Prompt List

December 2nd, 2009

Okay, guys, it’s claim time!  Thanks to everyone who prompted, because we now have 11 prompts for you to choose from.  Same drill as prompting so you stay anonymous–PM carino or e-mail saying which prompt you’d like.  Please include a second choice (or even a third) in case someone has claimed yours.
Everyone who prompted must claim a fic so everyone gets something!  If you do not claim within a week, I will take your prompt off the list.  Period.
I’ll try to keep this post up-to-date, striking through things that people have claimed.

Remember, fics must be written by December 20, and a link sent to carino!!

Arty & Holly (Foaly, too if you wish)

Fairy-tec video games. Don’t get sucked in *hintideahint*. They is addicting.

AF/HS can be paired if it works for you.

I’m not too strict with this, so have fun!
No straight-up romance, comedy
Artemis and Holly want to get presents for each other…

Juliet coming home for Christmas. Maybe a cheesy mistletoe kind of thing.
I would like it to be third person. Try not to do a kind of short, immediate kind of thing. Make it drag on if possible.

Opal(/Author’s Choice)
Paradise Lost
I’m not really picky, anything involving Eden, Eve, Adam, Apples, Snakes and/or the fall of Lucifer will bring me much joy. :)

Beckett & Butler
Artemis goes missing. It’s a competition on who can find him first. Beckett is thirteen.
Please, no romance between Beckett and Butler.

Characters: Artemis, Myles, Beckett
Pairing: Artemis/Holly, or none
Artemis agrees to make his Christmas list for Santa Claus with his little brothers, and ends up getting his wish on Christmas day. Use your imagination.

Artemis & Beckett.
What’s so great about treacle mixed with espresso?
(NOTE: You should try it yourself first!)
Any outcome is allowed. You have the freedom in the form of expressing this. (even poetry, even angst (if that’s possible))
Any other character that you see fit to put in the story, by all means, do!

Butler and the twins (Myles and Beckett)
1st meeting after Artemis is found, when no one thinks Butler has lost his mind anymore. Through the twins (either one) POV. Twins are wary of Butler. Humor is a plus.

Butler & Madam Ko (I think thats her name xD)
Story line: Butler’s childhood and training.

I’d like it to be back when they were young in the 1500’s
With implied Cudgeon/Vinyaya (in the past)
You can do whatever you want in this fic, but I’d like it to be PG-13

Opal (/Artemis), love, magic, control, obsession, insanity
This is sort of an anything-goes fic; I won’t throw a fit unless you’re not faithful to Opal’s character.  But any rating, kink, whatever, is good.

Artemis/Holly, Arty does have some good in him when he really tries.



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