Stuck in a forest...

I already have a caption/roleplay for this, but I want you all to come up with one too! Be creative, and guess who the characters are! (Kinda obvious...)
One of the pictures I'm most proud of - took hours in Photoshop.
Week 2's picture for my pic-a-week for 13 weeks goal!

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Fowl-Freak   [Nov 16, 2007 at 12:02 AM]
sorry butler-1993 i didn't mean to offend you or anything. Btw are you going to continue your story i loved it it was SOOOOO awesome!! please continue??? Wink Wink Wink * hopeful smiley* Sorry i haven't wrote more i promise to really really , really soon and it will be totally awesome. And i dedicate my next 'part' of story that i write to AFiscool , for being my only fan, and my best! Here is a quick part , i will write more soon , but i have to go to bed, so sorry for the delay!

Holly : Hello Artemis , what are you doing all of the way out here? And who are all of them? Are you throwing a party , without me or something? Anyway , section 8 sent me out to test-run some old LEP suits , for backup incase theres a problem with the new ones Foaly created. I was just on my way back when ii saw you and everyone else down here and decided to check it out. I leave you alone for two monthes Fowl , and look at the trouble you get in . This isn't an angry mob , or anything , right?
Artemis : We were ambushed by those mutant monkey-whatevers and took cover from them in here . Then suddenly everyone else just came out of no where. Oh , and by the way , the monkeys ate minerva's brain , so don't listen to anything she says.
Minerva: Ooooooo....... FAIRY PRETTY!!!! * points at holly*
Holly: * raises eyebrows * Wow! she really is crazy! How did they eat her brain anyway? And why were you guys attacked by them?
Alex: Well if everyone will be queit then i will explain everything, why and how you are all here and your stories.
And so then Alex explained everything, but first she started with everyones begining. She still had her own story , and her own life. And its own problems. Not to mention the destruction of the void and the multiverse all relying on her. With mabey a little help from her friends. And dont forget her indestructalbe iipod. Its always nice to have a little backround music. So anyway back to the MEGA ULTRA HUGMONGUSLY GIGORMUSLY BEYOND WORDS BIG explanation.
butler_1993   [Dec 13, 2007 at 07:03 PM]
nooooo. i think ill keep u guessing Smile use your imagination and continue for yourself and if your anything close to my idea ill tell u! Wink
Nicole_artist   [Dec 19, 2007 at 07:48 PM]
F-F, I can't imagine Artemis actually using the words "monkey-whatevers". XD
butler_1993   [Dec 27, 2007 at 05:45 AM]
Alright! ive had agreat idea of what to add to my story for awhile now and i just cant stand it! heregoes nothin:

Minerva: IM HUNGRY! weve been walking for hours in this bug infested forest and havent seen a thing to eat *keeps babbling on and complaing*
Wolf: *sigh* youve looked all around you but did think of looking up?
Minerva: *looks up at hundreds of fruits hanging over head* Ohhhhh. Well its still to high for me to reach.
Juliet: Are you hungry Artemis? *jumps on the low branches and comes down with a green, yellow and blue fruit*
Artemis: Well. its not caviar but its food. *takes yellow fruit*
Wolf: Careful! the blue fruit is quiet poisinous. *just as Minerva was going to bite into the blue fruit*
Minerva: Hmf! Juliet get me another fruit!
Juliet: Get it yourself twerp!
Minerva: How dare you! *they go back and forth like this until Arty moves along side Wolf*
Artemis: So how much furthur must we go?
Wolf: Theres a stream up ahead just over that hill where we can refresh ourselves.
Minerva: *overhearing their conversation* Out of my way! ill be the first to get a drik as a lady should be. *pushes Wolf aside*
Wolf: Wait! Don't! *to late*
Minerva hits the ground with little thorns stuck in her legs. She want moving when Arty rushed over.
Arty: Minerva! Minerva say something!
Minerva: Why cant i move my legs?
Artemis: *sighs with relief* Those thornes paralized you.
Wolf: i tried to warn you. you see those white flowers in the bushes? well they shoot paralyzing thorns, but they can only shoot them once and luckly they shot all of them into you. Dont worry you wont die, you just cant move for three hours. Thank you for saving me the trouble of manuvouring around them. Lets keep going.
Juliet: *slings Minerva over her shoulder* To bad those thorns didn't affect your mouth.

They reach the stream and were just putting their feet in when a ring of men dropped from the trees and held them at spear point. They all goup together.
Artemis: I suppose that this will be where we see your power.
Wolf: Yes. Unfortunatly.
She begins to change............

i thought id leave you in suspense until i come up with more. hehe. Cruel aint it. hehe
minerva_fan**   [Jan 02, 2008 at 04:58 PM]
poor minerva!!!
butler_1993   [Jan 03, 2008 at 09:58 AM]
sorry minerva_fan but wen we at fangathering do these stories, we usually hav a common pattern, and here the pattern is that minerva is tortured.
AFiscool   [Feb 17, 2008 at 01:34 PM]
I wrote another story last night! My last on e kinda sucked. People come up w/wierd plots when prssured in a short amount of time. Ok, here it goes!

This had been a very bad day for Minerva.
She was standing in a cold, humid, jungle while her hair frizzed as Artemis was thinking and Juliet was lying unconcieous on the ground.
A few hours before, they had all been captured, gagged, wrists tied, and bindfolded for intrusion on "holy spirit land" by the native Wangarins. They had knocked out Juliet, after her small display of kicking a gaurd in the nuts and punching the wind out of another, just to be safe. Then the three of them had been led ( dragged in Juliets case) down to the clearing (if it could be called so) they were surrently standing in, said somthing about "May you recieve justice from the great, small spirit", chained thwm all to the ground by their ankles, and left.
Someone groaned,
"Ow, my head." Juliet stirred. Artemis' eye darted to her.
"You'll be fine, it's just a inor concussion."
"I'm going to kill those mental Wangarins," Juliet growled, tugging at her chains, " Where are we?" she asked as she slowly got up.
"I'm not sure, it seems as if we've been sacrificed to a local spirit," Artemis replied, "It's probably some wild animal, but you never know."
"Oh great," muttered Juliet, "we've been laft on a platter for some troll by crazy Africans."
"Not a troll," Artemis contradicted, "It would have driven out the Wangarins by now, unless..." he thought, a curious gleam in his eyes.
"Unless what?!?" Minerva finally burst, unable to be quiet any longer.
" Oh, it's nothing," Artemis replied, the gleam lingered, then disappeared.
And then, a not-so-good familiar voice siad,
"Now this will be very entertaining." And standing right in front of them was former comander Ark Sool equipted with a nutreino, a buzz baton, and a pair of wings.
"Oh crap," Juliet muttered...

I hadn't meant Minerva to be al idioty, but the idea rebbed off on me. hpe u liked it! Very Happy
butler_1993   [Feb 18, 2008 at 05:51 PM]
really cool! normall id continue it for u but i dont know what yur going off of............ u know wat ? im gonna try anyway and have u tell me wat u think.

It didnt take much thought for Juliet to relize that Ark Sool was much more prepared. She could see by the glint in his eyes that he was ready for anything. Strangly, however, he sat down his gun wthin reach and then sat down on a stump as if he were getting ready to watch a game.
"Your not going to kill us?", Minerva asked.
"Oh heavens no! What fun would that be? It's much more entertaining to watch you get eaten.", Sool explained smugly.
"You watch then shorty", Juliet retorted sharply, "Once we get done with whatever they sacrificed us to, then we'll deal with you."
"We shall see.", Sool said unperturbed.
Just as he said this a low, menacing growl rose from behind them. Artemis, who had been silent throughout the threat exchange, turned around just in time to see a huge, snow white wolf stalk out of the bushes. Its emerald green eyes glowed menacingly.
"Juliet", Artemis said, strangly calm, "we have a more pressing problem at the moment."
Juliet looked over her shoulder and immediatly regretted it. The wolf toward over her by a head.
"This is going to be entertaining indeed", Sool said with a small chuckle"
Juliet looked back at him threatingly, then back at the wolf expecting an attack. However it didn't attack, it just stood there watching. Juliet had an idea, it cold mean self sacrifice but it would get Artemis to safety and perhaps get Minerva eaten (the latter mattered little).
In one swift move she grabed a huge stone and hurrled it at the wolfs snout. But the stone hit nothing but air, the wolf had disappeard into the bushes. Juliet stood there, stunned. Suudenly a horrified scream came from behind her, she turned to a gruesome site..................

Thats all for now. what do u think Question
.:demon_warlocks_rock:.   [Mar 15, 2008 at 03:00 AM]
this looks familiarly like the Sims 2! : Very Happy
minerva_fan**   [Mar 16, 2008 at 08:54 PM]
don't kill minerva! Surprised but DO keep going! it's awesome! Wink
Fowl-Freak   [Mar 17, 2008 at 05:14 PM]
I'm not gonna continue mine, sorry. too crazeh....

But awesome job AFiscool and butler_193!!! pleaze cont.
Artyluvslollypops   [Mar 17, 2008 at 07:42 PM]
ok i lurve it as well, something random julie reminds me of a girl in my science class. Neutral
butler_1993   [Mar 19, 2008 at 12:51 PM]
Juliet heard the scream and turned toward it, only to see a very gruesome scene. Standing were Sool was only a moment ago was the wolf, and in its mouth was Sools bloody leg. Juliet and the wolf just stared at each other until Minerva, fighting against the bile, said "DISGUSTING" a bit to loudly. The wolf glanced at her and, it seemed to Artemis, that a human like smirk spread across its face. "Fascinating." Artemis said taking a step toward it. Juliet stuck out her arm to stop him. Though the wolf had just killed for them, whos to say he wasn't just the appetizer.
The wolf tensed and Juliet braced for an attack, but it jumped over her head and she turned quickly to face it. But the wolf had its back to her and was facing another wolf that had apparently been sneaking up on them. This wolf was the same size as thw white one, but it was pitch black with blood red eyes. Juliet chided herself in her head, her brother wouldnt have let it get this far. Just then, with the worst timing in history, Minerva yelled, "JULIET WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? WHY DONT YOU KILL IT?"
The white wolf shot her angery snarl, but the black just looked at her intently, as if anticipating how good she would taste. Juliet had another idea, again it was risky but it had to work. She took a step to the left and the black glanced at her. Before she knew what was going on, she felt a pressure on her chest and then she was against a tree and couldn't move no matter how hard she tried.
From Artemis' view it looked like Juliet had just lifted into the air slammed against the tree. Amazing, he thought to himself and immediatly reggreted it. Not amazing, Julit could have been killed. Artemis just shook his head, confused. Damn this conscience, he thought to himself.
Juliet was just as confused because, when she looked up again, the white wolf was stranding protectivly infront of Artemis. Was it saving him for itself? Or was it actually protecting him? Whats going on, was her last thought before she became unconscience from the weight on her chest............

Well? what'cha think? if u like it well enough, i may just coninue
minerva_fan**   [Mar 19, 2008 at 01:49 PM]
CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE! Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked wait . . . and the wolves from th twilight series? i just finished eclipse and it was WONDERFUL!
butler_1993   [Mar 24, 2008 at 11:46 AM]
sorry. every time i try to submit another part of the story it just says "COMFORMATION CODE INCORRECT", so i can't put up another one Crying or Very sad ..... but i suppose i could put this story up on fanfiction. there s an idea. keep an eye on fanfiction for the whole story Wink
XxHolly__FowlxX   [Mar 30, 2008 at 02:45 PM]
oohhhhhh, this is Sims???!!!
i thought i recognized this, i love sims!!
and arty.
ARTY IS MINE STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holly_and_Arty   [Aug 01, 2008 at 12:21 PM]
XxHolly__FowlxX ARTY OS SOOOO MINE!!!! anyway cool pic!!! I thoght the blond girl was Minerva.Oooppss!!! Exclamation Embarrassed
*_Holly*_*Short_*   [Mar 20, 2009 at 11:20 AM]
Okay, my role play:
Artemis and his family (and the butlers) are on vacation. Artemis has spent most of his time in his hotel room, reading or surfing the web. It's a few days before they were to leave, and Artemis's parents have decided that he needs to see the local wilderness. "We came here to spend some time in the beautiful rain forests. But you've barely set foot outside your hotel room since we got here." They finally managed to convince Artemis to go explore, on the condition that he was allowed to conduct some research while he was out and not spend the entire time oohing and awing at the pretty plants and birds. At noon, Artemis and Juliet (Butler being to tired to come) set out into the forest. Half an hour later, they came across a clearing, in the middle of which sat Minerva Paradizo with some complex looking tools. On hearing the pair enter the clearing, she spun around, blocking the tools from their line of vision. For a moment, she did not reconize them, then her eyes widened as she realized who she was looking at. " You-" she stared at Artemis. "You, y-you're alive!" The last she had seen of him was the group of Quan, No1, Holly and Artemis flying through the window of tai-pei101, and disappearing into the low hanging clouds. So of course she was surprised. What she said next came as a low whisper. "It was all over the news. You dissapeared for, for three years. Everyone thought you were dead. And I, I beleived them. You were gone. And, I never got to thank you. For, for saving me from Kong and his cronies."
Artemis stared at her quizically. "Meeting you again was nice and all, I had been wondering what had become of you. But I must ask, what are you doing alone out here? And what are you hiding?"
"Hiding? I'm not hiding anything. What are you talking about?"
Artemis stared pointedly at a metal rod sticking out from behind her. "Come now, Minerva. You couldn't possibly be out here alone for no reason. I myself am out here only because my parents have forced me to, and you, being a genius such as I, must have some reason for being out here, most likely research of some kind. And if you are truly not hiding anything, you would have no reason not to move aside, would you? My parents want me to explore the wilderness, and I can't very well do that with you blocking my way, can I?"
Minerva sighed."Oh, very well. If you must know, I am conducting research on a new species of tropical fern. It is the Tchristhopian fern, which changes colour to match the surrounding plantlife. It contains a poison in its leaves which paralyzes any creature that ventures too close. The creature then dies of starvation, and the fern feeds on its remains."
Juliet shuddered."That's horrible!"
Artemis thought about it."Interesting. Could we join you? I have been attempting to conduct some research, but nothing of interest has crossed our path. An intelect such as mine could be useful."
Minerva glared at him, thinking that he would try to steal away the credit for this like he had stolen away her demon four years ago. Then she relented. "Fine. I suppose I have no choice, do I?"
Artemis smiled his vampie smile."Correct."
Three hours later, they had yet to find something, when they came across a family of cappuchin monkeys swarming around some type of edible plant. One heard them approach, and signaled to the others to be cautious. A plant off to the side caught Minerva's eye. She ran over to it, and set her open pack of tools on the ground behind her. One of the monkeys stared at it curiously, then ventured closer. Minerva, enthralled in examining the plant, did not notice as the cappuchin ruffled trough her pack and pulled out an important looking tool. It cave a squeal of delight, and ran off with its prize. Minerva, turning at the noise, noticed the contents of her pack spilled on the ground, and registered that not all of them were there. "My tools!" She screeched. "My tools! One of those stupid monkeys stole one of my tools!" She grabbed her pack, put her tools back into it and flew off in the direction the monkey had taken. Juliet, not wanting her to get lost, ran after her. Artemis, realizing he was being left behind, groaned, and followed them as fast as he could. When he reached them, huffing and puffing, Minerva was staring around, wild eyed, hair a mess, dress torn and muddied, and she was grabbing at anything that moved. Juliet was a fair distance away from her, not willing to be injured by the distraught genius. Artemis was not faring any better than either of them, his suit torn, hair sticking out every which way, and missing one loafer, having lost it to a deep mud puddle he had inadvertently stepped in. Juliet looked about the same, save she had both her shoes.
"Where- are- we?" gasped Artemis between puffs.
" No-idea." Wheezed Juliet.
Minerva, realizing she was getting no-where, decided she had had enough and slumped against a tree. "Well this sucks." She pouted. "We're lost, the monkey stole my tool, my dress is ruined, my hair is a mess, we're all tired, and I'm HUNGRY!"
Juliet started at her outburst. "We're going to get out of here. Tour groups pass trough here often, we should be able to find one soon enough and they'll lead us back to civilization. From there we can find our way back to our hotels."
"Fine. But we should walk around. We'll have more luck finding a tour group that way."
Artemis put his finger to his chin and thought about it. "Maybe. But what about Minerva's tool?"
"Forget about the tool!" Said an exasperated Juliet. "Getting home is more important."
" But my research-" Minerva began.
"Forget the research." Growled Juliet.
Minerva stared at her, then stalked off. Suddenly, the forest was cut by her ear peircing scream. "The plant-!" she managed to gasp, before she fell to the ground beside the tchristhopian fern her leg had brushed against. Apparently, the poison in the plant was stronger than she thought. She was dead immediatley.
Juliet was surprised and horrified. "Oh my GOD! She, she..."
Artemis was surprisingly calm. As he stared at minerva's corpse, he showed no sign of emotion. Finally, he spoke. "Good riddance." He said, and walked off into the forest.

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