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REMINDER about the Elseworlds Fanfiction Contest: Saturday is the Absolute Latest I’ll take any fan fictions. If it’s not in by the end of Saturday Night Live (1:00 AM Sunday Morning, US Eastern Standard Time) it won’t be entered. A few things to remember: NO NON-CANON SEQUELS. If you’re not sure what this means, a […]

Colfer is just back from his US tour, and now he’s ready for more. He’ll be at 4 book signings at the start of February, and at the Imagine Literature Festival in London on the 22nd. Here are the dates for the book signings, thanks to the official site. Mon – Feb 04   Poole […]

Airman has been released at last (Depends slightly on where exactly you live. You may have to wait another week or 2 if you’re unlucky!). We’ve been talking about it for a while here, but you can read a great overall review of it at the Guardian. In short, it rocks! It’s slightly darker than […]

Airman, as you may know, is Colfer’s next (non-Artemis) book. It’s due for release in January. Colfer’ official site has been updated with 2 promotional vids: Promo Trailor and  US Trailor. Enjoy!

Airman is the name of Colfer’s next book, and it’s been causing a fair bit of confusion in the Fowl world. It is not an Artemis Fowl, rather, it’s a different series altogether. Thanks to Amazon, we now have a great deal of information on the plot, including previously unknown details on what the main […]

Thanks to AFC‘s latest Eoin Colfer interview, we now know that Colfer‘s “historic sci fi actioner (with comedy)” Airman would revolve around a certain Conor Broekhart, and the Sixth Artemis Fowl Book would involve Finland and Holly (fighting a Kraken). As for the upcoming Artemis Fowl movie, Colfer has said, …the studios involved are trying […]

For those of you lucky enough to live in the USA, The Time Paradox comes out today. Are you going to get it? For the UK, we have to wait until the 7th August, but if you pre-order on Amazon UK now, there’s 50% off. To whet your apetite for it, we have all the […]

The Haven Herald                       Opening the heavy glass door, Butler walks into the dark FanGathering Headquarters and scans the room looking for signs of trouble before allowing Artemis to come in. “Hmm…Because it is one in the morning, no one should be in here besides […]

Welcome to the The Haven Herald, FanGathering’s newsletter. This is the sixth issue of hopefully many more. Within this newsletter, you will find the results of FanGathering’s Second Annual Awards, some book recommendations, advice from Mulch, and couple articles. Enjoy!

Eoin Colfer did a full TV interview last night, and it’s free for download from the RTE website. The interview talks about a fair few things. Here’s a quick run through of the topics: Colfer’s childhood influences, such as the stories his Dad used to tell and his favorite book; Huckleberry Finn. The reason that […]