Arty’s facebook…

Summary: This may not be how Facebook works, but like I know how it works. Overprotective parents, remember. Just read, for Pete's sake.

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Butler: Anyone here?
Butler: There is someone here. My soldier’s sense does not lie. Come out, whoever you are.
Juliet: Dang. You’ve got a pretty good soldier’s sense. Madam Ko says I need to work on my soldier’s sense.
Madam Ko: Which you should be doing right now. Also, you need to work on your cloaking, girl! It was an easy feat to track you.
Juliet: o_O
Butler: Well. Madam Ko never hacked MY Facebook.
Juliet: Dom, when you were an acolyte, the INTERNET didn’t exist.
Butler: Careful what you say, sister.
Juliet: But it didn’t!
Butler: My NAME, idiot.
Madam Ko: Butler is right. You never reveal a Butler’s name, escpecially on the Internet.
Juliet: But my name is up! Juliet Juliet Juliet!
Madam Ko: You are insolent. You should have hidden it, but since every hacker in the universe knows it, I suppose it can’t harm you any more.
Juliet: Whatever. Madam Ko, if you remember, I’m not training under you any more. I’m twenty-one, and I’m a wrestler.
Madam Ko: Insolence! When you return, you will bathe in fish oil!
Juliet: I’m. Not. Returning.
Madam Ko: You will come back. I know it. You are a Butler; it is in your blood.
Mulch: Hey, Butler, Juliet. Who’s Ko?
Madam Ko: Who is MULCH?!
Juliet: Eh…
Butler received a private message from: Juliet Butler
Juliet Butler recieved a private message from: Butler 
Butler said: Don’t panic, for crying out loud. It’s not helping anything. She’s a very smart woman. She’s probably reading these messages right now. Don’t talk about the you know.
Madam Ko: You’re quite right, Butler. I WAS reading the private messages. What a perceptive boy. What fairies are you speaking of? Have you two gotten yourselves involved in a gang?!
Mulch: Oh, dearie me.
Holly: Hey. What goes on?
Holly: Oh. Oh, no.
Madam Ko: Who are you?
Holly: Holly Short. Who are YOU?
Madam Ko: Someone who wants to know what ‘the fairies’ are.
Holly: Oh. Oh Frond.
Trouble: Holly, what have you done this time–oh my gods.
Holly Short received a private message from: Trouble Kelp
Trouble Kelp said: This thing is way out of hand. We’re too involved with the humans. Now one of them has let something slip. This cannot go on, Holly. We need to wipe the Fowl kid.
Trouble Kelp received a private message from: Holly Short
Holly Short said: Listen. You wipe Artemis without my FULL approval, I’ll make sure your butt is on a tribunal for years. YEARS, Kelp. You GOT it?! We can resolve this. Just wipe Ko.
Holly Short received a private message from: Trouble Kelp
Trouble Kelp said: You have 30 seconds to tell me why wiping Ko is better than wiping Fowl.
Trouble Kelp received a private message from: Holly Short
Holly Short said: Ko has something of a minute and a half to wipe; Artemis has years. It might kill him to wipe him.
Trouble: All right, Holly. We can stop private messaging.
Madam Ko: Indeed. And tell me what WIPE means.
Holly: What the Frond?!
Trouble: That’s it. I’m sending a team to track Ko. Until I have PROOF that she’s wiped and that she hasn’t shared this with ANYONE, Haven is on full lockdown.
Holly: Don’t mention Haven here!
Trouble: What can it hurt? I’ve already locked Facebook.
Holly: Oh, all right.
Trouble: Let’s all leave before this gets any worse.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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  1. I disliked with with a burning paqssion; please take no offense, but you’ve done much, much better.

    But . . . what does “sustantivo” mean?

  2. Oh, and I liked it up untill the B word then i liked it after that. I’m not allowed to use those kinda words. 🙂

  3. partyonsoccerfan November 28th, 2009 at 9:20 pm 4

    Yo CC I aint allowed to use ’em either but I do anyways.
    But I’m totally with TWS. I disliked it so much I couldn’t finish it…

  4. I dont understand the substantivo comment really; after translating it it became even more confusing.

    Topical but still Ohan has done better. I like it but it’s still not something that can suck me in.

  5. Bunring. Burning. My eyes are on fire man! Why can’t people just email the flippin beta?!

  6. Ohan, I would be HAPPY to look this over for you; do you mind if I do?

  7. Um… definitely not your best. I pretty much agree with TWS, posf, and AK. Sorry… it just… wasn’t very good.

  8. partyonsoccerfan November 28th, 2009 at 10:53 pm 9

    Yeah, I hope you learned, that you might want to have a beta look at some of ur stories. Just check out the list.

  9. wow….wwhat does the substantivo thingy mean?????

    ps i also do not cuss *much*….so yeah, sorry but that’s why i didn’t like that part.

  10. In real life, I swear way too much. It’s a bad habit but as long as I can control it when necessary, it doesn’t do me much harm.

    Also…*pssst*…I was never here…and everything will be explained soon! (Also I’m writing you guys a shiny new fanfic! sshhhh!)

  11. Ohansahyosheli November 29th, 2009 at 1:21 pm 12

    Naw, it’s ok. I wrote this to be awful. Was it as bad as Arty on MSN? *closes eyes, crosses fingers and prays that I have not sunk to that leval*

  12. Ohansahyosheli November 29th, 2009 at 1:26 pm 13

    Darn it. I porbably have…I’ll delete this right away and replace it with an Ohanemis update.

  13. Ohansahyosheli November 29th, 2009 at 1:26 pm 14

    Darn it. I probably have…I’ll delete this right away and replace it with an Ohanemis update.

  14. Ohansahyosheli November 29th, 2009 at 1:27 pm 15

    Oh, crap, stupid pcs

  15. partyonsoccerfan November 29th, 2009 at 4:33 pm 16


  16. hey! i actually beleive this to be funny. seriously!

  17. im serious. 50 million times better than Arty on MSN.

  18. *face and eyes burn beyond recognition*

    It’s nothing /personally/ against your story, but…..


    What is WITH everybody in the freaking WORLD and those sites? Why do we have to record every sneeze in a blog so we can feel important? Why would ARTEMIS FREAKING FOWL of all people join the insanity?!

    I’m sorry I got all ranty and ravy.

    ~Yoshi, a hater of blog sites

  19. She called Holly a noun? o.0

  20. partyonsoccerfan November 29th, 2009 at 9:32 pm 21

    Yoshi, just wanted to let you know, that posf is totally on your side…*thinks of how terrible it would be if Twitter was brought in*

  21. fowlfannuberone December 2nd, 2009 at 2:52 am 22

    i agree with burning passion 👿

  22. I like it…

  23. Ohansahyosheli December 6th, 2009 at 1:58 pm 24

    Iwa likes it.

    -This book was advertised as being a second “Harry Potter”. It makes me so mad the way that advertisers are likening everything to HP in an attempt to con people into buying their product. Just because a book contains a bit of magic, does NOT make it “like” H Potter!!

    I would not say that this book is like Harry Potter at all except that magic is involved and there is a boy (quite unlike Harry) involved. The same can be said of MANY books much older than Harry Potter. It is unfair to J K Rowling and to Eoin Colfer to compare the two books.

    Artemis Fowl tells the gripping story of a clever yet sinister young boy who has discovered a secret world of “fairies”. Not fairies as you would probably think of them e.g. cute with wings and star wands – more like a race of little people with limited magical skills. He uses this information to try and blackmail the Fairy race into giving him vast amounts of gold.

    Unfortunately for him, the fairy he tries to capture is a member of the fairy secret police force and his troubles are just beginning.

    This book is very funny in places and quite gripping in others. There is more violence than you would generally find in a book of this type with things being blown apart and a “butler” who goes around with a garrotte, stun grenades and a cosh in his pocket. Don’t worry – it is not too violent and it has a very satisfying outcome in the end.

    The book is well written and a good read but it is not a classic like Harry Potter.-

    (I thank you for your support, iwa, but it was non-deserving.)

  24. Well, I liked it too. I don’t think it is like Artemis to be on facebook as himself, but what was actually said (except for the last bit ) was IC. I liked the idea of Caballine being pregnant.
    I think the problem with it was that there were too many people in it.

  25. i kinda liked it, and who the freek was bob? and the sustantivo thingy. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!?!? so yeah, other than that….I actually kinda thought it was funny =D

  26. I don’t know who Bob was/ I’m still trying to figure it out myself

  27. its okay. i like it better than the other chatroom things.

  28. Finally someone included Mulch in their story. Mulch is the only comedian in AF that makes me laugh histarcally. By the way its funny when Arty mentions him and Holly kissing. Completely awkward!

  29. Ohansahyosheli March 28th, 2010 at 11:39 pm 30

    Sustantivo…I really have no idea what that means.. I was searching up Spanish insults. 😉

  30. OHMIGAWD UPDATE AND TELL ME THE NAME OF THOSE PILLS!(If you have no idea what I am talking about, please see Unrequited by the same unrealistically good author who wrote this AWESOME FANFIC)

  31. I am a psycho VAMPIRE (fear me) October 31st, 2010 at 6:39 pm 32


    Cool it with the letter repetition, please 😉

  32. Desparately needing an update! Perhaps Madam Ko/Mulch romance…? Or is Loretta/Mulch a permenant thing?!

  33. kat, you’re weird

  34. How am I weird? 😕

  35. Please, I beg of you, update….*sob*

  36. […] First of all, my categories box thingy won’t go down, so I can’t put this in announcements–can a mod help me out or something? Second, I’ve updated Arty’s Facebook about 2389579285729592365782975389275498265823683825 times, and only that weird chick Kat von D has commented. (No offense, Kat–Weird is awesome. )…Oh wait, Orion commented. He wanted an update. Thanks, Orion. Sorry for saying your stories stink. There’s room for improvement, is all. Please read! And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me with my category box issue. =/ […]

  37. I can’t, sorry. Not for a while.

  38. Very creative! 4 stars!

  39. hehehehhehe love it!

  40. And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me srtighat.

  41. Legion76767 May 5th, 2011 at 8:34 pm 42

    I love it! my fav bit was:
    Cabaline: gtg got to look after filly
    Holly: i know how you feel, i work with grub kelp
    please update!!!

  42. OH-EMME-HEH. ARTEMIS FACE-PALMED! Didn’t see many mistakes in the update, and it was pretty funny. Is there a plot to all this?

    PS. I was seriously hoping that you’d update Her, but… I guess this works too. Sigh.

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