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Done with ONLY the brush and eraser tools in Photoshop. No burn, dodge, or special effects. (Well, I pasted and enlarged my signature seal, but that doesn't count.) I am going to accept the fact that I cannot draw crew cuts and simply give Holly non-canonical hair. I think I may have overdone the glow from the nuclear power packs...
Please CRITIQUE my picture instead of 'nice piccy', 'cool', or 'WAG NOOT'. If you critique, you get a stick of Pocky. (It's better then cookies.)

matrix_holly.gif elf_lady(web)2.PNG holly_orangeglow.png Holly_Short_by_Mesuneko.jpg hollyshort2-byhelsic.jpg
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Gavroche   [Nov 22, 2007 at 07:20 PM]
alright. her arms are perfect, her legs are perfect, her stomach is perfect. however, i think the chest is a little over-accentuated, and i think the head needs to be a little rouder, and the neck a little slimmer, and her hair should have a little more volume. but other than that, it's great!
Artemis_Fowl_theSecond   [Nov 28, 2007 at 04:38 PM]
It is great. My regards,
Gavroche   [Nov 28, 2007 at 04:40 PM]
phoenix star, i read some of the previous comments on this page, and i agree with Artemis_Fowl_theSecond. i understand and appreciate your opinion, and of course i do NOT want you to leave, but insulting and swearing at the rest of the people on this site is not going to help your cause. we heard your point; we understand! you can only beat a dead horse so long, phoenix star, and this horse was dead a long time ago. so thank you for stating your frustrations, but you need to give us a chance to act on them before you blow your lid. furthermore, if you do leave, you'll never be able to see if people do take your suggestions or if it gets any better. a captain goes down with his ship, you know, and deserting is usually frowned upon.
pen'n'paper   [Jan 11, 2008 at 11:27 AM]
Everybody keeps forgetting the first comment dance!
holly s   [Feb 06, 2008 at 03:40 PM]
sheesh dont be so harsh people, I bet you couldn't do anybetter, and it's a lot better than most Holly pictures I have seen!
minerva_fan**   [Feb 06, 2008 at 07:48 PM]
i agree h s i so could NOT do that Crying or Very sad
artyroxs19   [Feb 13, 2008 at 01:58 PM]
that looks sweet--and i like the hair that you put on her. overall very good job!! *put thumbs up*
butler_1993   [Feb 29, 2008 at 04:33 PM]
look out everyone! if u dont do the first comment dance thw p'n'p will kill u Laughing
minerva_fan**   [Mar 29, 2008 at 11:44 AM]
i think it's awesome! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
obsessed_fowl_fanatic   [Mar 30, 2008 at 01:32 PM]
the stance is totally holly!!
kat♥arty   [May 08, 2008 at 01:54 PM]
I most certainly do not think that the glow is overdone! The colors complement each other very well. The orange tinge is not overly emphasized, and it gives is a sort of mysterious look. However, her chest is a wee bit over-emphasized. I certainly do not think it looks sl*tish, and I think that model is much closer to the look. She looks like the perfect interpretation of a hot ninja. Haha. Seriously though, it's really awesome. The absence of a crew cut is not overly troubling, especially if it is replaced with non-canonical hair. It is even better when it is done as well as you did it. Great Job.

However, you're swearing is truly unnecessary. It is very rude of you to complain about others using this as a blog room and then swearing at everyone! I mean, swearing isn't very professional, and if you want this to be more like a forum, swearing probably isn't going to help. Confused

We really need more Nicoles in this world. Everything that she says rings true in my ears. And by the way PS, I must also agree with Nicole on the comment that if you want to leave, then fine. It is most definetly is our decision to be here or not. If you want to just stay dA, then fine. I also think that you owe the people that you swore at an apology. I don't want to be like your mom, seeing as I am probably am several years younger than you, but age is not always relevant when determining maturity, but, (and this is where everyone kills me with dull knives), that principal may be present in the current situation. You really need to just...calm...deep breaths... Whether you are just venting your frustrations on us or you really hate us, just say what it is and we can (maybe) do something about it. I am sure, judging by how many people want you to stay, you are rather popular on this site, and I bet that every single one of those people is willing to figure something out that will help.

P.S. Nicole, will you be my friend? I totally connect with you.
Artys_Angle   [Jun 22, 2008 at 08:07 AM]
looks awsome! Very Happy
sassnsoccer   [Jul 29, 2008 at 09:06 AM]
I lurve it!Very Happy
it looks really cool Cool
you are a good artist Shocked
i wish i could draw that good Crying or Very sad
turtle   [Sep 21, 2008 at 02:15 PM]
dude that is great i really likes it. Shocked
Artemis_Fowl_theSecond   [Oct 17, 2008 at 08:42 AM]
PhoenixStarr, if you are so unhappy, than why didn't you just tell us the things that you disliked before? I will be uspet if you leave, or even if you're gone already. I apologize that you feel like we are...what is the word? Insignificant? Irresponsible? Annoying? And personally, I don't understand why you think that artists who don't draw as well as you deserve any less comments or critique. Just because I am obviously not up to your caliber of artistry does not mean that I deserve any less respect than you. So, if you leave for Deviantart, then fine. Hopefully you will be happy there, amongst the amazing aritsts of the planet.

P.S. holly s, you're right. I can't draw any better than Phoenix Starr. But that doesn't mean that I am a total idiot who doesn't know what I'm talking about.
*_Holly*_*Short_*   [Feb 20, 2009 at 06:22 AM]
ur really good, i know i couldn't do better. but i DO have some critique:
She looks a little tall to be 3 feet in height
her forearms seem a little short
Where'd her neutrino go?
The white of her right eye is blue(although it could be some weird shading effect...)
What's with the tiny pocket on her leg?
I don't know if that's a zipper on the front or not(it looks like one)but if it is, it's missing the little zipper handle
Now, i don't know if i'm wasting my time or not, cuz no ones posted a comment(other than me) in like, 4 months, sooo... Confused
crazychick   [Jul 07, 2009 at 07:46 AM]
who cares if its missing all of the things H*S said? its art. its great art. thats all.
Goblin 1   [Apr 09, 2010 at 09:46 AM]
its great Cool you are great what are you going on about

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