Most Detailed Airman Description Yet

July 28th, 2007

Airman is the name of Colfer’s next book, and it’s been causing a fair bit of confusion in the Fowl world. It is not an Artemis Fowl, rather, it’s a different series altogether. Thanks to Amazon, we now have a great deal of information on the plot, including previously unknown details on what the main storyline of the book actually is!

Airman is set in the 1890’s on the sovereign Saltee Islands, off the Irish coast. It is the story of Conor Broekhart, a young Saltee Islander whose father, Declan, is the King’s bodyguard. When Conor discovers that the power hungry Marshall Hugo Bonvilain is organizing a military coup, the king is murdered and Conor is blamed for the crime and thrown into prison.

In prison, Conor passes the solitary months by scratching designs for flying machines into the walls. This has always been his dream, to win the race for flight.

After two years, Conor now sixteen, plans and executes a daring escape to the mainland. Initially he plans to return home, but realizes that this would put his entire family in danger, so instead he builds a glider to fly to the prison island and reclaim the diamonds he buried there from the prison mine. Eight bags of diamonds, means eight trips.

Conor’s father is beginning to question Bonvilain’s rule, and so the marshall decides to use his son to blackmail him. This is when he realizes that Conor has escaped. He also finds Conor’s drawings and realizes that he is the mysterious Airman who has been flying around the prison island.

Bonvilain arrests Conor’s whole family to trap him. To save them, Conor will have to build the flying machine that he has been dreaming of all these years.

Airman Cover Thanks to Fantastic Fiction, we also have the cover to show you (Click it!), and we can tell you that the book is due to be released on 2nd January, 2008.

Now for the real question, would you like to keep getting coverage on this book as time progresses? I mean, this is, but if you want it, you can have it. πŸ™‚

Sabotage! Evil Fairies!

July 26th, 2007

Well, we’re back…again. Sadly, this is the second time I’ve had to write an apology after a few days of downtime. The difference this time is that I’m writing from a new host. FanGathering is now proud to be coming to you from (mt) Media Temple. Let’s just hope that they’re more reliable than Dreamhost turned out to be!

The forum is having a few difficulties, but the rest of the site is back up, and we’ll have the forum back a.s.a.p.!

Sorry again.

Update – The forum is back online as well now.

Does Artemis Owe Harry Anything?

July 20th, 2007

The final book in the Harry Potter saga is being released in just a few hours. The Harry Potter phenomenon has been credited with bringing reading back into young people’s lives, by showing just how enjoyable a good book can be. Waterstone’s buyer Sam Harrison has mentioned before that many authors, including Colfer, experience a sales spike when a new Harry Potter book is released. It would seem that we do owe J.K. Rowling something, and she certainly deserves credit for her series, but how much exactly?

I’ve seen the Artemis Fowl series written off by Harry Potter fans before as a cheap spin-off, and even in positive reviews, it has been dubbed an “Irish Harry Potter.” Is that a little unfair, considering how diverse Colfer’s world is, or is there a justification?

What are you thoughts? Is it Harry Potter one of the first books you remember really loving as a child? Or would Colfer have been just as successful if Potter had never come along?

PS – I’m a huge Harry fan as well. Can’t wait for tonight!

FanGathering Gets an Upgrade!

July 18th, 2007

The site has been completely redesigned and upgraded. You can now browse with even nicer eye-candy than before, easier browsing and new features!

  • The search bar has returned. We had a rather buggy search feature in version 2, and removed it in number 3. We’ve decided to return it now, but of course, without the bugs.
  • You can now easily subscribe to have all of the latest Artemis Fowl news and updates emailed directly to your inbox, using the subscription form in the sidebar.
  • The comments section has been overhauled, and now includes avatars! Setting up your Gravatar is easy.
  • Category pages; The main page for each category has been designed specifically to be a better starting point for the category. You’ll be able to get a better taste of what’s about now than ever before.
  • The RSS feed has been sorted out, and now includes all of the proper formatting to make it completely readable in your feed reader.
  • Getting in touch with us is easier than ever, using our spiffy new contact form.

You will also notice that all of the page addresses have changed (They’re nicer now). Although all of the old page addresses have been set up to forward you on to the new page, you should still update your bookmarks. Thanks. Also, you’ll find that the previous design has been added to our little nostalgia section of the About page.

Lastly, I’m afraid to say it was not possible to bring over our archive of news postings and comments. Apologies to everyone who had left comments on the old site; we’re sorry they can’t be retrieved, but commenting on the new site will be better than ever. Promise!

Well, what do you think? Any comments, suggestions or errors you’ve found?


July 16th, 2007

Over the series, there have been some great lines and really memorable moments. We have picked out some of our favourites below, to give you that pleasant taste of nostalgia.

The Arctic Incident Quotes

Official Wallpapers

July 14th, 2007

The Wallpapers


American Offical Wallpaper 1

American Offical Wallpaper 2

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Russian Official Wallpaper 1

Russian Official Wallpaper 2

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Russian Official Wallpaper 3

Russian Official Wallpaper 4

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Russian Official Wallpaper 5

Russian Official Wallpaper 6

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German Official Wallpaper 1

German Official Wallpaper 2

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German Official Wallpaper 3

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July 14th, 2007

Read a profile on each of the main characters in the series.

Artemis Fowl – The teen mastermind, anti-hero of the series.

Domovoi Butler – The faithful manservant, and top bodyguard in the world.

Holly Short – The ex-LEP agent and Arty’s favourite fairy.

Julius Root – Commander of the LEP, right to the end.

Mulch Diggums – Dirty. Rude. Smelly. Yep, that’s Mulch.

Foaly – The techno-wiz of the series, with sarcasm to boot.

Colfer Letter Problems and New Media

July 13th, 2007

We have some bad news, and some good news today. Bad news first. Unfortunately, due to some pretty stupid problems with my mailbox, a lot of the letters for the Colfer letter project were lost, even if you got a confirmation email. I apologise completely for the hassle this will have caused. To ensure your letter was not one of those lost, please resend it to I will then send you a confirmation email manually, which will guarantee your letter has been received.

Sorry again. I’ve upped the deadline because of this, so that you have 2 more weeks, until Saturday 28th July. Please join in during this time; it will be a lot of fun to write to Colfer. πŸ™‚

On a brighter note though, doctorWHO? has created a new signature and a new avatar for use. Thanks!


July 13th, 2007

Drag a box around words to find them. The game will automatically mark off words you have found, and keep a record of how many more you still need, and the time taken for each game.

Once you finish one game, select β€œNew Game,” to start a new game with a whole new set of words! The game will play though all available games, in order, until you have played them all. At this time, it will simply go back to the first game, and start again from there. The words will be in different places though, so its like playing a whole new game. Enjoy!

Tic Tac Toe

July 13th, 2007

TicTacToe, Noughts and Crosses, Exy-Oseys etc. Whatever you want to call it is irrelevant. This is the game we have all played countless times, but this time, its Artemis Fowl style!

Line up your three Artemis images before Opal can do the same for herself, and you’ll win!

Blank cell. Blank cell. Blank cell.
Blank cell. Blank cell. Blank cell.
Blank cell. Blank cell. Blank cell.

Level 0 — Easy-ish.

Level 1 — Opal is getting better.

Level 2 — You may win, but only if you go first!

Level 3 — Opal rarely loses. Almost never.