey, I'll just swerve to avoid it" (it wasn't a very big shed, just the size of the average garden one). But no can do. While trying to swerve and slow down at the same time (I was also near some people) I fell over. Now normally when you fall over you stop. Period. But no, not me. I just kept on sliding, at almost exactly the same speed, toward the shed. I tried to stop but I couldn't. My ankle almost got twisted. And with the skis they were supposed to pop off when you twisted your ankle/leg etc. but not my skis. Oh no, they just insisted on staying on. And then, you guessed it, I banged into the shed. With a gigantic thud. And some of my fellow student were nearby. Well when they saw me sitting there awkardly in the snow they just laughed their heads off. And they didn't even help me get up. I said, "OK, I've given you your laugh for the day now can you help me?" but they just ignored me. So I finally managed to pop my feet out of the skis, so I got up, grabbed my ski poles (amazingly even though I let them go when I fell over they were almost next to me) and stalked off in what I hoped was a haughty and dignified manner. Highly unlikely though, considering what I'd just done. So that was the stupid things that I did at the snow. Although I did get to throw a snowball at the teacher which was good. Very Happy
BTW whats P.E.I.?
And my comment's the most massive ever! 2 pages!
Bump   [Nov 29, 2006 at 10:40 PM]
Uh, WHY DO YOU WRITE SO MUCH?? seriusly(spelling?) who actually read the entire thing.

and Australia isent the only place with red dirt. Forest hill, Toleda Bend(places that you dont know), and livingston(i had the unfortunate experience of geting lost in those woods) all have red soil, so, its not really special..
katya345b   [Nov 29, 2006 at 11:59 PM]
P.E.I.=Prince-Edward-Island its the smallest province in canada exactly places I don't know there well today I some thing soooo stupid and it was knida embarising so Iwas in my class and all the other gr.8 and gr.7 were there too but you see I have a cold so I was going to trow my kleenax in the garbage but since I couldn't go aroung the couch I went over it (Icoulden't go over it because peoples were bloking the way) threw my kleenex away and went back over the couch but somehow I triped over the botom cusion and fell flat on the ground it made arealy loud noise and evryone looked at me and laugh it was not that funny but it musdt have looked ridiculus so ya and I did read all of nicoles comentfor your information bump
Nicole_artist   [Dec 01, 2006 at 06:07 AM]
HA! Razz Sir Bumpalot! And mine was very well punctuated too.
AF_roxz   [Dec 01, 2006 at 07:36 PM]
wow!! nicole your's has to be the most, BIGGEST comment ever.. i was scrolling down the comments when i saw yours which seemed as if it never ended... wow i nomiante u as the most detailed comment writer ever.. lolz
but wow i feel sry abt how u got embarrsed on ur ski trip thing.. yes i did read ur massive comment though i got confused at sum parts.. Embarrassed Confused lolz Laughing
nd yea i got embarrased plenty of times in skool... when i say plenty i mean IT!! lolzz
haha Bump sounds new? name
Nicole_artist   [Dec 02, 2006 at 02:17 AM]
Call him Sir Bumpalot. He hates it Very Happy
I am a very descriptive writer, which is why I never finish any of my stories. One of my introductions went for about 6 pages! Which parts did you get confused at?
AF_roxz   [Dec 02, 2006 at 02:45 AM]
i got confused at the T bar part but besides that nice, funny story.. nd i totally unerstand the descriptive writer part -- i m very detailed oriented too --can never stop wrting esp when i m doing reports for skool... sumtimes my friends get pissed off b/c i wrtie so much that it makes therez look bad.. lolz but i cant help it..hehehe.... thankfully i m doing better wrting my comments here . i try to keep them short but i dont think i or for that mater anyone will beat ur comment.. Razz Very Happy
sir Bumpalot?? who made it upp.. catchy though..*tempted*
Bump or former Blaster Boy: y did u ever change ur sn??
if u hadnt then u wouldnt be called Sir Bumpalot by nicole..lolz but y dont u like it?
sir bumpalot= medieval = chivalrous knight
u could think of it like that.. they did use those kinds of names bac in the medieval timess.. juust sum positive advice?/ comment?? wat ever lolzz
oh nd nicole/nicole_artist how do u do this on sim?? itz really neat!!! cool Cool Very Happy
Bump   [Dec 02, 2006 at 02:54 AM]
now i like being called Sir Bumpalot. maby i should change my xbox live gamer tag... Idea and my friends made it up. actually, a girl who i hate named lauryn(shes mean and ugly and critisizes everything i do. maby she likes me, but hides it by hateing me? who knows?)made it up, so it stuck Razz
katya345b   [Dec 02, 2006 at 04:53 AM]
my brother criticizes evrything i do

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