Artemis Fowl the Movie At Long Last!

August 11th, 2013

Believe it or not, the Artemis Fowl movie is finally going to be made! It will merge the first 2 books into one film, and be developed by Disney alongside Harvey Weinstein (The same man who pushed to buy the film rights all those years ago when these movie conversations first kicked off, clearly a fan!).

The screenplay will be written by Michael Goldenberg (who was behind Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so that’s a promising sign!), and Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal will be involved in the production team.

Eoin spoke to the Irish Independent just after the announcement, and dropped in his vote for the actress to play Holly:

“That would be the dream, to have it made in Ireland, with Irish actors in it,” the best-selling author told the Irish Independent.

Saoirse Ronan would be the dream cast for Holly (one of the main characters).”

Officially, Eoin has no direct involvement, and but the Independent says that he and Weinstein have been close and will continue to be so throughout the production. That said, Eoin seems delighted with the team behind the film:

“They are serious guys, and even their names involved in something can give it weight and a gravitas,” said Colfer.

“The writer wrote one of my favourite movies, ‘Contact’, but he also wrote one of the Harry Potter’s, so he’s a guy that knows how to do science fiction and kids’ stuff.”

This is just the starting announcement, so the movie is still a long, long way off. But I think that after all these years of waiting, we are finally justified in getting excited.

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