¡Viva La Gloria! (Her Heart Falls with the Sun)

Summary: Companion piece to Sleep, Sweet Child. My first attempt evar at a songfic.

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First of all, this belongs in Poetry/Songfictions, and I shall make it so tomorrow when I get to a computer. This is also my first attempt at writing a songfic, but don’t sugarcoat just for that. Second of all, this is a companion piece to my newest fic (Sleep, Sweet Child) that just sort of sums up one of the scenes in it. Third of all, the song belongs to Green Day, the characters belong to Eoin Colfer.

Hey Gloria
Are you standing close to the edge?
Look out at the setting sun
The brink of your vision

The sky is streaked with colors that seem to dance as she watches them. The faraway mountaintops are beginning to take the sun from her, and the air around her is slowly growing colder. She can hear him in the room behind her, finally finishing up his work before he joins her on the balcony.

Eternal youth
Is a landscape of the lie
The cracks of my skin can prove
As the years will testify

He takes her hand as a gentle breeze brushes past them, and she can feel the creases in his flesh, where before there had only been taut, young skin. He is not yet old, but she finds her heart falls with the sun as she realizes he is ever walking closer to the end, several paces ahead of her.

Say your prayers and light a fire
We’re gonna start a war
Your slogan’s a gun for hire
It’s what we waited for

Together, they take in the ruins below, silent in their mirrored thoughts. The air around is suddenly thick with misery and despair as the memory of the day crashes down on them again. This is what the world is going to become- this wasteland, this barren desolation- if they can’t stop it.

Hey Gloria
This is why we were on the edge
The fight of our lives been drawn to this
Undying love

A kiss as the sun disappears, leaving them in the darkness of light and spirit. Love is tainted with its bleak stage, the lovers by their weakness, and yet the clouds above that still echo the sun dare to speak of hope. The land below is ravaged, taken by the plague along with its people. There is no hope here.

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  1. Excellent AA. I felt that if I read the story without the lyrics, it was still a story, which is something many fail to achieve with songfics. It had all of your qualities as a writer in it also. Lastly, I LOVE that song so much.

  2. This s way too amazing!!! 😀 😀 😀 You’re so amazing, Battery! And to think… this is but your first songfic. I still dont believe yew! :mrgreen: Tell me… who are these ppl?

  3. Thank you. 🙂
    I will not tell you who they are. You will find out eventually if you read Sleep, Sweet Child as I continue it. 🙂 Some incentive. XD
    And yeah, it is my first songfic… well, not counting this Charlie the Unicorn songfic XD but that’s not a traditional songfic format…

  4. Beautiful, AA just beautiful.

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