The Five Times Fanfiction Challenge

November 3rd, 2008

The ‘Five Times’ ChallengeThe fanfiction archive staff is challenging any interested Fowl fan to write a fanfiction about the the five times something happened to any of the characters. It could be almost anything- for example, “The five times Mulch regretted stealing something”, or “The five times Foaly doubted his ingenuity”, or “The five times Holly almost gave up”… basically, the five times [insert character name here][insert something interesting that happened to them here].

The entries will be judged by MMK, Star Jinin, and Meova. The winner’s story will be moved into the ‘Editor’s Choice’ category, and featured in Fangathering’s newsletter, The Haven Herald. Also, the winner’s future comments on the archive will be outlined, the way editors’ comments are outlined (but in a different color).

How to enter:

1. Write a story (don’t forget this part, it’s very important).
2. Post it in the new ‘Challenge Submissions’ category on the archive. Be sure to put it into another category too (action, romance, etc.) so that it doesn’t disappear when the challenge is over.
3. Email your entry, or a link to your entry, to (my email address) to make sure the judges know its there.All submissions should be sent by December 7, 2008. The winner will be announced sometime shortly after that.

Challenge Rules:

1. All submissions must follow the archive rules. You should take note that this also means that spelling and grammar will be considered when we judge.
2. All entries must be one-shots, and therefore in their completed form when they’re submitted. You can not update them later.
3. There is a minimum of 500 words (although a good entry will almost definitely take more than that). There is no maximum word count, as long as it’s all submitted at once (see above).
4. No crossovers, sorry. This also means that you can’t insert yourself into the story. It has to take place in the normal AF universe- but you can create new characters within that world, of course.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments (but stay on-topic, please!).

Most importantly, have fun! We’re all looking forward to reading your entries.