July 13th, 2007

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Away Messages

July 13th, 2007

Use these “Away” messages next time you’re busy on MSN/YIM/AIM, and find out who the real Fowl fans are in your contact list. Who will get the joke?

  • BRB. There’s a shimmering spot in the air behind my right shoulder. Uh oh…
  • I do not have the time for these foolish “chats.” I have fairy gold to steal.
  • At the risk of sounding clichéd, BRB.
  • I’m away. Leave me alone before Butler makes you.
  • Busy yelling at the waitress who offered me the children’s menu.
  • Away trying to capture the yet again escaped Opal Koboi.
  • I predict I will be back. Trust me, I haven’t been wrong yet.
  • Trying to prove that my bugs don’t have bugs.
  • Trapped in the Operation Booth. SOMEONE GET ME OUT!
  • Away making a sandwhich. It’s more difficult than it looks. ~Artemis Fowl
  • On Strike because nobody appreciates my extremely unique and helpful inventions.
  • I’m not here right now, but as Holly says, “I knew he’d be back. I knew it.”
  • “They accused me of murdering Julius. How can I stay? Don’t worry, old friend. I won’t be far away.”
  • “Busy. Currently kidnapping an elf.”
  • “Do not disturb. We have a serious situation above ground. First, I would like you all to stop all your yapping so I can hear myself think!”
  • “BRB. Off to grab some caviar [you can’t believe the stuff they feed us in Bartleby’s].”
  • I’m away, but be warned, Foaly sees all.

Thanks to Drawingpup and Darvit for contributing to this list!


July 13th, 2007

1. What is the difference between Mulch and Holly?
About 60 pounds.

2. How does Mulch take a bubble bath?
He goes digging through clay, about an hour in advance.

3. What do you get when you drop a piano on Trouble Kelp?
A flat major.

4. How do you make a centaur go ‘woof’?
Soak it in petrol and light it.

5. What is the thinnest book in the world?
Troll Psychology.

6. Why did Opal cross the road?
Forget the road!! How did she escape the LEP again???

7. What do you get when you cross an elf and a rhino?

8. What do you get if you cross Commander Root and Captain Holly Short?

9. What do you do if you find a troll in your bed?
Sleep somewhere else.

If Artemis Were An Operating System…

We all have our favourite operating system, Windows, Linux, OS X etc. Each one has its own special characteristics. Imagine for a second that Artemis was an operating system. What would it be like?

NB – The operating system name used here is made-up, and in the interest of being unbiased, I’ve merged the names of the three most popular operating systems into one; “WinuX.” (Yes, it looks very much like Linux, but with a “W”. Well, that’s just my bad luck…)

WinuX Artemis: Extremely advanced processing system. WinuX Artemis is capable of carrying out highly complex arithmetic and logic tasks at astonishingly high speed. Unfortunately, the system is not very user friendly, and crashes when you attempt to play games on it.

WinuX Bulter: The most secure operating system on the planet. Viruses, worms and spyware simply do not stand a chance of penetrating this system’s defences. WinuX Butler’s prime focus is defence, but it also performs well with a number of first-person shooter games.

WinuX Foaly: This operating system comes loaded with extras, with utilities such as an e-mail tracer, firewall penetrator and signal jammer. The only drawback is that the “desktop assistant” is extremely annoying, arrogant and cannot be turned off. Even the infamous “paperclip” of Windows is pale in comparison.

WinuX Root: This system is no longer operational, and can no longer be purchased. When it was in use, WinuX Root was known for its problems with overheating the computer.

WinuX Opal: When first released, WinuX Opal seemed very promising, but a crucial flaw resulted in it being recalled. After two years of bug-fixing, WinuX Opal was released again, only to find several more bugs in its system. WinuX Opal seems to have been taken off the market indefinitely now.


July 13th, 2007

How good are you with riddles? Think you can solve these Fowl conundrums?

  1. Holly, in her completely black section 8 suit, stands in the middle of an intersection in a town painted black. None of the light strips are working due to a power failure caused by Artemis. Commander Root, driving a car with two broken headlights, drives towards Holly but turns in time to avoid hitting her. How could Commander Root have seen Holly in time?

  2. Doctor J. Argon and Doodah Day are both in love with the same woman, an attractive elf named Sarah. Doodah Day had to go on a long trip (smuggling fish) that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?

  3. The LepRecon retrieval squad is standing in Fowl Manor facing due west. Commander Root shouted at them:

    Right turn!

    About turn!
    Left turn!

    In which direction are they now facing?

  4. A headless Cudgeon had a letter to write;

    It was read by a elf who had lost his sight.
    The dumb dwarf repeated it word for word;
    And deaf was the pixie who listened and heard.

    Solve this riddle. The answer is a letter.

  5. Artemis Fowl was born in 1955. But we all know he’s alive and well at the age of 14, legally 18. How can this be?

  6. Commander Root had Opal Koboi’s explosive strapped on his chest. He informs his three best officers, Trouble Kelp, Holly Short and Foaly that he will leave them his private shuttles. To Holly Short he leaves half of his shuttles. To Trouble Kelp he leaves one third of them, and to Foaly, he leaves one ninth. After he explodes into a million pieces, the three officers went to get their shuttles, but discovered there were 17 shuttles. They did not want to sell or destroy any of the shuttles, and they could not think of a way to divide the shuttles exactly as Commander Root wished. Just then Artemis Fowl came along on his personal shuttle and listened to their problem. Immediately Artemis thought of a way to divide the shuttles just as Commander Root had wished.

    What was his easy solution?

  7. Commander Root decided to let Mulch try to escape the prison with a clean slate. Commander Root placed 2 marbles in a jar that was glued to a table. One of the marbles was supposed to be black, and one was supposed to be blue.

    If Mulch could pick the blue marble, he would escape the prison with a clean slate. If he picked the black marble, he would be sent to Howler’s Peak. However, Commander Root was in a bad mood, and he wickedly placed 2 black marbles in the jars and no blue marbles. Mulch witnessed the Commander only putting 2 black marbles in the jars.

    If the jar was not see-through and the jar was glued to the table and Mulch could not speak (Due to bowel problems) so he could not say anything, how did he escape with a clean slate?

Help Holly Einstein Puzzle

July 13th, 2007

Hello, salutations, good day! What a pleasant person you seem to be! You are looking for the young human person Artemis? Of incomparable intelligence? Well I thought it would be obvious where he is! He is where he always is, by the side of his gigantic, enormous bodyguard! I would check there first!
Not part of our Artemis Fowl Land Challenge? Click here for more information!

Holly is on the hunt for two criminals. After a week of research, and two long stake-outs, she has collected 15 points of information. The problem is, she isn’t quite sure how to use it to find her guys, and she really, really, doesn’t want to have to turn to Artemis for help. He would enjoy that far too much. So it’s up to you to help her out. Can you find out who stole the Neutrino, and who the vandal from the hockey match is?

What she knows:

  1. There are 5 houses, all in a row, in one street.
  2. The goblin lives in the white house.
  3. The dwarf plays rugby.
  4. There is cam-foil in the pink house.
  5. The elf owns a laptop.
  6. The pink house is immediately to the right of the yellow house.
  7. The whisky drinker skates.
  8. Water is drunk in the blue house.
  9. The guitar is in the middle house.
  10. The centaur lives in the first house on the left.
  11. The juice-drinker, lives in the house next to the runner.
  12. Water is drunk in the house next to the basketballer.
  13. The owner of the segway drinks grog.
  14. The pixie drinks coffee.
  15. The centaur lives next to the green house.

There are 5 houses, 5 species, 5 items, 5 drinks and 5 sports. Can you help Holly out, and find the neutrino owner and hockey player? You can get clues by clicking the “Help Me!” buttons below, and the answer by clicking the “Answer” button at the bottom. Good luck!


This puzzle is meant to be very hard to solve. It is a modified version of the Zebra Puzzle, possibly created by Einstein himself, who said that 98% of people would be unable to solve it. It should take alot of attempts, and at least half an hour, so don’t worry if you can’t get it!


Color Blue Green White Yellow Pink
Species Centaur Elf Goblin Dwarf Pixie
Item Neutrino Laptop Guitar Segway Cam-Foil
Drink Water Juice Whisky Grog Coffee
Sport Running Basketball Skating Rugby Hockey


July 13th, 2007

How To Play

The word puzzles here are anagrams. You will see a strange mixture of letters, which you then have to un-jumble, to get the proper word. The answers of course, are all related to Artemis Fowl. For example, “elp” would un-jumble to give “LEP.” When you think you know the answer, click the “Answer” link, to see if you got it!

The Anagrams

1. cool in feer

2. mud gulch migs

3. tram of seiwl

4. bokai pool

5. loyal rot patch sinh

6. j rip soon

7. sort me the well nee

8. vroom tub loide

9. id learn

10. nahev

11. route nin


July 13th, 2007

Enjoy some fan-made videos of the Artemis Fowl world! If you have a video which you would like to see here, email it to admin[at]

Artemis in the Sims

The story of the first Artemis Fowl book is brought to life, using the Sims 2, and turned into a music video!
Created by P5YCHIC.

Download (1.6MB, Zipped, Quicktime format).
Or view online, using Google Video, YouTube, or clicking the play icon below.

Smilies & Sprites

July 13th, 2007

Feel free to use the smilies and sprites on any forum, or anywhere else you want to. You can find larger versions, in avatar form, on our display pictures page.


hollyxtrouble.gif– Ships: Holly / Trouble

ifallelsefails_10499.gif– Ships: Artemis / Holly

minervaxartemis.gif– Ships: Artemis / Minerva

artemisdoneiguess_4550.gif – Artemis

foalydone_4520.gif – Foaly Deserve a Raise
hollydone-1_4392.gif– Holly

hollyfly.gif– Holly Flying

juliet_4427.gif– Juliet

minniedone_4604.gif– Minerva

no1_4721.gif – No. 1

opaldone_4663-1.gif– Opal

Thanks go to Kagoma_Kage for designing all of the fantastic sprites above. Cheers!


Artemis: Artemis
Butler: Butler

Display Pictures

July 13th, 2007

Arty's Gal Deceived DNA Never Lies Eternity Genius Obsession Stolen Wrong Incident Shiny Things Team Holly Team Minerva Team Juliet I Hate Lollipops Arty be Mine Die Minerva Die I am Holly. Seriously. Holly/Trubs Forever I dig Mulch Diggums Holly/Arty Forever I'm a certified professional shipper. Minerva/Arty forever. Enter Haven Foaly Julius Root LEPretrieval LEPrecon Artemis Fowl Domovoi Butler Holly Short Trouble Kelp Artemis Fowl Butler Foaly Holly Short Root Jon Spiro Demonds holly-short_target_acquired.jpg

A huge thanks to darvit, DoctorWHO? and Target Acquired for submitting their great avatars as well!

How to Use

Display pictures (aka. avatars) are the little images people use beneath their names on forums, or next to their chat messages in MSN, AIM or another instant messenger. So why not make your display picture Artemis Fowl themed?

If you have an Artemis Fowl avatar that you would like to see displayed here (Credit will be given of course), please send an e-mail to admin[at], or post it in the feeback section on our forums.

If you are unsure as to how to use display pictures, a short guide can be found here.

Feel free to use them on any forum, instant messaging program, or anywhere else you can find a use for them. It is not compulsory, but if you do use one, we would appreciate a link back to FanGathering, so that others can see where you found your avatar. On most forums, simply pasting the following code into your ‘Signature’ will do the trick: “[URL=]Avatar from Artemis Fowl FanGathering[/URL]” Thanks!

Signature Banners

July 13th, 2007

Dynamic Sigs

The first two signatures are dynamic, the text on them will be different each time the page loads. To use them, make sure you link directly to the images here. Saving them to your computer first won’t work. Thanks to darvit for making them!

URL to use – This sig gives random facts about Butler.

Mud Man Tracker
URL to use – This sig shows what Foaly knows about you.

The Signatures

Artemis Fowl Userbar

All of the userbars were created by DoctorWHO?. Thanks!

Darker Perspective

Ive Been Expecting You by o0o VVhY
by o0o VVhY – Image supplied by Aqane

Holly Short?

Is this Butler?

Artemis the Hunter

Holly Short LEP
By Confirm Pentecost

Fairy by Jasmin
by Jasmin

The LEP by Pyrus
by Pyrus – Image supplied by ChessaB

DNA Never Lies
Image Supplied by AgiVega

Holly Short
by o0o VVhY – Image supplied by Kawaii

Butler by Hobboy
By Hobboy

Holly by Hobboy
by Hobboy

Think Fairy by DoctorWho
by DoctorWHO?

What Do You Get? by DoctroWHO
by DoctorWHO?

Artemis by DoctroWHO
by DoctorWHO?

Trust Me
by DoctorWHO?

How To Use

These banners can be used on any forum you wish. To learn how to use them, you can read our guide. If you have an Artemis Fowl signature which you would like to add, please contact us.