"You dont understand, do you..."

Yeah, this is the same picture as the practically pitch black one, and, hopefully this one will turn out better.

It turned out horrible, I think the only reason I uploaded it was because I spent four hours on it. Eh.

Its actually a scene from one of my fanfictions, and no, Holly does not kiss him, but, yeah.

highschool+#.jpg 17032007356.jpg eh~0.jpg World_of_Fowl_2.jpg sierras_pictures_054.jpg
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MichaelM   [Feb 11, 2007 at 05:46 PM]
Hehe - This one is far easier to see! Very Happy (I've removed the old one now, because this one looks alot nicer. Smile )
Mulch Diggums the second   [Feb 11, 2007 at 06:44 PM]
oh yeah. way better! im lovin it!
extra short   [Feb 11, 2007 at 08:33 PM]
cool pic i can see it now!!! what fic? and what site? tell me and i'll read it and review!!!
sierrasiss   [Feb 11, 2007 at 11:45 PM]
Thanks^^! And, the fan fic is at fanfiction.com, and Artemis Fowl; Bayside Appearances.
extra short   [Feb 12, 2007 at 08:48 AM]
ok(...) well, i'm a bit confuzzled where do you go to on the site? are you sure it's not fanfiction.net? 'cause when i when to fanficton.com i coudn't find my way at all: (
Nicole_artist   [Feb 12, 2007 at 12:33 PM]
Aw. My comment's gone. MM, you forgot to do the first comment dance again. It goes like this: *does the first comment dance* Okay? BTW, who made up the first comment dance? Was it me? *is glared at* Hey, it was so long ago, it certainly could be me. We should check.
extra short   [Feb 12, 2007 at 05:00 PM]
i don't know who made the first comment dance. i just came on the site one day and noticed everyone else doing it so i started Very Happy
sierrasiss   [Feb 12, 2007 at 10:16 PM]
oh, yeah, it is .net. Sorry, I didnt know the difference. But, yeah, its in books, and artemis fowl.
MichaelM   [Feb 12, 2007 at 11:08 PM]
Hehe - Advertising is probably wrong, but FanGathering will be getting a brand new fanfiction section soon, so hopefully we will see it as well there soon. Wink (Am I in any way subtle? Very Happy )
katya345b   [Feb 13, 2007 at 12:34 AM]
yes you arre very subtle MM Rolling Eyes um nicole I thought it was bbabe who started the first coment dance but I'm not even shure well to me this piccy looks just the same as befor
AF_roxz   [Feb 13, 2007 at 01:16 AM]
noo i think it was Bbabe..
Nicole_artist   [Feb 13, 2007 at 07:19 AM]
*shrugs* We should investigate.
MM, I thought we already had a fanfiction section. WTH?
extra short   [Feb 14, 2007 at 10:37 PM]
yeah, thanks i'll go check it out now...
chicksverble124   [Feb 10, 2008 at 11:06 AM]
i thing Bbabe started the first comment growl

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