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Captain Holly Short

Uploaded with permission of the artist, Tplayer. Thanks Tplayer!

Holly#01.jpg copy_(2)_of_holly.jpg CHS.jpg Holly_Short_by_Mesuneko.jpg Mantillo_Mandibulas_by_Mesuneko.jpg
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Athena   [Dec 09, 2006 at 11:43 AM]
Wow her uniform looks soo much more real than in some of the other pics Exclamation
catwing   [Dec 13, 2006 at 11:04 PM]
it roks my soks but her skin is a little too light
UnknownProdigy   [Dec 24, 2006 at 11:22 PM]
Yeah, her skin is coffee-coloured, but it's still a damn good picture. Definitely one that I might put on my desktop too. I never really picture Holly with dark skin anyway, though I know she has got dark skin...
Minerva Fowl   [Dec 31, 2006 at 04:37 AM]
NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE !!!!!! It rox !!!! Wink
AFiscool   [Feb 25, 2007 at 09:55 PM]
I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Razz Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation (but I do agree with catwing)
artysbruja   [Mar 23, 2007 at 06:33 PM]
That's a wicked gun! And a wicked suit! And a WICKED Holly!!! It's awesome! (Yeah, I read too much Harry Potter and got hooked on the word wicked. That's Why now I'm hooked on Artemis Fowl!)
Lone Wolf   [Jun 29, 2007 at 07:27 PM]
holly loks great but the gun... looks like a hair blow dryer or is it Question Question Question Question Question Question Question
Fowl-Freak   [Nov 20, 2007 at 12:58 PM]
luv it
Aurum est potestas   [Feb 07, 2008 at 07:01 AM]
LIkE IT Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
minerva_fan**   [Feb 27, 2008 at 10:28 PM]
i WANT that gun!
butler_1993   [Feb 29, 2008 at 04:40 PM]
WHOA! i never noticed this piccy before but now that i have.......... Whoa.
masterchief117   [Jun 08, 2008 at 05:55 PM]
NICE!!!!!!!!!! PWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Artys_Angle   [Jun 22, 2008 at 07:55 AM]
wow, looks great Exclamation Very Happy
Butlers_Secret_Love   [Jul 21, 2008 at 01:07 PM]
The neckwarmer is making me sweat, cuz right now it's 83 degrees in the shade.
Holly_and_Arty   [Aug 07, 2008 at 02:56 PM]
love it!! Smile Very Happy
PS-To Butlers_Secret_Love If it was 83 degrees in the SHADE how hot was in in the sun???To find out, you could have craked an egg on your driveway and see if it boiled.If it did,it would be afishality HOT!!!!!!!!
BURN!!!!!!!! LOL!! Laughing Laughing
turtle   [Sep 21, 2008 at 02:21 PM]
i loves it!
kierisa12   [Dec 07, 2008 at 04:30 PM]
This is TAWSOME!!! Holly's skin is fine, have any of you seen the graphic noval? I think Eoin has given up the dark skin thing! Cool
LEP Captain   [Jan 10, 2014 at 12:02 AM]

Comment 14 to 31 of 31
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