FanGathering Safe Again!

April 23rd, 2008

About a week ago, we were hacked. We apologize profusely to any of you who have had to avoid the site over the past few days, or worse, were infected by it. 🙁

Thankfully we are safe again, and hopefully that will have been both the first and last time we ever have this problem on FanGathering!

We have a “Half-russian hacker” to thank for fixing the site. They wished to remain anonymous, but asked me to share this video with you. Thanks hacker!

Internet Explorer Users: Urgent Security Issue

April 15th, 2008

Hey everyone! darvit here.

If you’re an Internet Explorer user, please read this carefully.

I just found out this afternoon that FanGathering has been injected with some malicious code. This code would basically redirect its users to another site and could possibly make them download some harmful viruses or trojans. All the affected areas include this main site (only this first page; I’ve checked the rest and they are clean), the FanFiction Archive, and the obviously messed up FanArt Gallery (which the hacker initially infected).

The good news: not all users would be able to experience the effects of such malicious codes. If you’re using Firefox, Opera, Safari, or even Konqueror, the script would not work on your browsers.
The bad news: all the Internet Explorer users (yes, that means you!) are affected.

I suggest that you upgrade to either one of the latest browsers right now:

  1. Firefox
  2. Opera
  3. Safari

More good news: The Artemis Fowl FanGathering Forum is the safest place if you’re an IE/Windows user.

Don’t panic. Just run a virus scan to be sure, but don’t panic.

I have contacted MichaelM and I’m sure he will respond soon when he wakes up or something.

Please update your friends and warn them beforehand [e.g. through IM or email, etc.], even if you’re not sure if they’re even using IE in the first place! Thanks!

UPDATE: Please send your friends this link in order to inform them of the attack. Don’t make them go to the main FG page because that wouldn’t be too wise. XD
UPDATE 16-April-2008: Please read an update on our progress here.