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I'm BA-ack.

but only with MS for now. scanner still busted. and though my MS is FAR worse than my real work, i'll try to take pictures of the originals if i don't get a scanner soon, and post them on here.

!@sa.jpg 17032007372.jpg artyluck.JPG Fowl_portrait.jpg Artemis_Fowl_den_Anden.jpg
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chicksverble124   [Jan 27, 2008 at 08:13 AM]
actually its supposed to be blue and HAZEL which is a shade of GREEN
iesnoth   [Jan 27, 2008 at 03:18 PM]
thanks you chicks. there actually is a brown-hazel, but i think green-hazel is prettier. Very Happy
Tigress   [Jan 28, 2008 at 08:20 AM]
It's Holly's eye and most redheads have green eyes, but my neice has brown eyes and red hair
butler_1993   [Feb 01, 2008 at 09:33 AM]
i hav two nicnames in marching band and one is because of my eyes. my eyes are a really bright emerald and they,ve been that way that way since i was born, my friends call me Cat. my other nic name i wont mention out of embarassment.
iesnoth   [Feb 01, 2008 at 10:11 AM]
XD my eyes change alot, but they look like volcanoes to me. grey and green and orange. and pupil Laughing
minerva_fan**   [Feb 04, 2008 at 08:15 PM]
really? COOL!!! mine are a boring blue/green Sad
Tigress   [Feb 05, 2008 at 05:48 AM]
mine were grey most of the time but for the past two years they have been chaning color with my emotions
Artyluvslollypops   [Feb 05, 2008 at 03:24 PM]
firstlt nice piccy i luv the whole black and white thingy. seacond wow thats soooooo cool tigeress, and minnie at least urs arent really dark brown, like mine, theyre so ugh.
darvit   [Feb 23, 2008 at 11:59 AM]
I love the effect. Smile Is your scanner still busted, by the way? Question
ArtemisWannaBe   [Mar 14, 2008 at 06:37 PM]
That is an amazing picture! I love the effect,and you really caprtured Artemis's personality.. or at least for the most part. Wink By the way, I love how you added the Gnommish, it's a cool touch.
iesnoth   [Mar 15, 2008 at 10:06 PM]
i know this comment is a little late, but i got a new scanner, darvit! XD happy!!!
EgoSumSuusSomnium   [May 16, 2008 at 05:36 PM]
Kinda reminds me of Ryoma Echizen of the Prince of Tennis.

kat♥arty   [May 19, 2008 at 01:25 PM]
What's MS? I thought it was multiple sclerosis. But somehow I think it is something else in this context.
Foalyfan17   [Jun 03, 2008 at 05:01 AM]
Nice. the eyes are good! I hate it when people forget he has 2 different eyes! Cool
Fowl-ness   [Aug 15, 2008 at 02:14 PM]
well maybe some people draw pics based on earlier books, just a thought?

Awesome art btw, hope ur scanner gets fixed soon:!:
JullietLuvsArty   [Feb 11, 2010 at 04:03 AM]
luv the lighting and the nose!!
Hecate_Ravenblood   [Apr 15, 2010 at 06:43 PM]
Cool Cool Cool
Artemis Moonscape   [Sep 16, 2010 at 04:06 PM]
Very Happy I wuvver it.

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