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Luck of the Irish

Hosted with the permission of the artist, Aqane. Thanks Aqane!

It's everyone's favorite Irish adolescent genius, Artemis Fowl. He doesn't look too happy...I wonder why. ^^; *shot*

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katya345b   [Dec 19, 2006 at 01:03 AM]
yes #51 or 52: give her to the russian mafia and tell them she stole there money or simply send her to the arctic (murmusank or something like that)see how long she will survive if she lives longer than a week just troe her in the radioactive train ad a few goblins just for fun well I guess thas more like tree ways to kill her but here is another
#something or other: tell opal that minerva is smarter, prettyer and leave them in aroom together ad a few goblins jst for fun mabey that would kill opal too ...what a pitty she a funny charecter evil but funny in an evil way... Very Happy Laughing
AF_roxz   [Dec 19, 2006 at 03:07 AM]
i have one... dont kno wat number is but ...
# watever? -- make artemis and minerva have like an intellect face off to the death (no worries, artemis will obviously no matter what, he will win Very Happy ) but get minerva drunk be4 it or get foaly to do a blanket wipe on her (those who dont remember- erases everything over the last 16 months as well as severly damaging the IQ ..hehehe)
oh it would prob be a good iddea for minerva to go against the artemis of the first book when hez not in luv with her (no offese to minerva haters but unfortunately thatz how it is in the boooks -- personally dont like minerva --wayy too overconfident nd arrogant)
Celestial Angel   [Dec 19, 2006 at 06:29 AM]
or we could just get an m16 gun and shoot her... wait, she doesn't deserve that... what she deserves is a nuclear bomb!!!!
ArtofArtemis   [Dec 19, 2006 at 09:38 PM]
noo, we shouldn't get a nuclear bomb, we should simply shoot her with a water gun...she'll melt!
AF_roxz   [Dec 20, 2006 at 01:57 AM]
hahaha.. good one Laughing - AOA 0r is it AOL - i think u wrote that in another pic?? confusdeed
ArtofArtemis   [Dec 21, 2006 at 05:22 PM]
*dumps bucket of water on Minerva* *minerva started to writhe and screams* I'm melting! I'm melting! *Minerva becomes a puddle on the floor, and a dog comes up, and does his business on her...* Laughing Laughing Laughing

ps...i don't care. AOA or AOL is fine. which ever one you chose is fine.
katya345b   [Dec 27, 2006 at 01:10 AM]
AOA or AOL what dose AOL stand for? I still don't get it I feel so stupid
Gerry   [Dec 27, 2006 at 03:38 AM]
American Online, i think.
Celestial Angel   [Dec 27, 2006 at 11:21 AM]
gerry's comment was the 100th on this picture Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation let's just call her AOA as not to confuse ourselves with why she's called AOL... maybe the L is her real name or something...
katya345b   [Dec 27, 2006 at 06:07 PM]
good plan so AOA it is Very Happy
ArtyMeUp   [Dec 28, 2006 at 01:51 AM]
okay...AOA...that is what we'll call her.
Gerry   [Dec 28, 2006 at 04:56 AM]
GERONIMO Exclamation ok. Very Happy In the Geronimo Stilton books ger's sister, thea, calls him a bunch of nicknames, ex: gerry berry. whats AOA stand for; thanks for the nickname
AF_roxz   [Dec 29, 2006 at 08:15 PM]
never heard of those bookz.. r they good? i m planning on reading the bartomaeous triology ones i bought them but never got the time 2 read them yet.. nd yes plzz ltetz juss call u AOA--- easier u noe
Minerva Fowl   [Dec 31, 2006 at 06:43 AM]
HEEEYYYYYY ! Whoever said the rude "hardly anybody likes MiMi " thing is ssooooooo rude !!!! I am (compairing myself 2 u guys ) am her #1 fan !!!!!! Mad Mad Mad

P.S. I would so protect her from you guys ! Us blonde genii apperantly have 2 look out 4 each other !! MEANYS !!!!!!

P.S.S. She would so not melt if you put water on her !!! So there !!!! :PpPpPpPp !!!!! a raspberry on you all !!!
Gerry   [Dec 31, 2006 at 06:50 AM]
geniuses sounds better than genii. if its like nuclei, then it would be pronounced as "genie I." which sounds bad. bwahaha. i dont hate minerva. i will wait for the next book before i decide. bwahahaha Exclamation Exclamation
kitty_evie   [Dec 31, 2006 at 06:38 PM]
Cute I'll kiss him!Embarrassed *clap* Very Happy
ArtofArtemis   [Jan 01, 2007 at 07:06 PM]
AMU is a blond genius...she is so smart she can identify herself as dumb! Laughing sorry, AMU, that was really mean...but AMU is really smart, though...she uses a lot of long words and is good at planning things out...including evil plans...
AF_roxz   [Jan 01, 2007 at 11:14 PM]
haha i remember the evil plans.. hilarious they were seriously.. umm i may have forgotten but what MiMi??

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