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OK, not quite. But these ARE all the people (besides myself and P5YCHIC, but's that's because we're on another one) that have either willingly or unwillingly told me (or someone else, tough luck, I saw it) a brief description of themselves. So there. Enjoy yourself as a Sim!

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Nicole_artist   [Feb 14, 2007 at 10:50 AM]
Nooo. I'm not 14. Oops! Shouldn't have told you. Wink I have never said my age. He he he.
And starting from 7th grade sounds normal to me, cause it's halfway through school. Makes sense.
The big fat people freak me out as well. Like my Dad's friend/business parter has this HUGE stomach and he has no neck, it's just flubber (he he, flubber) yeah, and he went to dad's house for a BBQ, then he had a swim, but he was wearing, as you may guessed, speedos Shocked (Hmm, there's no grossed out smilie. There should be) Ugh ugh ugh ugh! And I had swimminf for sport today, and it seemed all the fat people were wearing speedos. IT WAS SO UNBELIEVABLY GROSS!!!! That should be illegal!
I took a BMI test on the internet and it said I was underweight. Huh? *looks at self* I'm not anorexic... definately not... just short... Very Happy I realised that I may be a fairy! Shocked I think I'm either exactly 150cm or just under. Yay! *does the I'm possibly an elf dance* Maybe I had plastic surgery and an amnesiac to remove the point from my ears.
I hate swimming with the school. Cause with all the girls it's like a fashion/surf brand competition. And I always seem to lose. Or at least not get a placing. We were not allowed to wear a bikini, or if we did we had to wear a rashie (swim shirt) over it. I was stupid enough to wear my tankini, which I hate, even though it's one of the only items I own that's a surf brand. It looks SO bad on me. It makes my skin look even worse than it is. My freckles just STAND OUT like hell. And I look jealously at all the tanned people. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad I'll never be tanned. Seriously, I feel like crying. Not only because of that but because my mum just yelled at me to get off. And not in the normal, annoying but okay way. The Ihateyouhaving funsoIwantyoutogetoffand doyourhomeworkeven (...) way.
She's right beside me now. Bye.
katya345b   [Feb 15, 2007 at 04:18 AM]
hum you 13 then ? but you talkin about fat peoples remindes me of this teacher who used to work at my school I wrote a poem:
she was very fat
we called her a turkey
behind her back
she had a huge double chin
we called it a gobbler
she is gone now
I think she caught cancer

the end well don't know if itr was cancer but she caught some kinde of desise(how do you spell that?) and left the school well nicole I see how feel compared to tanned peoples I DON'T TAN!!!!!! yes it sucks but my freackles don,t stick out that much and any ways I'd look freaky whithout them cause my skin would be pale
yes I'm NOT short I,m like 5"5 or 5"6 soming like that but well I have a friend names Émile who has realy pointy ears its soo cool so I've always envied her ears *pouts* but shes not very short like 5"4 or something but ur right nicol guys secialy fat one look disgusting in speedos
AF_roxz   [Feb 16, 2007 at 01:53 AM]
uumm not exactly sure wat speedos r.. i have an image but i dont know if thatz it.. esp if its on a fat person... describe if possible??
hehehehe i dont need to tan -- natural beauty.. lol Wink
catwing   [Feb 16, 2007 at 03:06 AM]
ummm well u culd not call me fat if i gained fifty pounds im a string bean and 13 I hav pointy ears wi/ little tips and they r soo cool well a speedo is a weird swimsuit on a guy (very gross) but gurls r fine and um i never tan i burn crash and burn Crying or Very sad oh woe is me as i will never be a hot surfergurl stereotype Crying or Very sad oh saddnes but i shall not be so downhearted Very Happy i am insane INSANE ha ah ha hahahahahah muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh goodness Laughing
Nicole_artist   [Feb 16, 2007 at 04:48 AM]
I have tried using fake tan. It does not work well. I am never what you would call "bronzed". My friend said (when she saw the underside of my arms) that I glowed! That's how pale underneath I am. But I felt proud and thought about Artemis and his pale skin, and wondered if he was exposed to the sun if he would get freckly. Lmao, Arty with freckles?!!! How would he keep up his act of proffesionalism when he'd be really cute with a light dusting of freckles round his nose? How cute!
Okay, I'm not telling you if you're right or wrong Kb, but here's another tantalising hint: I do not have a part time job. Wink Now isn't that helpful? Smile
I NEVER gain weight. Ever. Naturally from growing, yes, but even if I pig out which I hardly ever do I just feel sick then I get over it and I look the same as ever. And, oh the frustration of, SPAGHETTI ARMS! My legs are strong but my arms are rather weak. Oh the irony.
catwing, I will never be a hot surfer girl stereotype either, for one I can't surf and don't really even like the sea (too much sand, it gets EVERYWHERE) and I don't have a tan, and I'm not blonde either.
Mulch Diggums the second   [Feb 16, 2007 at 03:08 PM]
well, lucky me! i already have a tan Smile eeew speedos are swim bottoms like underwear*shudder* same here nicole, never gain weight. i always stay at 32 on the weight thingummy... yes, im really light. which means, at least, i can run fast Very Happy but cant sumo wrestle Sad im not blonde my hairs black and proud of it artys hairs black Razz i love the sea!!! sept for the sand everywhere i cant surf but i can swim thats why the sea is awesome its one odff my fav places the beach i love swimming not inj pools they have too much chlorine *takes deep breath from writing such a long sentence* eugh.
katya345b   [Feb 16, 2007 at 05:25 PM]
hum I'll never be a hot srfer girl either wth I've never even been on a surf board and the only times I swam in the sae were when I when to france in the summer like 5 years ago soo ya wel, what thinkk of the sea is that its very very salty ya I lilke to swim in the lake and in pools but ya I have freakles on my face and my lips often look reder than normal lips and best oof all I have dark blue eyes (well most of the time they are dark blue sometimes the change colour
fairyeyes92   [Feb 18, 2007 at 03:52 AM]
i feel left out, i wasn't in the council idea (not that it matters, since it didn't work) but still, i'm just a little annoyed about this, oh will i'll get over it. i'll never be a surfer gurl, 1 b/c i don't live in california, but the state i live in is kinda next to the ocean or part of it is. and 2 b/c i don't look anything like the stereotype. can any of you guess what state i'm from? (in america)
Nicole_artist   [Feb 18, 2007 at 10:13 AM]
LA? *shrugs* I dunno.
Where do you live again MD2? And you weigh 32 kg? That's light for *searches in vain for comment where MD2 tells his age* whatever ages you said you were. I just found i. 14? Woah. You must be a string bean. Very Happy Don't get offended. I'll tell my weight as part of the tantalsing hints thing; I'm 38kg. He he he. And my Mum's only 42kg! She's short though, and I can lift her up and carry her a few steps. It's funny! And kinda weird...
I wish I didn't have freckles. I HATE them. Anyone know any good stuff to remove freckles. That isn't like a $1000.
My face gets oily. Eh. And I shine. Not in a good way either.
Oh. Another stupid hint: my eyes are light blue, and sometimes turn greyish and sometimes turn darker or blue-er and sometimes sparkle. Yeah. Very Happy
katya345b   [Feb 18, 2007 at 08:51 PM]
hum cool I don't hate my freakles cause they are the kinda lighter freakles not dark freakles I have no Idea how much I wieght but probly more than you guys not than I,m fat but I'm pretty talllike 5"5 or something but ya umGO BLUE EYES!!!!!!!!!
Mulch Diggums the second   [Feb 18, 2007 at 10:48 PM]
whatever... we need a new topic to discuss. like the AF movie! i hope its good. it should be, after all that breaking up and coming together and stuff.but i hope artemis fowl doesnt get really popular and stuff like harry potter.. if it does, at least we can say we liked it before it was "in". i bet this site will get overcrowded. grrr Rolling Eyes
AF_roxz   [Feb 20, 2007 at 01:14 AM]
cant wait until the AF movie.. that would be gr8888.. but i know it that they are gonna mess it up like the rest of the book-turned-into-movie types like for example the harry potter ones.. so totalltt not to the books.. uggghhh i can go on forever with this topic how the stupid directors totally mess up the movie b/c they dont follow the book by messing up the sequance or cutting out the really good or vital parts.. AARRGGHH... can go on forever seriously..
for example i went to see the HP 3 with my friend who doesnt really read at all. nd she was like at the end of the movie, i m never ever gonna go to a movie again with u.. b/c all throughout the movie i was shouting at the screen that they messed the movie up or thatz not how it is suppose to be... so yea she'll never see the next hp movie with me.. hehehe
u kno but it is sooo true they mess up the movies so much!! esp that mexican director alfonso!! uggh totally messed up HP 3 which by the way was my fav HP book.. uggghhhhh
u get the idea by now..
ohh the only one that was actually following the book nd accurate nd REALLLYY good was LOTR... luvvvvv LOTR!!!
the movies were gr88 nd accurate nd the books gr888 as well though it got boring at times...
hmm i dont get freckles at all... not surfer type caz i live in a colderarea.. hahaha nd i m not one of those crazy types who gfoes swimming in the ocean in the winter time.. ppl actually do that!! but yea.. not sterotype surfer nor have the freckles.. i m speciall.. heheh -- nah itz just b/c where i live isnt in one of those nice warm places like California...

oh nd fairyeyes do u live in washinton?? itz on top of cal?? i ll get bac to u on that..
fairyeyes92   [Feb 20, 2007 at 01:26 AM]
no, i was born there and i'm going up there for the summer. but i'm alot more south than that.
AF_roxz   [Feb 21, 2007 at 03:36 AM]
heyyy at least i got where u were born if not where u currently live.. thatz good enough for me.. hehehehe
uumm new mexico??
katya345b   [Feb 21, 2007 at 03:45 AM]
ohhh cool hehe I would not wan't to swim in the ocean in the winteer brrrrr i'd freeze!!!!!! I love the LOTR movies they are sooo awsom !!!! but I didn,t read the books apart from the hobbit and the first but I kinda chickend out on the outhers cause the books looked ancient and the writing was tiny and my uncle had written some math equasion in one of them and I um never got around to doing it yet but I swear I will ... someday Very Happy but thats just funny that hp 3 was ur fav cause it was my fav toobut then I was specialy pissed of when it almost jumped stait from the yull ball to the third task and they compleatly left out the quidditch and the maze was compleatly scrued like the left out the sphinxs or chimera um no sphinxs but ya toataly messed up I spend the movie comenting on it to my friend (who had also read the books and gone abso lutly crazy about them like me)about how bad it was and the stuff they left out then when I wasen,t talking she was , ther was this guy sitting besid her who was constantly tell us to shut up ... but we didn't Very Happy
Nicole_artist   [Feb 21, 2007 at 11:44 AM]
He he. When I went to see HP 4 I strted the commentary, you know, at the start of the book, cause I had pretty much memorised the first couple of pages. I think the people all around me were pretty annoyed, as I said something like, next he's going to be passed by Nagini, then helpfully I added, the snake. Teehee. But it peed me off when they missed out big parts and I was yelling what???!!! every couple minutes, then muttering about how idiotic the directors were and that a true HP fan should direct it, instead of these phonies, etc etc. I really hope the movie of AF doesn't get stuffed up. I would personally kill the director. Or lodge a complaint and make my own movie. In the Sims 2. With 10 of the best custom content creators around, and a lot of people who actually made the game to help. Coolness. The only reason I wouldn't be booted out for being so ignorant would be the fact that I knew everything about Artemis Fowl, and would give them their name in huge print at the end. I like my idea. *someone mutters "dream on"* Hey! *throws book at person* Not an AF book though. Very Happy Too special.
GO BLUE EYES!!! Very Happy
I had my swimming carnival today and guess what? *unenthusiastic mutter of what's* I CAME FOURTH IN BUTTERFLY!!!!!! And actually got a ribbon! I've never gotten a ribbon for anything to do with sport in my entire life, unless it was for "particiation". Unless you count that time when I was in grade 2 and there was 3 people in the race and I came third. Whoopee doo. Anywaysy, I thought I had come second last! It was funny with the last person though, everyone was watching them cause we all finished at least 5 seconds earlier. It was funny. Laughing
In HP4 I was really looking forward to seeing Dobby again, handing Harry the gillyweed. And where the hell was Rita most of the time? She was supposed to be in a glass jar at the end, and an animagus. Stupid film producers.
AF_roxz   [Feb 22, 2007 at 12:39 AM]
totally!! they mess up everything!! i luved the sphinx in the maze.. soo cooll but they left that out.. but u kno one thing i did luv abt the the third movie that the directors added was when hermoine slaps malfoy in the face.. ohh goddd.. that wasSOOO funny.. i was like "yea, u go hermoine.. u ROX" hahaha -- that was a really good added part.. lol
fairyeyes92   [Feb 22, 2007 at 02:02 AM]
hey AFr you were very close (on where i live) but not quite. and i saw HP 3 and 4 in the same day with my cuz who hadn't read the books and she was like "what are you talking about the movie was great" at the end of both. ad another thing AFr new mexico isn't near the ocean.

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