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Thinking By Myself

I hurt my toe, it's possibly broken, and I have to wait till the 3rd to get my new software... I basically have nothing to do. So I made this. The carpet, wall, and lights suck. Badly. But I don't really care.

Dressup247_Anime_Avatar.jpg holly_short~1.jpg hollyshort(desktop_wallpaper)coloured~small.jpg img009_cortada.JPG 4-6-2009_10;27;51_AM.jpg
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aly crow   [Aug 13, 2007 at 02:23 PM]
Griffin   [Aug 13, 2007 at 02:57 PM]
phooo. Sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad *sniff*
Mulch diggums the 3rd   [Aug 16, 2007 at 05:36 PM]
ok now hes gone. for good.
Griffin   [Aug 16, 2007 at 05:47 PM]
aly crow   [Aug 16, 2007 at 07:50 PM]
really? did it get banned or something? (im hardly daring to believe it!)
Griffin   [Aug 16, 2007 at 08:36 PM]
aly crow   [Aug 17, 2007 at 08:27 AM]
Mulch diggums the 3rd   [Aug 17, 2007 at 02:43 PM]
chicksverble124   [Aug 19, 2007 at 02:56 PM]
AF_roxz   [Aug 20, 2007 at 04:11 PM]
wats the deal with news reporter? can someone please explain?
aly crow   [Aug 20, 2007 at 06:06 PM]
he's annoying and spams all the time. so we killed him.
AF_roxz   [Aug 20, 2007 at 10:52 PM]
neat. but he;s back on sum other sites....
how did he start anyhow??
Nicole_Luvs_Arty504   [Feb 11, 2008 at 02:12 PM]
butler_1993   [Apr 05, 2008 at 04:13 PM]
okay, since evryones doing random smilies Wink Rolling Eyes Mad Shocked Embarrassed Confused Surprised Cool Crying or Very sad Sad Neutral Smile Very Happy Razz Laughing ........... ha! i win!

and we don't know how news-terd started, he just showed up one day and started spamming. if you look at the old pics you can find some of his comments i think. and to how he disappeared, some claim to have torured him, others to have just quickly killed him. but they're all wrong................. I FED HIM TO CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG'S REJECTED COUSIN, DEMON! THE BIG BLACK EVIL WOLF! HAHA! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad *sits and watches taps of news-turd being torn up, over and over again*
opel_hates_chocolate   [Aug 23, 2008 at 06:53 PM]
A reply to bluehazel & Griffin

ways to torture arty!

31. show him to minerva!
32. put an explosive chemical in his new project
33. make him eat 1000 loli pops!
34. while arty is faced holly, push him forward!
35. eat his caviar! wait... (that would just get him angry)
36. rub his projects into foaly's and opal's face
37. send all his diary disks to opal XD
38. fill his inbox with pictures of minerva!
39. push him out the window and throw him into crowed filled with fans!
40. ok, i'm out of idea's
Artemesque_Anime   [Sep 21, 2008 at 02:42 AM]
Okay, first of all, this picture Rocks Hard!
Second, what did you do this with? Smile
crazychick   [Jul 07, 2009 at 07:10 AM]
i like it.
Hecate_Ravenblood   [May 08, 2010 at 07:22 PM]
this picture is of holly's bedroom, no?

Comment 47 to 64 of 64
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