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Holiday Fanfiction Contest

To get in the festive spirit, FanGathering had a fun Holiday Fanfiction Contest. The winner will receive a copy of the amazing Artemis Fowl Graphic Novel.

Well, that contest has been judged and finished. Thanks to everybody for your entries. They were spectacular to read and difficult to judge. And thanks to MaeveCrowArtemis1, who was a big help with the judging.
Here are all of the contestants and stories:

1. Christmas at Fowl Manor by 0175350.
2. A Visitor by Saynototrouble.
3. Merry Christmas by Salali.
4. A Christmas Surprise by Carino.
5. Annual LEP Christmas Party by Meova.
6. The Very Best Christmas by Arty_and_holly_4ever.
7. Merry Christmas Holly Short by Kristine
8. Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland by Miss Livia.
9. Snowballs by vivs_shadow_libs.
10. Tinsel, Fairies and Vampires by veelagirl.

And finally, the winner:
An Artemis Fowl Christmas
By: Star Jinin

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  1. Umm…just so you know, I’m a girl…

  2. The “You wann be a crimminal mastermind” was AWESOME! Except I think cash instead of presents is kinda unlikely and crimminal masterminds probably get coal instead of presents. Keep it up!

  3. Sorry about that! I’ll fix it.

  4. Fixed. XD

    Ah, and yeah, great point about the coal. Thanks. 🙂 The guide assumes that you’re still on Santa’s “nice” list, though.

  5. I’m sorry I didn’t get the advice out on time…..

  6. Great issue guys!!!As always!!!!Articles are great and everything looks very nice!!!Congrats to all winners and you Star Jinin!!

  7. Meo!  Feandril!  Holly314!Great Job!Also congrats to Star and K_K and Forsaken.

  8. [Statement]: Artificial intelligence – not amused. Putting brackets is not about being cool. It’s about being productive. It’s about expressing your emotions clearly. Something we cyborgs are far better in than you humans. Or at least would be if we HAD emotions… but we don’t……[Confused Query]: What was this about anyway? [Reseting. Success.][Humanizing. Success.(WOW!)]Umm… yay for me… Newbie? >.>Sure makes MY day… :p [Ending. Success.(Two in a ROW!? Who would have thought)

  9. this is my first post on this I’m new lol

  10. Feandril, what are with these things: []?

  11. I have a science project due tomorrow

  12. HELLO welcome Nokomis
    congratulation all winners and StarJinin

  13. Hello Nokomis!So did you like 5th issue guys?!Is there something you would like to change?!

  14. Iloved the “So You Wanna Be a Criminal Mastermind?” and “Opal’s View on TTP” They were both awesome!!! And congrats to Star Jinin! Yay you! 😀

  15. Hey guys! Congrats Meo! Yer awesome… really awesome…totally awesome! Hey congrats to everybody else too [statement] Hey Feandril! I knew you’d get noticed for your…unique style.

  16. [Statement]: Of course I would. My style and the fact that I am very cool. In fact, too cool… :Plol…

  17. Ty guys well I wonder what the new book by him is like anyone read it?

  18. I can’t read “The Haven Harold” Where is it? I can’t locate it on the site! 😕

  19. Oh! never mind… I feel stupid now.

  20. I got member of the month? Yay! *does happy dance* Thank you so much! 😀 😀 😀

  21. Congrats guys especially Meo and Feandril, well done :D.

  22. CONGRATS TO EVERYOE WHO HAS WON!!!! You definetly deserved it!!!!!

    Does anybody know if I have won anything in this competition ???????????? Cuz I have only read The Fourth and Fifth Haven Heralds. I can’t find the other ones, or else i would read them.

  23. Hmm, you may want to check out all the past Haven Heralds. Here’s everything from the very beginning, for everyone’s benefit:

    The Haven Herald Issue#1
    The Haven Herald Issue#2
    The Haven Herald Issue#3
    The Haven Herald Issue#4 


  24. hi!!
    i’m new here, i love the haven herald
    specialy the part of “so you wanna be a criminal mastermind?” ’cause actually i do… XD
    when i was little i wanted to plan a bank robbery haha. the problem: i don’t have that much money(and i don’t think santa claus will provide enough :P)and i don’t think can put a paper outside my door asking for minions (i don’t want them to start thinking i’ve gone crazy or someting hehe)…

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