Everyone Here At Fangathering

OK, not quite. But these ARE all the people (besides myself and P5YCHIC, but's that's because we're on another one) that have either willingly or unwillingly told me (or someone else, tough luck, I saw it) a brief description of themselves. So there. Enjoy yourself as a Sim!

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AF_roxz   [Jan 30, 2007 at 02:02 AM]
comment abt wat?? i seriously dont have time to read through md2 's nd na's massive comments!!
lolz -- crazy ppl heere.. wont u agree? hint: that was including myself.. Cool
katya345b   [Jan 31, 2007 at 01:55 AM]
lol naw you don't have to read them and anyways like half of mmd2's last one is a fan fic he wrote and yes we are crazy everyone her is crazy don't you agree Very Happy Laughing Cool
AF_roxz   [Jan 31, 2007 at 04:10 AM]
definately.. hehe
oh no offense MD2 ur a guy? that makes u like the fifth guy on this whole site.. i see Psychic 5 nd Bump nd Sir due nd one other dont really (...) on anymore at least i dont think sooo....
yea i noticed the fanfic hmmm guess i wil read it caz i like fanfics but the thing is ppl stop updating them usually or i lose them at fanfiction.com so yeaaa
oh yeah!!
Nicole_artist   [Feb 01, 2007 at 09:08 AM]
I haven't given up. I'm just busy. I noticed last night the bottom of my feet are filthy. So I went and washed them, and I got about half of it off. Turned out I accidentally walked in spray tan. It will fade, but hopefully no one will see the soles of my feet. If you are wondering why I have spray tan on my feet, it's because I had a spray tan yesterday. I looked more freckly than usual, but the girl who sprayed me said it would blend together. It did, which is good because I had school photos today. Who here always looks terrible in school photos? *raises hand* I hope I look better this year. Ick, I looked TERRIBLE last year. I had these horrible thick blonde streaks in my chocolate brown hair, which somehow sort of blended together in my hair. I didn't like them so I was growing them out, so the blonde was from about halfway to the bottom. It. Looked. So. Bad. And my hairdo was seriously bad too. I was long, but looked gross, because of the hairstyle. No hairstyle. It sort of flicked on my shoulders. In the single picture anywaysy. In the class photo I looked gothic, because you could only see the inside of my hair (which stayed brown, because streaks only go on the top) which was all in front of me on my two shoulders, like this ll0ll (the 0 is my head) except there was no gaps in between my hair and head, because my hair is out. And I don't like to smile with my mouth open, because my teeth aren't that straight, and I'm self conscious (sp?) about them. (Yes, I admit it! *said in dramatic voice*) So I look kind of emo. Weird.
Ahem. MD2, I haven't given you my Australian comrade rant yet? Okay. YAY! ANOTHER AUSTRALIAN!!! PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU LIVE IN QUEENSLAND! ON THE GOLD COAST!!! Okay, rant over. Obviously you can see that I live in Queensland, on the Gold Coast. Ever heard of the Gold Coast?
Maybe I should make this my massive comment. If I can finish it. I have either the flu or a cold, I think. My head fells like it's stuffed with rags, my nose is stuffy (I have to keep blowing it) and my throat is sore. Ack. Maybe I should start my fanfiction now. Seems like a good idea. Okay...

(Weird title, hey?)

My/Nicole's POV

How boring. I was home alone, with not much to do. I looked around from my spot on the couch, where I had turned on the TV to see if there was anything interesting. Obviously, there wasn't. I went and grabbed a few squares of chocolate from the bar of chocolate in the fridge. After having them I had a few more. And a few more. Oops. I had demolished the bar of chocolate. Ah well. There had to be something to do. I could throw a party! Nah, too much hassle. A brilliant idea struck me so hard I almost recieved a brain bruise. I could go on the computer! I slapped my forehead. Duh. I went and turned my Apple iMac on. It looked rather old, but it had a quite new version on it. Still, it was old, so it took forever to load. Stupid computer. Finally the desktop popped up, along with the toolbar. I clicked the internet explorer button. It took, once again, forever to load. Maybe I should buy a PC. It takes about 5 seconds for that to load. I clicked on a favourite link. FanGathering fanart gallery of course. I spent time commenting on almost all the pictures that had recently been commented on, and entered the glorious world of Artemis Fowl, one where everyone on the site is friends, and almost no idea is stupid. Artemis Fowl exists in there, and he is usually spoken about like a true friend. Finally I finished responding to the comments. The sheer amount! Must have been high season.
Just as the computer shut down with a quiet hum I heard the garage door opening. Mum was home, from a day doing an educational course. "I'm home!" she yelled. Duh.
"Hi," I said, "Anything interesting happen at your course?"
"Well, it was quite normal. I learnt some things. Also, I was chatting to this lady next to me who works at an exclusive hotel, Palazzo Versacé, in the reception. She said that yesterday there was an extremely unusual group that booked in there. There was this really tall, 7 foot high man, with this pale boy and what seemed to be his mother and father." This took a moment to register. Could it be? It couldn't. It had to be a coincidence. No way. Then...
"Also," Mum added, "She said that they sounded foreign."
I hesitated. May as well ask...
"Did they, uh, happen to sound Irish?"
"Now that you mention it," she said brightly, "She did say that they sounded Irish."
Oh. My. God. No way. It couldn't be real. Maybe I was dreaming. Or Mum had actually bothered to read my Artemis Fowl books, and decided to play a prank on me. I pinched myself. It hurt. So it had to be the latter. I had to find out.
"Mum," I said cautiously, "Do you want to read the Artemis Fowl books with me?"
She wrinkled her nose. "Honey, you know that I can never pay attention reading. I fall asleep after the first few pages."
I took a sharp intake of breath. Mum wasn't very good at lying, so I knew she had to be telling the truth now. There was now only one thing I could do, to make sure my suspicions were correct, and fulfill one of my wildest dreams.
"Mum," I said tentatively, "Do you think that if you asked nicely that lady would give me a part time job there?"

Artemis's POV

Just as I was at the brink of discovering a new way to hack into the Swiss Banks System I was called downstairs by Mother, who said that she and Father wanted to tell me something. I doubted that it would be of extreme importance, but if I wanted peace in my study I would have to talk to them anyway. I descended the staircase to find my parents waiting for me. I studied their faces carefully. The both seemed to be rather pleased and possibly excited about some matter. I hoped whatever it was didn't interrupt my busy schedule for long.
“Artemis, we have a surprise for you!” Mother said happily, joy radiating from her face.
I cocked an eyebrow. “And that is…?”
“Well,” Father explained, ”We've noticed that you seem to be spending long amounts of time in front of your laptop, studying or whatnot, so we decided…”
“That it was time for a vacation!” Mother squealed, “We're going to Australia for holidays! It seems like such a nice place, so warm and full of beaches.”
I stared at them. Australia? Were they insane? It was practically away from all hints of civilisation, where they all were inarticulate and partial to swearing, from what I had gathered from the irritating ads on some web pages.
“More specifically,” Father added, “We're going to the Gold Coast. It's a tourist's paradise, with many fun things to do.”
A tourist's paradise? I despised tourist's, as whenever I am overseas I think of myself as on a business trip. This could hardly be classified as that, firstly as I had not arranged it myself, and secondly because I doubted there would be anyone who be in a company worth hacking in to.
“We've packed your bags already Arty!” Mother exclaimed brightly.
“Absolutely fantastic” I thought sarcastically.

There it is, my narrative! It's probably not going to be long enough to make my comment longer than MD2's, but in about 5 seconds I'm off to the airport to go to Melbourne for my cousin's wedding, so I simply don't have the time. May speak in Melbourne. BBFN!
Mulch Diggums the second   [Feb 01, 2007 at 03:27 PM]
augh sorry peeps ive been sick.for three days. and ive missed all this!!! oh, and AF rox, welcome to our little hideout down here. as you can see, theres an extremely high tech titanium alloy detachable Xray glasses section over there, and... no im kidding. just trying to make it sound like section 8. these are the best glasses you get here Cool so deal with it. seriously, its like a hideout now, for Nicole and me and katya, and now you. how bout we call it... section 9!! the members:
Mulch Diggums the second
ok, now that i have founded this club, i will answer to comments. after reading them. omg, nicole artist! you ARE aussie!!! no i dont live in queenland. i dont live in australia. i moved to america, i think my second or third cousin lives near there at least... or.. maybe not. and yes im a guy. i cant believe youre sick too nicole!!! i think ive heard of gold coast ill ask my mum. no she says shes never heard of it... maybe i heard in a movie? is it popular? is it popular for tourists and stuf in real life not ur fanfic i mean? Confused i hpe youll be able to comment from melbourne cuz the ppls in the "family" are slowly dying out... and youre their leader... ok, ok ill stop. im not in te family yet, so ill coment more, more, MORE! were all crazy. love the fanfic, nicole. EVERYONE IS CRAZY*HICCUP* DONT YOOU AGREEE!!! *HIC- HIC-HICCUP!* WE'RE ALLL THE SAME... LA.. LA...LA..LA la. la. la. ok, drunk phase over. im looking at a map of australia but its not coming up omg i gotta go.
PS, should we have presidents and vice presidents and stuff? if you even agree to this Section 9 thing, of course. first rule for section 9: only the most devoted people to fangathering can join. that means you have to comment a LOT. you see my comments everywhere andd nicoles and katyas and AFroxz's too. sir dude doesnt coment that much.
katya345b   [Feb 01, 2007 at 07:04 PM]
your right asbout sir dud and I agree to the section 9 thing you know I've heard of the gold coast too befor I came on this site probably from either jenny or te other australian friends oof my mums but I have a sore throat and my voice is all croaky and my friends laught when I takled (yestarday today I don,t have any school but mmy mum is going to spend like the whole day on the computer and this is probably on of the rare time I'm alowed on since she is busy whith something else at the time)so ya but nice fic nicole btw its 1358 words long (the coment) I hpoe you write more I've heard of melborn befor too probably from geography ou know actualy wa thats one place I heard of it but um ya hope you can coment from there btw do you guy think I say ya alot ? I think I do but shure md2 you can be part of the "family" well btw I come as often as possible but mum is on the compy soooo much but I realy think tthatt I'm the lone canadian on this site Crying or Very sad aw well its okay Cool Cool Cool
AF_roxz   [Feb 02, 2007 at 01:41 AM]
heyy KB u r unique!! in a good sense. besides from u, nd NA we constantly here abt australia nd canada...
well thank u for the honor of inviting me to ur lil club MD2..hahha lolzzz
hmmm i never knew.. do i really comment alot? wow am i in denial or wat.. haha
oh nd KB i havent noticed u saying ya alot but NA once pointed out i used "lolz" way too much.. which i do.. hahaha
okay i m a a psycho nd crazy!!
hey maybe we should name this the The Crazy Devotees of Fangathering or Artemis?? hmm... u like it??
hey maybe we can shorten it up ltr nd make it like the DA club in HP.. hint hhint - i m an ex hp fan.. 6th book was ridiculous but i m thinking of changing my opinion since so many ppl have been intent on changing it.. i ll get bac to u on that after i read the whole series yet again.. i ve read it a bizillion times when i was definatley obessesed!! i even took a quiz nd the result was like obsessed but there were other ones like really obessesed, or bac away ( meaning crazy fanatic HP fan) u get the jist right?
well anyways i totally sidetracked nd went off from the club thingy propsed by MD2... oh wait!! i m an american to MD2.. cool ur an ex aussie?? cool... bet NA still wishes u were an aussie still nd lived in Gold Coast.. thatz where u live right NA? well i ve heard of melbourne obvvv...
ugghhhhhh sidetracking again...
well the president idea thing... well dont know i mean whoz gona be president nd plzz no fighting over that! u would be suprised on stuff ppl fight over like stupid stuff. nd i would be happy if no one goez crazy with this idea nd makes enemies... hopefully not likely to happen but...
well letz seeee... MD2 and NA have the most massive comments here nd r like dominated by them... however this pic is a creation of NA and she was here longer.. MD2 i hope ur not taking offense.. i m just listing facts out... well
MD2 u i think have the most massiv comment on here i think beating NA -- wow! big achievement! hehe- well letz see so our two candidates for president could be MD2 nd NA? just a suggestion but KB wat do u think? we could have a democracy thing with more than one leader.. two?
dont know...
well definately we should vote on this but.... wow i luv the section 9 idea.. sryy i just noticed that.. very forgetful i am..
well we first of all before anything else need to recruit more ppl to be part of the Section 9 thingy but the club itself must be run by president or presidents? nd secretary or vice presodents.. sumthing like that....
coolll i do write alot.. never noticed it really .. type really fast nd all...well look that over nd respond.. uggh gonna have to add this pic as well to my favorites otherwise i ll lose it nd forget to visit it.. there are ALOT of pics here!!
oh nd opinion plz anyone. i drew a holly pic but itz not that good. i havent color it.. thinking of uploading it like that nd coloring it ltr.. hope ppl wont mind but i took the hairstyle from the holly pic on the beach one - volleyball? i think- well hope u guyz like it... i ll put it up ltr.. drew it like months ago anyhoww.. do u guyz know how to color picz on the computer? u need photoshop or sumthing right? b/c the picz always turn out sooo nice... hmm i need to download that..
welll g2g.. off to comment other piczz Wink
katya345b   [Feb 02, 2007 at 03:49 AM]
um ya u need photo sjope or something else but I reraly suck at it but I wonder do we realy need a president ? but btw afr your coment is 646 words long so you didn't beat md2 or nicole so ya ya your righrt there are soo many piccys here so many more than when I joined in what was it ? the begining of november and like one of the only peoples left since then is nicole well all I can think of there are also lots of new peoples joining who coment like once or twice then we never hear of them again but ya and even some of the ppeoples on this pic hasve abandoned us(the sims piccy you know ) like bboy/bump aw well tis alwright Very Happy Cool go section 9 lets say that now if we talk about section 9 in other pics we use this guy Cool Cool okay? it will give him a special use lests say for section 9 it will be Cool Cool him twice then if you wan't u can use hiim once or more than twice for something else . you know what I just said is probably ununderstandable Smile
Mulch Diggums the second   [Feb 02, 2007 at 05:20 AM]
god dammit i just wrote the rules and stuff and i pressed a wierd button! and then poof they disappeared!!!! now i have to write it all over agaibn!!!! ok, i have some topics to discuss. section nine.
topic#1: titles
OK. i am the founder of this club, so i am technically by law the president. nicole is the vice president, katya is a secretary. of corse, we all get to comment about stuff we usually say, that doesnt change. i dont know what AFR is gonna be. any suggestions? here is a list of all the stuff you need to know.
Mulch Diggums the second:
All major rules have to be apporved by me. i give all the members the right to make suggestions for their occupation (e.g. katya could say, i think i should be in charge of the code writing). if someone finds this and wants to be a member, it must be approved by me. also, their occupation must be appointed by me. rule: no advertising section 9 on other pictures. let them come to us. that way it wont get overcrowded. any new rules suggested may only be put into action by me. so, suggest! i also have to deal with any complaints.
Vice Principle
Welcoming of any new section 9 members is done by her. she makes minor rules, like... i dont know. if i announce i am going away for an extended period of time, she fills in for me.
in charge of the codes, and taking down information on a new member.
AFR:???? please, i need suggestions. maybe a site monitor? last three occupations has been hurried, cuz i gotta go, but theyll be updated later. bye!
AF_roxz   [Feb 02, 2007 at 04:18 PM]
nicee MD2, u dont give me anything to be.. hahahaha
just kidding around... oh yea KB i wasnt trying to get a long comment so u didnt have to count the words in mine... anyhow, if KB doesnt mind i would want to be secretary too.. okay well i just read the bartimeaous trilogy nd maybe we four could be like the council as in like the book with MD2 the president.. then NA as vice and KB and me as secretares? oh nd MD2 wat do u mean take down info of new member? like i dont think anyone's gonna give personal info, maybe u should just write down how they are meaning personality wisee...
oh wait i could be like the information minister like nathenial was in the trilogy.. sry if sum of u dont get y i keep refering bac to these bookz. At least KB knowz i just reads them nd luvv them.,. reallly gr8888 bookz
oh nd whoever is in charge of the new members should be like the Foreign Minister... get it?? oh nd if goin completely by it MD2's the prime minister... but that doesnt matter president or prime minister same thing really..
hmmm i could?? giving ideas but i could be like baritmaeous nd be like the witty sarcastic counterpart of KB as in secretary wise? ohh i dont know..... hmmm... thinkin'.. maybe i ll get bac to u on that...
well i could sort of montier the site as in tell which picz r getting really popular... nd r getting a lot of commentz....
ohh nd we need to get other prominent members here like CAm AOA, AMU, BB well u get the idea.. but MD2 u dont want advertising right... well u should at least give one small incospicous annocement on sum moderately popular pic.. so at least sum know abt this.. plus those who comment nd visit alot would see it nd then we'll be able to get those promiment members here.. like the idea?? oh nd wat do u guyz think of the council idea? us four as said by MD2?? well comment bac nd give ur opinion... by the way wherez NA??

hmmm i cant really think now caz i m goin' on a road trip!! yeaa!! itzz gonna be funn.. cant wait.. anyways i ll be bac tom... but if u think of sumthing good for mee then comment away..
ltrr Cool Cool section 9 peeps...

ohh and one more thing... if KB doesnt mind me being a secretary with her then we neeed to sort out who's doing wat as secretary... first we should list out wat secretaries will do like word count, code decipering, plus more stuf. like first make a list of secretarial duties and spilt them between KB and me.. well really up to KB if she wants to do it w/ me nd MD2 being the president nd NA vice president.. haha
well would u guyz think?? Cool Cool
katya345b   [Feb 02, 2007 at 05:48 PM]
I don't mind if u are a secritary too and ya I think CA AOA AMU AND BB are good prominent members btw nicole is in melbourn at her cousins wedding but no sorry I don't especialy wan't to be reconised as wise and who sais you soundf sarcastic *snigers* that was plain mean its no even very true just being mean (it happens you know) don't u guy think there should be rules about who can join ? like soming to do whith how much you coment and such Cool Cool btw section 9 rules Cool Cool
AF_roxz   [Feb 02, 2007 at 06:23 PM]
haha i know i m not that sarcastic or meann.. wayy too nicee.. really bothersum sumtimes.. anyhow i just wrote that caz i m TRYING to be bartimaeous but alas that willl never happen - tear, tear - i can try though!!
lolz i dont care. preety stupid idea.. thoguh i do like the council idea alot nd maybe info mister nd foreign minister thingy will work out.. dont know.. there should def be rules like how much u comment.. totally agree w/ that
Cool Cool
Mulch Diggums the second   [Feb 03, 2007 at 12:06 AM]
well nicoles not here. i guess i should fill in for her. Rolling Eyes the bartameus trilogy rules im on the golems eye nicole youd better come back soon! ur missing a lot, ur gonna hafta read all that. we are section 9!!! Cool Cool and we are progressing deeper underground. soon we'll be wioth the fairies...
ok. need more suggestions for nicole artists duties and priviledges. hey, maybe AFR should fill in for nicole. and when she comes back we'll have AFR a new job already. maybe you could monitor the site? ok, section 9!!! we have our first mission. we might have to do it without nicole. we have to find the remaining members of the "family!!" then we must, somehow, subtly get them to join section 9. here is the list of the members of the fangathering "family". the ones with our logo in front of them mean theyve already joined. our logo is, remember, Cool Cool .
Nicole_artist Cool Cool
Mulch Diggums the second Cool Cool
katya5432b Cool Cool
AF_roxz Cool Cool
Blasterboy/bump: needs to join
Agivega: needs to join
artys_obsessor: needs to join
P5YCHIC: needs to join
ArtyMeUp: needs to join
ok. for seven days, we will monitor this site. we will see who is left. you will all report back to me. pay speciasl attention to the latest pictures, as the comments there are definitely fresh. i have my doubts about Agi. hes 21... anyways, UPDATED rules:

Mulch Diggums the second:
All major rules have to be apporved by me. i give all the members the right to make suggestions for their occupation (e.g. katya could say, i think i should be in charge of the code writing). if someone finds this and wants to be a member, it must be approved by me. also, their occupation must be appointed by me. rule: no advertising section 9 on other pictures. let them come to us. that way it wont get overcrowded. any new rules suggested may only be put into action by me. so, suggest! i also have to deal with any complaints. i assign all missions.
Vice Principle
Welcoming of any new section 9 members is done by her. she makes minor rules, like... i dont know. if i announce i am going away for an extended period of time, she fills in for me. and vice versa. another job for her is... every week, she must collect all the suggestions and reportb them to me, and i will adminioster the ones i think are nessecary.
in charge of the codes, and taking down information on a new member, like username, personality.
AFR: currently filling in for vice principal. latest suggestions:(This is nicoles job, she has to collect all suggestions)
suggestions from MD2: an informer, maybe? or a site monitor, keeping us informed of current events on fangathering outside of section 9.
Katya254b: no suggestions.
AF_roxz himself: another secretary, information minister. but, another rule, you have to tel us what an information minister does. and, of cousre, the foreign minister.
we'll hafta vote on all these. then, the mission! another rule, read all comment sthouroughly. they usually are important. on section 9, read them, i mean. i need more sugestions for katyas job, and nicoles. also, please vote on AF_roxz ytitle, but you cant give another suggestion. we have to narrow it down. well, actually, nicole should get to sugest, too. i think there should be one suggestion from each person, and im the president, so...
MD2: site monitor
AF_Roxz: foreign minister
Katya452b: none yet(you hafta suggest, katya)
Nicole: hasnt got back, so we have to wait. in the meantime, THE MISSION!!!
Nicole_artist   [Feb 03, 2007 at 02:36 AM]
HEY! I'm here! Jeez, I've only been gone for one day, and you think that I need to be filled in for. What would happen when I have schoolwork, and need to study? Wink
Yay! I'm vice president! *does the vice president dance* I was once the president of a student counsellor club (no, we were not shrinks, we just gave the head of student council ideas and messages from other students) and I did a few things. It took me forever to read all the comments, they were all so long! I still haven't finished MD2's last one!
OK, I have a good idea for our first mission. Cool Cool *everyone huddles together* We have to make this picture one with the most comment on the entire fanart section. Although this sounds impossible, if we all comment dilagantly we might suceed. Just keep spamming if you want to. The secondary mission sort of thing is MD2 and mine's competition of the large comments. Our missions will make this one of the longest loading pictures all around, but it will be worth it. Hopefully. That is our first mission. (MD2's and mine is more of an inner competition actually, one that we have for fun.)
Um, isn't Agi a girl? I think that I read it somewhere. Then again, I thought Aquane was a girl too and I was wrong.
Okay, I finally finished MD2's last comment. I'M HERE FOR GODS SAKE!! Sheesh. I can't get over it, I was gone for one day, ONE DAY, and you proclaim me gone, or MIA. Sheesh. And I even told you that I was only going away for a wedding. A wedding only takes a day! I'm only here for the weekend. I've got school you know.
I could be a person who makes the missions, which you decide if you want to do or not.
What's a foreign minister do? Give us a language to speak? We all speak English! I know, maybe we should speak in gnommish! But we don't know how... d'arvit! Very Happy That's the only gnommish word we know. Ironic, isn't it? Cause when kids learn other languages, the first thing that they want to know is how to swear. I have to go, it's lunch time!
Mulch Diggums the second   [Feb 03, 2007 at 09:05 PM]
ok, this is wierd. im commenting from the london public library!!! Shocked anyways, nicole, i approve of your mission. however, we cant tell everyone, cuz section 9 is secret!!! have you read all this stuff? cuz iyou have to, to get up-to-date. anyways, though, my mission first. one step at a time. first we have to find the remaining members of the family, only look on the latest pics, actually. im off to check! ill be back...*goes to see the remaining members of the "family"*...
actually, dont check ONLY on the latest pics. check on popular ones like this one. but look at the date, so youll know how recent it is! also, if youre looking for a certain person, then go look at their pics... like agis!!! im gonna go check there. ill report back! unless i have to go. Confused btw,
Cool Cool means section 9. Cool Cool !!!

i found ARTyme up!!! isaid ypu wanted to see her on this pic, nicole, i hope she or he comes!!!
katya345b   [Feb 04, 2007 at 03:05 AM]
um btw agi vega is a girl and um shes 25 too I read that on her thing on ff but she couldn,t realy join since she almost never come here but we could have her as a special guessed kinda thing ans well ya what ecactly would a foreing minister do like there are peoples from all around the globehere realy well you know one of our next missions should be to find out who is a girl whos is a guy and were evryone lives and how old they are (if they don,t mind ) well I guess not evryone but evryone we have found when we are finished recruiting here we can make a list like that no one will get mixed up btw aquane is a guy ? are u serious? well um Embarrassed okay then see why we should do that and um ÀI have some other I deas of peoples we could recruit :
celestial angel
angelic mermaid1994
butlers babe well thats what I could think of
afr you know for a while I wuz trying to make witty remarks like artyu after I read the first book it was pretty funny since I was hopeles Laughing but um md2 what london like london england ? well gota I'm going to see these ad things at the movie theater lol itz going to be funnny its ads from around the world ads who won awards (I didn't even know ads could win awards Very Happy
AF_roxz   [Feb 04, 2007 at 05:43 AM]
okay woahhhh MD2 .. I AM A GIRL!!
bigg mistake... cant u tell by my girly comments? sheesh
anyways i was saying that a foreign minister has nothing to do with a language or anything. since u said NA was the person takin' done new member's info then thatz like foreign ppl getting admitted.. itz exactly wat u r tellin her to do but itz just a title.. nd info minister which is like site control? (Wat does that mean?) i sup like seeing other ppl's comments from other pics.. but personally how is that important or even necessary.. nd u cant proclaim sum one "gone" if they havent (...) onto the site for only one day.. i have a LOT of work esp now with my new classes nd being in a specialized skool nd all. so i sup members like u , NA, KB nd me or others r allowed to be gone with complaint for aT LEAST 5 DAYS.. after which ppl can complain.. hehe Laughing but not kicked out of section 9.. thatz only for like a month of a month nd half nd the person (promiment members only) cumz bac nd says they're not cuming bac b/c of lost of interest, tradegy overwhelming work load or moving .. etc...
agivega is a girl too!! nd i think aquane is as well.. very upsetting to be called the opposite gender so should varify before saying so..
KB nice try with the witty remarks. i obv failed too. alas only barty can do it.. hehe
MD2 u r gonna luvv the bartimaeous trilogy nd u hav to read the last one xcept dont read my comment on the one with nat, harry nd arty on the beach b/c i give the ending away when i m crying out to KB. Wink hehe.. u kno wat i mean KB? lolz
nd NA i wasnt gonna take ur job anyhow caz i knew u were gone for the wedding doesnt take too long plus dont u have skool. so i knew u wouldnt be gone for long. besides i just came back from a longgg but fun road trip.. funn hahaha.. oh nd gnommish would be funny but thatz gonna be hard with the foreign symbols anyhow english is good enough...
oh nd MD2 well abt the mission, i vote yes but u started the mission already urself.. ur comments r found all over the site to (...) to this pic nd that is advertising caz other ppl reqad ur comments besides the person who's screenname u have writtten. nd naturally they r going to be curious so more ppl will (...) onto this pic.. dont get that....
yea london england?? u wrote that u moved to america after living in australia. now where does london pop into?
ohh nd for new memberz givin their info.. u shouldnt have to make it madatory to know their first name nd exactly where they live.. maybe country but not city or anything.. security measures u know... that kind of information should be volutnary.. but personality nd likes nd dislikes should be given - mandatory

example would be : me -- luvv arty, nd bartimaeous trilogy... nd other bookz - bookworm hehe
luv rock music !! oh yeah!! ummm like anime nd hmmm OH!! Czechoslavikia!! hehe -- those who have read that comment of mine will understand .. haha oh and cant believe i missed this SHOPPING!!!! nd hanging out with friends.
i think all of us should give a personality information like i did.. that way everyone knows each other personality wise (though we sort of do know each other through our many comments ) but still.. plus encouraging for new members..

okay so if no objections MD2 , we should all give personality info, therefore itz nothing personal like name, living area nd etcc.... good for security.. goes along with the foreign minister concept .... Wink
Cool Cool
katya345b   [Feb 04, 2007 at 07:24 AM]
like what i saID but ur right I thought that u lived in america md2 btwafr checoslavakia no longer exists you know but I love the name checoslavakia there probably lots of book worms here (me Very Happy ) oy did u guys know there was a london in ontario ? well I am back from whatching the LONDON ad awards or soming like that I wuz planning on comenting on some other pic but aw wqell there was thi s ad that showed tthese seals on the shore then a what came and ate one and like shoke it in the are and stuff then it said still wan,t to save whales? save pandas then there was a web site adress ya there lots that were funny but I can,t explain them cause I'm not even suposed to be on the compy its like passed midnight but is that stoping me ? nnoooooo Very Happy btw afr I know what you mean crying to me god advice to any one who dose not wan't to0n knopwv the wending of ptolomys gate befor having read it do not go to the beach piccy by agi vega gahh mums coming down to see what I'm doing gotago
it ewouldn't let me make a compleatly new coment so I'm editing this one nicole you know what I found an error in your fic mwahahaha if it were athe fowl family for realy there would a;llso be ... THE TWINS !!!!can't belive you forgot them and here is the beging of a fic I'll never write I just like the first sentence I thought of : as a teenager butler had enjoyed teaching juliet to do spinning kicks in the sand box ,artemis enjoyed teaching the twins to hack into... well prety much annything . Smile so hodya like it? yestarday I went swiming and after it was so cold my haire froze it looked funny and today its so cold the school buses aren't working so my dads going to drive us some time or another Smile manitoba is wierd last year winter was very warm and barely below freezing at times and this year its like the arctic

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