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Foaly, our resident techno-genius.

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Nicole_artist   [Oct 16, 2006 at 11:20 AM]
I couldn't imagine him wearing jewelerry. Otherwise very good. He looks kind of hippyish. Wink
BlasterBoy   [Oct 28, 2006 at 03:53 AM]
you're right! he doeslook like a hippy. Smile Very Happy Laughing
Nicole_artist   [Oct 28, 2006 at 04:26 AM]
Where's his Book?
Madam Ko   [Nov 05, 2006 at 02:30 AM]
I don't picture him with jewlery either, but otherwise I think it is a great picture of Foaly. He is also one of the characters that I have trouble locking a picture on. I don't know why.
Juliet Butler   [Nov 06, 2006 at 02:12 AM]
I agree with Madame Ko/Emma and Nicole_Artist. The bling is a no-no. Otherwise it's great!
katya345b   [Nov 06, 2006 at 04:14 AM]
I luv his expresion!
humility   [Nov 09, 2006 at 02:59 AM]
Madam Ko: Me too. I find the excact same thing. I canplay it out in my head, but then I can't visualize him clearly.

ArtyMeUp   [Nov 11, 2006 at 07:44 PM]
guess what? JB, you can be called Jutler, or Buliet (JK! Wink )
the jewelry is definitely a nein (german)
Holly Fowl   [Nov 17, 2006 at 11:54 PM]
I don't know I think it looks cool!(don't kill me, please) Shocked
arty's_obsessor   [Nov 25, 2006 at 06:20 AM]
Very hip! Razz
UnknownProdigy   [Dec 24, 2006 at 11:40 PM]
Um...'scuse me? Is the age just a random guess? Anyway, it's a good pic, the Gnommish is well done and a nice touch. I'm always happy to see other people who, like me, are fluent in written Gnommish. Unless of course you referred to a "cheat sheet", but I'll assume that you didn't , naive as that might turn out to be.

In case you feel insulted, no offence was meant. I can't always tell if something is appropriate to say, so sorry if I offended you or anything.
artysbruja   [Mar 23, 2007 at 07:28 PM]
Do centaurs EVER wear shirts. I mean seriously, Everyone else in Artemis Fowl books wears a shirt. Hopefully at least the girl centaurs wear shirts. Confused
Gerry   [Mar 23, 2007 at 10:56 PM]
umm, yes, i think. in the cronicles of narnia, i think i saw centaurs wearing clothes, or maybe it is just armor.
kishichan   [Oct 23, 2007 at 05:03 PM]
Shows his attitude!
Aquarce   [Jan 14, 2008 at 08:51 AM]
LOL, he looks cool! But where's his tinfoil hat?
Nicole_Luvs_Arty504   [Feb 11, 2008 at 02:32 PM]
Love it, but where's hid hat?!
XxHolly__FowlxX   [Mar 28, 2008 at 09:40 AM]
yeh where's the hat? Shocked

~I am Victoria Fowl, Arty's gorgeous and brilliant wife.
BACK OFF!!!!!*roar*~
Cool oh yeh im cool.
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